Reviews for Last Encounter
Nadz chapter 1 . 2/6/2012
This was an enjoyable, well written fic. I really like how you went into the psyche of the bride and groom – both the “victims” of unrequited love (though you had me going for a moment there with the identity of the groom). You struck a good balance between cheeriness and darkness in the psyches to result in a bittersweet tone. There was also a backdrop of solemnness (that you conveyed well) via their memories of the final battle with Rahdam. I could feel the emptiness from losing the three pilots (and especially more so because Hayato liked Yumi – I wonder what he would think of this wedding). Lastly, the wedding itself possesses shades of gray. Both bride and groom are still fixated on their first “loves”. Are they getting married just because of her pregnancy? There is a paragraph ultimately where David sees Yumi’s strength and realizes how much he appreciates her and how much she’s grown (he had also liked her innocence in TB II itself). Yet, I did not see anything about them truly loving each other (or anything about what Yumi sees in David). Is their marriage due to love or due to loneliness that the other fills? Is it a marriage of necessity because of the baby? You manage to keep it somewhat vague, which is a good thing and opens up doors for the story to continue – for example, are Yumi and David truly good for each other? Will the marriage grow or dissolve later? I think this has a strong potential for more chapters; I’d love to see how things progress or unfold (whether for the better or worse). Again, very nicely written fic (there are a few grammatical mistakes and run on phrases, but what fic doesn’t have these?). Given you haven’t updated in years, I’m guessing that you only intended this to be a one chapter short story. But do consider a possible extra chapter or two. It would be worth it given how you wrote the first chapter. Lastly, I really like how D-boy views the next generation as his children. And as a throwback to the first series, how Natasha is (sadly) wheeled in – it seems there’s an untold story there as well regarding the sacrifices she had made. Anyway, great work, and I regret I did not read this fic earlier!
Omnicat chapter 1 . 11/3/2006
The third pilot was called Anita, not Anne, and in the original Tekkaman Blade series it is shown that Star/Aki is actually a terrible cook...

But apart from that, I have nothing negative to comment on. :P Very nice fic. Almost poetic. So Yumi and David never gave up, huh? I'd almost say too bad, because they are one of my favourite TBII couples... but that would spoil this pretty fic. _;
IronicSymphony chapter 1 . 9/25/2006
Very the 'Next Generation' continue to yearn for the originals? Teehee, I like it. I admit, I was frightened that the wedding might've turned out differently (as in different groom). This is a very interesting beginning - I can't wait to see where you take this.