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thapagan chapter 2 . 1/20/2007
"Love it love it love it" I really like Snapes plans Misfiring,

Sorta working out, but not the way he planned.

Harry as Snapes new master. Third year, after a hogsmead weekend.

"Professor?" Snape looked up from his potion and motion harry over to the cabinet, Saying "Fluxweed Potter, third shelf, this is alittle stale" "Yes, sir"

Harry brought the jar over to the workbench and took a seat.

"Did you have a good time at Hogmeade sir?"

Snape frowned and thought back to the weekend, It was pleaseant, the weather was nice and sunny, but not to bright, the students were mostly behaved and kept in line with just a few glares, The maple treacle tart at Madame Puddingfoots the high point of the day.

"Yes , Harry for a change I had a good time"

So what did you think about Roxanne?

"Roxanne?" "The new girl at the Pharmacy" "Apocrathy ,Harry"

"Yes , sir, Roxanne?"

Snape looked at the his third year student and hoped he wasn't haven't to give harry the talk, and then It dawned on him that Harry might be crushing on this Roxanne, He thought back to his trip to the shop, the girl was quite good looking, lean with largish breasts for her size, honey colored hair, happy smile, and was quite likely ten years older the Harry, God he thought, this is why we got Black out of Jail.

Well, Straight to the point, blunt might hurt, but if harry was going to daydream about older gitls they might as well be ones he had a quarter of a chance of bedding. "Harry I think she might be a bit to old for you" he stated softly hoping the boy wouldn't become morose.

"me sir, no no she was staring at you the whole time you dickered with Mr. Ickesone, By the way I would like to learn to do that I lose way to many fights with hermione"

"dickering over overpriced potion supplies is quite different than convincing a girl that you can fight dementors, Wait did you say she was staring at me? " "Hermione thinks she likes you and, well I don't know about enough girls to say she is wrong, but you didn't have any mud or anything to look at on your robes


"well she is Lavender Brown's second cousin, so we asked her to write and find out and the asnwer is that she likes you sir"


There was a lot of giggleing and sighing sir, with some squeels too, I think she likes you alot.

Snape pinched his nose, now realizing the giggling in his sixth year class was about this Roxanne's letter.

She said she wants to become your apprentice sir, but I think there might be more to it than that.

Snape sneered, "as If I would take on a common shop girl"

"Oh no Sir I now know, would be here here if it was like that," that would make things worse, He stated and start pulling out some magazines, Snape frowned as he recogized most of the titles. Minor and speciality potion and herbology peridocals and

and company is at Hogmeade cause her grant ran out and the National Garden. Snape eyebrows rose, those grants weren't rare, but they were not handed out like candy either.

Old man Mogison said he would have got his but pressure from above made him take on a Pure Blood, it was one of the factors that drove him to the dark lord, not getting a job right away.

Then it dawned on him Ablus mentioned an apprentice application, but between the LeStranges escape and negotions for the Tri Wizard event, it was forgotten.

Harry was rambling on pointing out the piece this chit had written while severous felt a headache coming on, a lovesick student was bad enough, he got one of those every other years or so and the smiles and snickers in the staff roon were not fun.

"No Harry" But sir your so busy, she is qualified, she likes you , she could do the boring stuff you hate, deal with the firstys, the headache and pepper up potions, Grade papers, it would be great, you could do your research, or even if you just made her watch fred and goerge full time it would be worth it"

That Severous could not refrute.

No Harry

Harry frowned. Well sir I think you should see her so as your master I an ordering you to take her out for a cup of tea or something. Just to make sure.

... And so the fun begins... if it fits use it
everpresent chapter 2 . 1/9/2007
Oh my... now this is a radical a/u!

good job on Severus. He has modified from a greasy snarky git to a sneaky/do-the-right-thing-in-a-slytherin-way person, and he's very much becoming entranced by Harry.

very well done.
Cocoa Girl chapter 2 . 1/8/2007
I hope you update this soon. Not that I don't also like your story Goblin Conspiracy and I can't wait for you to start the sequel to Time to live, that I enjoyed a lot. Will Severus tell Harry about the chamber of secrets? I would love it if both went there and found a library of Slytherins. Specially books written in parceltongue. Also any chance Sev can teach Harry about loopholes in wizarding law like how to become an emancipated minor by declaring himself the head of Potter house? I doubt that Severus will need to poison Harry's mind against Black at all, all Sirius would have to do is open his mouth around Harry to or about Severus and Sirius himself can do all the work on alienating Harry.
Light Avatar chapter 2 . 1/4/2007
Interesting story! Keep up the good work; I can't wait to see what happens next!
Firefox chapter 2 . 12/28/2006
Good hindsight. I really do like it; please continue.
EriEka127 chapter 2 . 12/24/2006
cute and original

how long till the next update?
rigal chapter 2 . 12/22/2006

Hahukum Konn chapter 2 . 12/21/2006
Woot! :) I like this fic. Its premise is interesting, and the execution is quite believable. :)
Cwejr chapter 2 . 12/20/2006
Excellent characterization. The main characters seem real. I hope you continue soonest. The very idea of snape, of all people, traveling back in time and having himself become friends with Harry is fascinating, for want of a better word. I love the story so far. My pet peeves in Harry Potter stories are spelling and grammar with punctuation coming in third. I was not distracted even once by an error. My compliments! Those three parts are the primary tools for an author and you seem to have good control over them. I am looking forward to the next chapter. Please don't make me wait too long.
zafaran chapter 2 . 12/20/2006
{snicker} this is *so* funny in spots, well done. I hope your muse and schedule will allow you to write and post more chapters sometime soon. Keep up the good work. Zafaran
jekl chapter 2 . 12/20/2006
this is good
Ankalagon chapter 2 . 12/13/2006
Achy? The Dark Mark has been achy? That's something Buffy would say,not Severus Snape.
80286 chapter 2 . 12/12/2006
Excellent story so far, I like the changes you've made to Snape, and I'm looking forward to reading more.
Meggplant chapter 1 . 12/10/2006
oh my goodness! i was hoping for the sequel to Time To Live, but this is a completely unexpected surprise and pleasure! i'm absolutely thrilled by the first two chapters, and i hope to see more. Snape is obviously learning more and more about Harry, and Harry is definitely nurturing his Slytherin side... bravo. :)

i can't wait for more of this!


RBlack chapter 2 . 12/9/2006
MORE need more, good fic so far..
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