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Manatheron chapter 19 . 12h

Just re-read this for the sixth time and finally figured out that *Elmer* is probably Kreature. I have to admit I'm still a bit mystified how Harry has been pulling this off if he's actually been at the dursley's all summer though.

Even with Kreature helping its a stretch... Hmm...

Well, hope Wolfie is feeling better!

Best Regards
The Flaming Darkness chapter 19 . 10/5
dear wolfie cant wait for the next chapter of this story cause whenever i read it it always gets me laughing and my bro has been givin me weird looks but anyway stay awesome and continue writing this awesome stories
tanzar81 chapter 19 . 10/4
So giving your timeline I'll be back in 2020 for you to finish this fic. Later.
SilverGoldo chapter 18 . 10/2
Methinks Wolfie needs to come back to finish this, or Elmer shall kidnap Wolfie.
lynn.ann.31 chapter 19 . 10/1
please update this is funny
Guest chapter 19 . 9/30
Please finish this please! It kept me laughing the entire time.
Sparkle Aya chapter 19 . 9/29
This story is great.
Guest chapter 19 . 9/28
Please tell me you haven't stopped writing this story! I NEED it to finish! It is soo good and hilarious!
sparkreader chapter 15 . 9/27
Is Elmer Harry Potter?
bart.grudzinski chapter 19 . 9/27
i love this. just makes me laugh out loud hope you can find your muse and keep wrighting
keep up the good work
bartholemew chapter 19 . 9/23
Can you pleeeaaase finish this? these are awesome letters and chapters. I hope you are feeling better
Zyenna chapter 8 . 9/22
This is the fourth time I have read your story, and I have to say that this is my favorite chapter. I love the Hamster Tree part. Keep up the awesome work!
Spinning Furret chapter 19 . 9/21
Wolfie enjoys procrastination maybe just a bit too much and also SF finds it odd that Wolfie consistently refers to herself in the third-person and OH GOD NOW SF IS AFFLICTED.
ShadowKitty896 chapter 19 . 9/21
Please update, two more letters?
BiggestJohnnyFanStayGold chapter 19 . 9/20
Please update another chapter. This is a really good story and I want to see how it ends.
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