Reviews for Bird Girl
KIT chapter 1 . 11/30/2006
nope, i can understand how you feel, it makes complete sense to me... your dreams, i can't write a book on them but i know... it's a feeling hard to express with words, and you've done it, i'm proud... you remind me of this game i used to play, it's based on the wind... i somehow loved that game even though i admitted myself it was childish...i love it still, and if only i had what i needed i'd still be playing it now... espacially the music, the music pieces from that game are almost perfect... thay can always stirr up this motion in me that wants to glide with the wind... you've done well

DR. COFFIN chapter 1 . 10/2/2006
I think this was very good. It's obvious who her friends are from descriptions alone, and that's just fine.

I liked how you provided a lot of description on how it must feel to change shape and maintain it. Very good.

It's a little obvious which of her friends is on her mind (at least subconsciously) for her wings to be black with red in them and to describe herself as a "black, fiery phoenix girl", but that's okay (he seems to have that effect on a LOT of females).

All this in just 30 minutes? I am impressed.