Reviews for Silent Snow
Whitetree-Nimloth chapter 7 . 12/12/2010
Why isn't there any more of this? It's brilliant!

I loved Anne Walsh-Slytherin, too!
shine lots chapter 7 . 6/2/2010
I love how Luna and Draco's relationship develops. It is really sweet to see Luna's quirky influence on Draco. Please update.
shine lots chapter 1 . 6/2/2010
I like this story and can't wait to see how it ends
l1ttl3 Sakura chapter 7 . 5/8/2009
ah! I want more, you is just on of the best stories.

they are sane! yei for Meghan and Nevielle.

Irene is just soo cute!

Please write soon
HPpooka1127 chapter 7 . 6/3/2008
what happened to Harry and Ginny and Ron and Hermione?
Emmy-loo chapter 7 . 5/25/2008
Very good! The romance between Draco and Luna didn't seem rushed at all, which was really good. I love them together, and you've written it very well. Just curious though, where did you get the name Irene? You're the second fic author I've seen use it, but I can't find anything like that in whydoyouneedtoknow's profile... just wondering!

Also, what happened to Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny? Are they Horcrux hunting? If so, I would love to see a scene in their point of view. :)

Keep up the good work!
onestepback chapter 7 . 12/6/2007
Love this story! Love it, love it, love it! Please update soon, it's such an amazing story!
a.different.luna chapter 1 . 6/15/2007
that is not short

it is loonng

i find it hard to get my chapters more than 700 words!

great chappie btw
2smrt4u chapter 7 . 5/18/2007
I love this story! I'd say something constructive, but I haven't got keep it up!
Jam-jackson chapter 7 . 2/11/2007
I like it. I like it a lot. I can't wait to see where it goes!
whydoyouneedtoknow chapter 7 . 2/11/2007
Let-downing a bit over finishing a draft...

So where do you get a diving board for sanity?

They snuggle. Do they do anything else? Or are they just making the best of one bed?

Ohh, here she comes. Scared little girl!

/me has attack of the awws

Looks like this Draco is another for the "manage by smacking" school of men.

Irene is so cute. I want to hug her.

Hey, when'd Draco get smart? Offering to let her sleep in-or did he just remember what he always wished would happen?

That sounds like Meghan. Thinking even while she falls.

Is the Slytherin common room really like a jungle? (Idea!)

Yes to whoever asked in the reviews-rock can indeed be soft.

Aww! They can hear each other! Is that going to last?

Dr. Seuss!

I love Neville sticking out his mental tongue.

Oh, way to impress your mom, Neville, fall on your face.

Quite a sense of humor Meghan's got...

Yay! It worked!

Snuggling again. Am I that obvious with my like of snuggling? (Don't answer that.)

Glad Neville and Meghan show a little of the strain they went through.

Oh crap. This is bad.

Luna, no-

Never mind, they never listen, do they?

/me shudders at the thought of having Voldemort in one's mind

Voldemort's going to make him kill her, isn't he-yes, he is-

Go Luna! I hate that she had to do that, but it worked, it worked, it worked!

And the family moments just keep increasing. If I had an "aww" meter, it would be off the scale right now.

So Irene is the little thing that's changing their lives? Works for me. ;-)

More soon, please!
weasley-freckles chapter 7 . 2/9/2007
FOLIAGE! Sorry, I have a teacher who's obsessed with the word, and when you had it in the chapter I couldn't stop laughing.

Anyway, I absolutely LOVED this chapter. The moments between Irene, Luna, and Draco were so sweet! I kept going "Aw!" Especially at the mummy and daddy part. And I'm SO happy that the Longbottoms are finally healed and sane again. And that line at the beginning, about the diving board and insanity, was just hilarious. I loved how you put in the line from the prophecy in LwD at the end there, it fit perfectly, like the last puzzle piece of a jigsaw. Anyway, chapter was great, and I can't wait for a Cursed update!
anymousie chapter 7 . 2/9/2007
I love your story.

will irene be magical?

that would be ironic.

and did anything change physically about neville like megan's hair did?
LaElBa chapter 7 . 2/8/2007
huzzah! another chapter!

"a present from Ms. Bennett, who found the small blonde toddler absolutely adorable" - i would, i LOVE kids!

"after all, how many times had he apologized for his nightmares as a child?" - /me growls at Lucius. bad scary evil man...

"With no one to see, he smiled at his girls with something he thought might be—maybe—possibly—love..." - aw! how cute. HIS girls, huh?

"Great. I’m in the Slytherin common room." - /me gigglesnorts

"Neville landed with a smack and a groan on something that was either very hard sand or very soft rock." - um, Nev? i didn't know that rocks COULD really be soft...

"He dropped back down quickly before he fell, immensely glad he managed to sit where the rock was and not where it wasn’t." - /me gigglesnorts again

love the Dr. S, reference there Brit...

"It was at that moment that he tripped on a rock and landed flat on his face" - graceful, you are not

"It’s not every day you hear your boyfriend is dead." - what a Meghan thing to say. good job Brit!

I really love that Luna keeps calling Irene "little owl" and "owlet." Very cool...

/me giggles at the animal's names

"In what might be both the bravest and the stupidest move of her life, she ran back to their bedroom." - LUNA!

"Love! he screeched. You will die for this blasphemy, Draco!" - agh! No you evil EVIL person! BACK OFF!

NOT THAT CURSE! ... oh well if it got Baldy out, then i guess it's alright...

"Daddy okay?" - aw! i love it!

"She called you Mommy" - hee hee, teasing is fun!

Oh B, this was so good! I loved it! i love being a part of it. thanks for letting me in it! I loved the "Que sera sera" in there at the end too, it was neat.

Mulch Diggums chapter 7 . 2/8/2007
Good chapter, one thing I noticed was the abruptness of Frank and Alice waking up. It just didn't sit well with me, but other then that I really liked it.
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