Reviews for Beautiful Letdown
Thebigsnail chapter 9 . 5/10
Love love love this! Please come back and finish this?!
trustingHim17 chapter 9 . 2/15/2016
love this and wish you hadnt given it up
Dino-Rogue chapter 9 . 3/8/2014
Aww, wow! Started out funny, ended warmly... kind of bittersweet, perhaps? You do a great job, as always, of portraying our Narnians!
Dino-Rogue chapter 4 . 3/8/2014
Oh, even the nightmare followed him...

I love this! True to the characters, true to the story. Great fic!
basaltone chapter 9 . 5/14/2012
So sad, but wonderfully written little glimpses. Thank you.
Lady Sarah chapter 8 . 9/4/2011
This is great, I don't suppose you could update again after four years?

~ Lady Sarah, Queen Consort of Narnia, Empress of the NorthEast Sun.
Confused Pumpkin chapter 9 . 7/7/2011
After four years, I don't suppose you're going to update, but it was a wonderful read and I greatly enjoyed the last chapter. I can imagine Peter being so very royal and dismissive. Great vignettes. I'm afraid I don't know what else to say, but you have my sincere admiration and approval.
LadyoftheShield chapter 9 . 6/13/2010
Wow! Excellent job, keep it coming!
lokobookworm95 chapter 9 . 2/6/2010
Haha! That's a good faun, just leave it here! HAHA! But yeah, this is a good story. It's true, too, that you never think about what they went through when they came back. I definitely would have been devastated. I can't imagine having to go through that. I do like how you have them still having some of the physical characteristics though. It's a good idea.
Bartholo chapter 8 . 1/21/2010
great I like the whole series, but this is definitly the best of the chapters

Dragoncl chapter 9 . 10/16/2009
These were just brilliant. I had never really thought about how the four would have to read just back to life in England before. These certainly got me thinking. They were very realistic and I wish that Lewis had done soemthing like this.
justwalkingdown chapter 9 . 4/18/2009
wonderful story, though it was a bit depressing. I loved it, except for the cliffy. Please update soon!

- Fairy )
doewe chapter 9 . 3/21/2009
This is just hilarious, I especially love Peters "Well, it's nothing more than We deserve for forgetting Our place," reaction. For all of us who wondered what the next days after Narnia would bring for an innocent bystander as MacReady...
LunaNigra chapter 9 . 2/5/2009
Love it...

Especially the last chapter, Peter acting like a king, hehe

Be a good faun...

spinningleaves chapter 9 . 12/5/2008
This chapter was hysterical! I really like the way you had Peter keep his scars. The adjustment must've been so hard! I like the idea of playing the game of listing things that you don't miss. Good pieces!
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