Reviews for Harry McGonagall
Duchess67 chapter 22 . 3/14
Um, I'm actually worried about Sirius in this fic. Ohhhhh dear...
Duchess67 chapter 21 . 3/14
I applaud your descriptions of the quidditch matches in this story, well done. :) I don't think I'd have the guts to try it, myself.
Duchess67 chapter 20 . 3/14
Ha! I knew Malfoy was up to something else, too! I'm glad the teacher confessed. Will she be back next year?

Hermione played quidditch against Slytherin and scored? Good for her!
Duchess67 chapter 18 . 3/14
Those little monsters! You're probably right about why they stayed in canon. Grrrrrrr

That invisibility cloak was perfect for sneaking into the Slytherin common room. I wonder why JK didn't use that in the books.

Well dang, Dumbles found Harry through the Dursleys? That sucks. I'm very glad his folks let Harry keep the cloak with him, though.
Duchess67 chapter 16 . 3/13
Harry just can't win, can he? :(

Yaaaaaayyyyyyyy, Lockhart the fraud is gone!
Duchess67 chapter 15 . 3/13
They both made the team and Ginny's the new Seeker for the Griffs? Oh my!

Dangit, Ginny is writing in that diary... Oh dear...
Duchess67 chapter 14 . 3/13
I hope Harry, Hermione and Padma stop the bullying of Luna before it even starts.

What is wrong with Percy? *shaking my head*

And yes, this is the basilisk year, so Malfoy was up to THAT, but I was wondering what else he was up to.

Trilby is this term's Dobby? The poor thing! Is she related to Dobby?
Duchess67 chapter 13 . 3/13
I don't trust Lucius as far as I could throw him, he's still up to something, I know it! Grrrr

And oh CRAP! Dumbles now has time to look for Harry. Crap! Oops! I did not see that coming. *shaking my head and laughing*
Duchess67 chapter 12 . 3/13
Yaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Snape was sacked! That should have happened in canon!

And I hope Dumbles is sacked, too. Idiot!
Duchess67 chapter 11 . 3/13
I'm surprised they didn't also go to the Chicago Field Museum. The Ghost and the Darkness exhibit creeped me the heck out! Reading about what those lions did... *shudder* I can just imagine it being the result of a curse, because lions just don't DO that! *shuddering again*

It is NOT fair that Hermione got blamed for what Briana did! Did the truth come out? Harry's family should have had to pay! I can't imagine them all continuing to get along if Briana hadn't confessed.

Why does Harry think the Cubs are evil? *really curious*
LittleCheetahCub chapter 3 . 3/1
absolutely fantastic, just a slight error in math. Snape took away 260 from Fred and George, not 220 as McGonagall restored
multiyogibear chapter 13 . 2/28
The story is really quite good but the first final fantasy game to be released in the UK was final fantasy 7 so Hermione would not have the original final fantasy
LuffyLover chapter 1 . 2/27
I’m loving this so far! It was weird to read “Harry Mark” though, because that’s actually my dad’s name lol. You write siblings wonderfully!
stevem1 chapter 39 . 2/16
This is a great story, well written and engaging. I like Harry and Hermione’s relationship, his love for and battles with his sister. Draco is an even bigger idiot than in canon. Harry’s adoptive parents and Minerva are well realized.

This is promptly normal for a high energy teen, but Harry resorts to physical violence due to mere words an awful lot.

I like the plot, especially how the author sticks to canon (more or less) but with different twists in the details.

SamonIllmantrim chapter 26 . 2/15
I was enjoying this until you had Hermione and Padme decide to be manipulative assholes to Harry, instead of having Hermione have some guts.

Thanks ever so much for protectorate perpetuating a terrible stereotype and double standard.

You've lost one reader.
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