Reviews for Sorry
Guest chapter 1 . 1/26/2017
CraZy Blue MonKey chapter 1 . 3/23/2012
Wow I love these two characters. I never thought of these two together. I love it!
diadem-de-amor chapter 1 . 6/22/2009
Great ShikaxHina interaction. Completely believable and in-character. Thanks for the awesome fic! )
CobaltHeart chapter 1 . 3/27/2008
very nice. I liked it, very hinata-ish
AGENT Kuma-chan chapter 1 . 11/29/2007 and hinata seem sweet in this story...and, even though I still don't consider them a couple, i will read them if they are written as well as you did in this story!

hina-chan, it's ok to apologize all the time! I do it often too!
kyuubi11 chapter 1 . 10/1/2007

Katreda chapter 1 . 12/28/2006
aw I love this pairing!
payton chapter 1 . 12/16/2006
cute! i love shikahina!
trombonista chapter 1 . 12/4/2006
You write ShikaHina just as well as ShikaSaku.
CWolf2 chapter 1 . 11/12/2006
I thouhgt you did well with both Shikamaru and Hinata's personalities. Nice job.
Blue Quartz Foxy chapter 1 . 10/9/2006
ah1 I remember running across this fic at one of the LJ communities that I lurk around. I loved it then and I am glad that you moved it to this site. Anyway keep up the good work and is it too much to ask if you would post more of this fic soon?
NeedsBlueHair chapter 1 . 9/24/2006
heehee...i like...