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El Gringo Loco chapter 52 . 12/10/2006
"Questions of sanity" - is there any to question? Naw - with all due respect your Majesty, the first qualification for a successful writer is to be just as nutty as your readers. And we love you for it.

"Now that I'm done blowing things up, we might just get to the end of this story...maybe." Aw - Do we have to?
icklebitodd chapter 52 . 12/10/2006
hmm my first reaction...where's cami?

second...jesus christ that has to bloody well hurt

third...go forceful a'n'e doc

and finally this entire chapter brought the song 'you've got a friend in me' into my head and now i have toy story and that very song going around and around in the space between my ears.
Mystical G Panther chapter 52 . 12/10/2006

update really soon

-mystical panther
Abzhighman23 chapter 52 . 12/10/2006
Hey lovin it please carry on with this as soon as i want more soon xx
Immi chapter 52 . 12/10/2006
I wonder how many fics it would take for the entire Desert Palms ICU staff to be named. Probably not a horrendous amount.

Agh! I know that Sofia won't die, but ah! It's just so grossly unfair that Sassy goes through all of these terrible tragedies.

Does drama always include a wonderful character nearly dying? Because I'm thinking about making an Immi-dictionary, and that would just fit right in.

As much as I hate to ask, Grissom will be a-ok, right? The thought of no more GLH moments is a tad sad to contemplate. I would guess that Lady Heather is fine, simply because someone would probably put a price on your head if she wasn't. Not me, of course- it's Christmas. But I might be able to convince a friend of a friend of a friend...

Badly scripted movie? Well darn, I'd certainly watch it- several times. Sneak into the theater, even. Seriously- actually watching this stuff happen? That would be so awesome...

I'm sure Sara doesn't appreciate my comments at all, so Immi will- albeit reluctantly- halt with the movie metaphor thingy.

I'm obviously in favor of the nightmare- not movie. Movie isn't actually an option since it isn't badly scripted. Maybe a tad tragically, but not badly.

Reading way too into that whateveritwas, let's start over.

Oh darn. With all my ramblings, I seem to have forgotten poor Nicky! Ah! He's going to be all right too, isn't he?

Again, optimism strikes. If you killed any character off at this point, there would be a lot more writings to deal with. As we're approaching the end, I'd say that everyone survives happily.

...After you pull ruthlessly at certain heartstrings, of course. I mean, painless survival stories are just a tad not as exciting as near-death, ZOMG YOU BE ALIVE storlines.

What. The. Heck.

Er- right.

Are you really done blowing things up? I suppose I should be happy... but now Immi's all wanting explosions. I must go fine a Pringles can and some army men and some matches. OOH- and capgun amunition. Yes yes.

Sanity is just an illusion.

Story that never ends... I don't think I'd mind that *cue evil laugh*.

Anyways, considering that my personal illusion of sanity seems to be running very dry today, I'll just wrap this up.

Update, update, update, and- let's see; yes- update. PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR ON TOP!
icklebitodd chapter 51 . 12/9/2006
Have you lost your freaking mind?

Jesus bloomin' Christ my little heart is all over the place not knowing what’s going to happen or when.

So bossman has either brain damage or burst ear drums, first thought of him having blood coming out his ears (he’d died) surprised me - closed the screen and turned away all upset. Then you went about disfiguring Curtis and Stokes which made me think that this is the most brutal of all the weird tests and challenges you have provided for your puppets on the string, and that by the end of this thing they are all going to resemble melted figurines - especially with the lastest idea of running through fire seeming they have already suffered third degree burns. Weird the prospect of Stokes playing fireman ad not seeing a kid playing dress up but I am a huge fan of all coming full circle and him repaying Grissom for his infinite amount of faith.

Lady H somehow manages to steal the show with Sofia’s narration showing your lovely sense of humour at least she looked fantastic – nothing worse then being caught on the bog with your knickers round your ankles is there?...actually yea but I’ll let you grasp that one. I’m now convinced you’re not killing either of them, and that the fact he won’t hear her voice again is because this event strikes him deaf. WO!

Poor Dr Parker, nothing worse then feeling like you’ve failed those you have tried so hard to help. Glad she has Brass there to support her, figured that as she’s more or less Sidle’s sister that Brass is her Papa Bear too. Think she needs a huge hug now and a tub of Phish Food smothered double cream, marshmallows, hundreds of thousands, chocolate buttons and half a bottle of chocolate sauce.

But after that I repeat my earlier sentiment; are you insane, the cliffy hasn’t got any smaller and this is cruel even for you – normally you allow a breath to be taken after the fifth chapter but not this time now I am going to have to carve ten minutes out of my day and make sure I read it as soon as it is updated, you haven’t had me like this since…well the conclusion of the previous two stories. You should write a film script and see how many stress related heart attacks it causes.

Some of your best writing yet.
Mystical G Panther chapter 51 . 12/8/2006
sorry i didn't sigh, i speaked in triumph!

update really soon

-mystical panther
Abzhighman23 chapter 51 . 12/8/2006
Hey lovin this chapter very gd love the way u wrote it please carry on as soon as xx
Immi chapter 51 . 12/8/2006
I'm never taking those stupid sleepy meds again. Ever.

Wonderful action-packed chapter once again! Amazingly enjoyable! Even though I prefer emotional stress as opposed to physical stress, I really enjoyed it.

