Reviews for The Communion of Saints
BakerStreetIsLastRefugeOfHope chapter 1 . 2/11/2009
A great story. Very good.
Sora chapter 1 . 10/4/2007
Nice ending. :D
varsitygeek chapter 1 . 12/27/2006
Lol! You seriously rock. :-)

As for the story, despite being light-hearted enough in parts to make me giggle, it's a very interesting and perceptive view of both Elizabeth and Will's characters.

I really like your writing style-it's the perfect blend of dialogue, description, and matter-of-factness (if that makes sense). Your descriptions feel spot-on. I particularly like the how you described Elizabeth's guilt, the silence of kraken-like proportions, and Will and Elizabeth after they've made their respective confessions at they end.

And of course, the characterizations. Although I'm not sure about Elizabeth's mood in the beginning of the fic (from what we've seen of her character, it does seem like she would get angry rather than deal with her guilt, but at the end of DMC she seemed rather fine to be wallowing in it, soo...), the rest of it was perfect. I like how she's just a little bit petulant but catches it. That she's being circuitous and piratical even as she's confessing just fits. And of course, I laughed out loud at Elizabeth's eagerness for her wedding night; I just got the dvd and saw the commentary (twice), and the writers mentioned it several times. Gonna be an element in the third movie, d'you think? ;-)

As for Will, I liked how you portrayed him-that he'd ask first the question that most scared him. He does seem like the recklessly brave type. I found your portraying him to know Elizabeth well enough to know that she was capable of using feminine wiles to betray Jack and then lie about it to everyone very interesting. I'd never really thought of him that way-I always thought he'd be one to put Elizabeth on a pedestal, but it certainly makes sense. The way those two interact in the second movie (the few times they do-does anyone else find it odd that they get about three scenes together per movie?) just about screams that these two are completely in tune with each other's actions and thoughts. (By the way, I liked that little touch you put in that Elizabeth understands that Will would ask the question about Jack first).

Finally, I liked the parallels you drew between what Will did in the first movie and what Elizabeth did in the second. The only difference (well, besides the kiss, I suppose) is that Jack didn't get killed when Will betrayed him (although he quite easily could have). You've definitely shifted my impressions of Will's character (and maybe Elizabeth's a little as well). I hope you end up writing more POTC fanfic as this one has been fun and thought-provoking.

Heh, and I noticed that Elizabeth doesn't actually admit to Will that's she was attracted to Jack...
SheikahLove chapter 1 . 11/15/2006
Lmao! That was great! "Not if we bring rum." I love it. Your writing is really really good. I also thought that was clever about Will leaving Jack behind too... good catch.
Pasht chapter 1 . 10/30/2006
I honestly don't know what to say. I liked the story, but it left me with many conflicting emotions - much like Will and Elizabeth I presume. I'll also presume that this was intentional - though I've found that for most writers these things are in fact unintentional and when they find them upon re-reading what they've written they simply insist it was intentional and build on it.

Or maybe I'm just being too analytical and trying to interpret something that isn't there.

In any case, it's a lovely little piece filled with opposites - which would leave anyone thinking, I reckon.
DCoD chapter 1 . 9/21/2006
*grin* It's such a good, bittersweet moment to the point where you think 'Well, at least they're not blaming each other, or doing something to completely ruin their relationship'. I like it!

It remains to be seen how this particular conversation is handled in the movie itself.

Thanks for sharing!
brokenoutoft chapter 1 . 9/20/2006
Well I'm a JE shipper myself, but I do appreciate a well-written story and this is certainly that; excellent Elizabeth voice, interesting look at Will, and I like the title and its implications. Bravo!
Smithy chapter 1 . 9/20/2006
Let's hope this is the same in the next movie. I don't like Jack and Elizabeth together. The man would never be honest with her, and he'd fool around behind her back.