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Ghost in the Machine chapter 2 . 10/5/2006
Math check. 40 yards in .196 seconds equals a speed of 417.44 miles per hour. And please note, that's from a standing start. A mile in 59 seconds means he's moving just over 61 mph. While I could buy that for someone with feline abilities, the first one does NOT compute. Did you by chance mean 1.96 seconds? That'd be 41.74 mph and would indicate he doesn't get up to top speed in 40 yards. (His previous 40 yard dash in 4.49 yields a very respectable 18.22 mph 'average' speed. Someone that fast should be running track competetively.)

All that aside... What makes this a 'Marvel' story? So far, there's been nary a word to connect it to any version of the Marvel Universe.