Reviews for The Window
ZoeyHMML chapter 4 . 11/14
i think this Is the first time that it was so difficult for me to read something. IT'S JUST- IM CRINGING SO FUCKING HARD-
Guest chapter 21 . 11/5
You’re a genius of a writer. This is absolutely beautiful
CrazyMr chapter 1 . 10/16
Why you gotta make it an au where sakura sleeps around. would have been much better if she was in love with saskue still and then started thinking about him after seeing him with that woman. that being said the fic is good so far.
rufnkiddingme chapter 18 . 10/15
I love this story. The way you write and describe is excellent. I hope to read one of your original stories one day.
SoSymmetrical chapter 1 . 10/9
What a gem
Gisachi chapter 17 . 9/18
I felt like my heart has been pulled out of my chest and is now being trampled upon by thousands of feet. This chapter is heart-wrenching. I can’t count how many times I’ve held my breath in anticipation and hurt. And the last part! I legit teared up! The raw emotions! Fuck! FUUUCK!

This fic has consumed my mind body and soul. I will remember this fic ‘til my dying day.
Gisachi chapter 16 . 9/18
The last paragraph was me. What I felt. I FELT IT IN MY BODY EVERYWHERE. Hnng. This chapter. The build up. The revelation. The judgment. KAKASHI'S MYSTERIOUS ANSWER. I'm hanging on my seat. AAAAAH. Jesus.
Gisachi chapter 13 . 9/17
Fuck this is so good. I'm so drawn, captivated. This is the first Kakasaku multi-chapter fic I read and man this will be very hard to top. The hotness and romance and angst in this chapter combined is one beautiful package, nothing more I could ask for. I'm not even finished reading this but I like to thank you in advance for birthing this very beautiful fic to the world. ;-;
sansfaute81 chapter 21 . 9/15
С этой истории началось мое знакомство с вашим творчеством! Вы заставили мое сердце сжиматься, мою душу плакать, я давным-давно не испытывала таких сильных эмоций от простого чтения текста. Вы невероятно тонко передаете чувства, вы обычный секс превращаете во что-то удивительное, прекрасное. Бабочки в животе не отпускали меня ни на секунду. Я ловила флешбеки с детством Какаши все время, после того как Наруто вывел отношения с Сакурой на читую воду. Как вам это удается?
Я очень надеюсь, что вы будете писать много фанфиков по этому прекрасному пейрингу, вы заставляете меня любить этих героев так сильно, что это почти больно. Я невыразимо благодарна вам за те эмоции, которые вы заставляете меня переживать. И я перечитывала этот фанфик уже пять раз точно. И ради отзыва зарегистрировалась здесь. Чтобы сказать вам, вы замечательный автор. Я говорю это как преподаватель литературы.
bichenta chapter 21 . 9/11
Wow, this is my favorite fanfic ever. Ever. You know when you keep remembering lines and you want to read them again? That happens to this story. I just had to reread it again and I'm very happy that it still is so special to me and warm my heart. It's so well written and funny. Thank you for capturing the essence of a real good KakaSaku!
kayparker.20 chapter 21 . 9/6
I absolutely loved this fanfiction! I was so sad when I finally finished it but the ending was beautiful. I love how you actually toyed a little more with the “taboo” part of their relationship with not just age like most fanfictions, but with the fact he’s her superior.
jenniferlm chapter 21 . 8/24
Please, could you make a continuation of this fanfic? I can't stop reading it and I would like a continuation
Se-ono-waise-ilia chapter 21 . 8/15
this was adorable and emotional and steamy and perfect. you are enormously talented! have you written anything other than fanfiction? I would totally read your original works.
also (again, this is a decade later), the song "naked" by Jonas Blue is def Kakashi's theme song during a lot of your story lol
and have i mentioned I'm in love with how you write Sasuke? HE'S HILARIOUS! I love how he's portrayed in all your stories he's so funny without trying.
Again, if this wasn't a decade late and you've probably moved on with your life to other hobbies, I would totally request your take on a Sasuke x Naruto romance.
You are so talented! Thanks for writing.
Se-ono-waise-ilia chapter 16 . 8/14
This chapter was dramatic and funny like eating popcorn during a really juicy soap! But then it got real and sad. You didn't pull any punches. You wrote all characters so accurately as to how they would respond, and it was amazing to read. Ugh, my heart. I really feel for them.
And Sakura is really speaking her truth! She really is in love with him, but it's hard to wrap her head around because it's a new feeling, and it's hard for her to find believable because no one in her life before has put her first. She wants love, but she's not a hopeless romantic.
The way you write Sakura is so relatable at times. The you write characters processing emotions is stunningly accurate.
I know I'm over a decade late in reading this, but this is an AMAZING story! Excited to see what happens next.
50blades chapter 21 . 7/26
I love this story. It is so well written and delicious. I think introducing a relationship with Sakura at 18 is always a challenging undertaking. Silvershine stepped up and really nailed all the issues I would expect someone in Sakura and Kakashi's position to undergo while pursuing a relationship. This is a story I have enjoyed reading many times. Thank you for this wonderful story. I hope to enjoy it again in the future.
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