Reviews for Harry McGonagall
slytherinsal chapter 24 . 11/18
Re A/N I suspect Moody has seen so many terrible things he doesn't see anything but the true form any more
slytherinsal chapter 12 . 11/18
glad Brianna did the right thing
slytherinsal chapter 11 . 11/18
Dear me, Brianna is turning into a little Malfoy if she is prepared to lie and let other people take the blame for her misdeeds. I hope the truth comes out or the McGonagalls trust Harry and Hermione [though why they should think Hermione would lie I don't know] because if she gets away with it, she could turn into a real brat
slytherinsal chapter 9 . 11/18
I've always assumed Dumbledore wanted to seem to be away
slytherinsal chapter 6 . 11/18
another of those big plot holes is the failure of the twins to notice a man in bed with Ronniekins
slytherinsal chapter 2 . 11/18
Ravenclaw suits me fine. Harry hasn't had to get into a habit of failing so as not to outdo Dudley and Lily was the smartest witch of her age.
hehe the riddle version of the door does have its moments, when you can have all and sundry traipsing into Ravenclaw tower just because their minds are wired the right way to do riddles. We've all written stuff before canon contradicts it.
Mikemadrox chapter 1 . 11/15
This is actually the 1st fanfic I ever read and it's my 3rd time reading it.
Yolodysseus chapter 13 . 11/2
I would have liked to see Dumbledore be the one to teach transfiguration after his retirement and McGonagall's promotion. It was the subject he used to teach after all.
noxenrom chapter 1 . 10/23
Gosh... After running into Granger poor Harry turned SjW real fast
Daisy Rhine chapter 36 . 10/21
lol I see what you did there with Harry's and Hermione's actor names. That was funny to read.
ThunderSphinx chapter 1 . 10/10
I'm sorry, but I can't read this. Harry is a Potter, not a McGonagall. Minerva betrayed the Potters when she changed their son's name. Now the Potters are doomed to extinction. :(
ScienceMama chapter 38 . 10/8
Just finished the story and I loved it! The changes you made to canon were logical and interesting, and I really liked that you didn't drag every week of Hogwarts life out forever, especially during the tournament. It flowed very nicely. I also appreciated that you didn't monkey around with the central romantic pairing- no cheating or jealousy or stupid fighting- which can be very painful an anxiety-inducing to read. I liked that most of the drama came from the actual plot and not relationship peril! Can't wait to read the sequel. :)
ScienceMama chapter 26 . 10/8
God, this was so adorable!
ScienceMama chapter 12 . 10/8
This chapter was awesome! Consequences for Brianna, Snape, and hopefully Dumbledore! I wonder who will teach potions now?
ScienceMama chapter 11 . 10/8
I'm enjoying this story a lot, but Brianna's bratty behavior and lying to frame Hermione really spoils the chapter for me. She never confessed, was never even pressed about it, and therefore faced no consequences. It made me lose respect for all of the McGonagalls besides Harry. She's been pretty bratty but it would be nice if she'd grown into a decent person.
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