Reviews for Witch School
Guest chapter 4 . 7/7/2012
Okay so just a couple of things.

First, please utilize a spellchecker.
Second, please do not use text language.

Sorry it just distracts from the story.

That being said, I do like the story so far and intend to read the whole thing.
Sadistic Sin chapter 13 . 1/31/2007
Ha ha - protruding straight into a it, ne?

Good POV change...seems a little obsessive...nice. I think its funny when guys get all confused - I'm expercting a fight though! You hear. If there isn't - we'll act one out *evil smile* Heh. You won't mind, ne?

So sappy are such a closet romantic! All hard shells to the other f**kers but so love affected in your stories. It's actually funny to see a cold chick and a soppy guy. Continue now...I mean NOW btw...*You know the glare I'm giving you here*

Ja, Clae
Clae - s'me chapter 12 . 10/6/2006

Said I would read it and review so here it goes...(even though I'm not a romantic and haven't signed in. It was taking too long and I'm impatient C)

Some of the words were spelt wrong, etc, like hear instead of here, but thats all just grammar and we all know what you mean.

Other than that, it runs quite smoothly. It's definately more of your own story than that of the Secret Circle, though. There isn't much happening in the way that they are run. Maybe you should include more of that. Like build a dream or deeper relationship between your characters and the origionals. I dunno, maybe even consentrate on Nicks POV or something.

Regarding the whole 'How many people are reading it' thing, it might be because dumb us never said it was linked to Secret Circle. Whoops. You should alter that.

By way of Nick, it's coming on pretty strong, but if the whole Cassie-Addam think is at work, I could see that. It's everyone else groping her I'm concerned about. It sounds like Anime and it's kinda funny. Lol. The thing is, we don't even have a description to picture her as, maybe you could delve into Nick's impression when he met her, sometime, or something.

The only other thing I have to complain about is...GIVING ME EVILS? *CRIES* My best friend is turning into a FREAKING CHAV! Lol.

Its alot more fluent and understandable than last time, although the weird dude that came with the visions and what happened with the rest of the guys afterwards is bugging me. Explain please ;-p. My curiosity is gonna be my downfall one day. *sigh*

Oh ONE MORE THING! *Whines* I don't know anything more. Wha wha. I wanna see some Jocks' butts kicked and more anti-brother-isms. Not to mention some of those notes I read from your last version. Damn it.

Clae - your ever-reading best buddy, reporting as ordered. ;-p