Reviews for Harry McGonagall
Guest chapter 1 . 7/20
I think your tags are wrong for this. It is not a 'Humor' work at all; it has too much cheap drama and very few genuine (not over the top fluff) lighthearted scenes. 'Family' is a much better choice, and maybe another tag based on how future chapters go.
hp1fan chapter 6 . 7/18
Ravenclaw doesn't have a portrait and only let's someone in after they correctly answer a question
KodeJ chapter 27 . 7/13
KodeJ chapter 26 . 7/13
this is such an amazing story!
KodeJ chapter 9 . 7/8
I love this story! I've been reading it nonstop!
Lotte chapter 33 . 6/27
Oooh! I was totally anticipating a great reveal in front of everyone at Hogwarts that Harry Potter would compete in The Triwizard. Well, I am totally glued to your story and love every aspect of in, in particular how sensible and smart Harry and Hermione are.
ReadingTillEternity chapter 13 . 6/27
It's never morning in one hemisphere and night in the other. It depends on the meridians not the hemispheres. Morning in North America will also equal morning in South America depending on the meridian.
Eriibrohen chapter 6 . 6/23
freaking amazing!
Guest chapter 3 . 6/21
I love that I get to learn new English words, like poppycock :D English is my second language. I also love how you include events that happened in to books, like the troll! :D
Lotte chapter 2 . 6/21
I absolutely don't mind Harry and Hermione being in Ravenclaw, that is very fitting. I can't wait to see how much Ron will be included! :)
Guest chapter 1 . 6/21
I love this first chapter! That Harry is brought up in a loving family and that the Americans have a different way of educating young wizards. And that Harry is becoming a bookworm And all those stuff they bought and the gifts he got, genius!
zeps9001 chapter 30 . 6/17
I don't like when the events are followed so close to canon. Sure they happen differently, but they are still the same and with the same conclusion and the same consequences. It ends up so all these changes didn't matter and makes the story pointless.
zeps9001 chapter 11 . 6/16
So they had Hermione and Brianna missing for the most of the game. One is Cubs fanatic and trouble maker, while the other is bookworm. And they just believe that Hermione broke the law and got fined 1000$ without question.
JediMindaugas chapter 25 . 6/14
The only two qualms I had were the excessive shipping between Harry and Hermione and a few missed terms and expressions that muggles and muggleborns would use, but wizards would not.
Hurricane Potter 123 chapter 17 . 6/7
Cliffe ! No fair
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