Hopefully, all four will get out alive, yes? And then Sassy can fix itself, along with all the other pairings flying about.

Huh, I think Immi's trying to be optimistic again. Am I the only one who finds that sad?

I used to have a beta... it didn't work out too well. I'd always end up posting the chapters and stories before the fixed versions got back to me. Impatience is such an overused tool in Immi's arsenal.

They could have done so much more with the miniature killer... It was an enjoyable little series, but the ending was kind of poor. It really could have been much better. And it really could have been focused on a different character.

What's sad is I actually enjoyed the unlucky man's story more than the conclusion of the mini series. That should NOT happen. Serious disappointment of an episode... even dismissing GSR.

It's pathetic, having Sara interact with only Grissom. My dog loves me to bits, and he still says hi to everyone else in the household! No relationship should stop someone from spending time with their friends. That's a sign of something that's definitely going to burn.

Once Grissom leaves, and Greg has to deal with the suit against him, things should get better. After all, with Grissom gone, he won't influence Sara to act all OOC, and she can support Greg.

Ugh, this is exactly how I felt before I started the whole 'Cutting' series. Worriesome, that. Still sort of funny that it was canon before 'Living Legend'. Or is it disturbing? Argh, never mind. My head's going to keep on walking in circles like this.

Kill it with fire? Huh. Well, I've tried flames, but those don't really seem to have an effect. Any other ideas? Sofia with her awesome shotgun, maybe? Oh wow... That's a happy image.

*Sigh* Every time I see Grissom and Sara together, I keep on thinking about his departure. Happy feelings, happy thoughts...

At least we got to see Catherine laughing, right? One good thing came out of the wasted murders...

Rantings and pacings. Heh, usually I just sit and absorb and curse. Pacings make little hypno-rings that bug Immi.

Rantings and pacings are still very healthy, though.

Update as quickly as possible, please.

Pun very much appreciated.
NadezhdaSt chapter 51 . 12/8/2006
Finally! I bet you can guess what I'm talking about. :) This was(once again)a hell of a chapter. I felt as if I was in there with Nick and Sofia and I felt really bad for them both. I was really proud too, because they both kept going despite everything.

I might have accused you of being evil because of the cliffhanger if you hadn't told me that the next chapter would be up in a bit. You saved yourself. I do hope that everyone gets out of there alive though, I gave up on unscathed a while ago.

Wendy has one more scene? Yay! Then I'm looking forward to that! And I bet I'm not the only one. :)

Just as an observation,you enjoy making your characters squirm with all these cliffhangers,don't you?
El Gringo Loco chapter 51 . 12/8/2006
Sounds like a real vision of Hell you've got them trapped in. (Not that I'd ever want to check out the real one to be sure. Been told to a few times but ah - no thanks) And oh that beautiful cliffhanger ending - the two of them, injured, carrying their charges, rushing into a wall of flames as their only option. I suppose desperate times call for desperate measure, but Girl, you done outdid yourself this time. (Old Hollywood would be proud of ya.)
Mystical G Panther chapter 50 . 12/7/2006
hm okay so now he's dead. What happened to Griss!

...and Heather.

update really soon

-mystical panther
Abzhighman23 chapter 50 . 12/7/2006
Fab as usual pleae carry on with it as soon as cant wait for more xx
NadezhdaSt chapter 50 . 12/7/2006
Are you telling me I guessed right? Yipee! You have no idea how long I tossed and turned until this way out came to me. Don't worry, you're not getting predictable. I've just read too many books(of all kinds) and watched too much crime TV shows for my own good. Plus I tend to write when I'm not feeling lazy(which sadly is most of the time),so I know a thing or two about the different techniques that writers use. Then again reading in general helps a lot too. Yep, a bookworm-that's me.

I'm feeling really sorry and sad about Cammie right now. This chapter was very emotional and very well written and I honestly don't believe she stood much of a chance in saving the boy after his dad entered the room and started yelling. The nerve to accuse her of his son's death! I'd hit him gladly,if only I could. Now all that Cammie needs is a little comfort preferrably coming from Wendy. ;)

Well,I do want everyone to get out of the burning house alive. It's natural-I like them all. I could maybe, maybe spare Nick, but I'm most definitely against Gil or Lady H dying. Then again Nick's supposed to be saving Grissom,so he must get out of there too. No... It seems I can't spare anyone. I'm too greedy. I like them better alive.

I hope your beta doesn't keep us waiting long for the next chapter because I'm dying to find out what's happening with the rescue operation as can be presumed. I've checked my e-mail several hours today in hope of finding a new chapter alert there and I imagine I'll keep on doing it. It doesn't make the chapters appear faster, but it certainly makes me feel better for some inexplicable reason or another.

Oh,before I forget. Any hints about your next story? I'm dying to know.
Immi chapter 50 . 12/7/2006
Oh geez... I don't know who I feel more sorry for... Benny, or Cami.

It's really gotta suck having your patient commit suicide in front of you... but being in the state of mind where you would actually want to kill yourself can't be that pretty, either.

Extremely emotional chapter... I am in awe of this.

Huh... shock to anger to despair? That seems somewhat accurate for the dad's state of mind. I'm trying to feel bad for him, but if he hadn't shown up, Cami probably would have saved his son. Unfortunately, parents can cause some real damage when it comes to mental health.

Screw tampering with evidence... it's a suicide! And any other person would have wiped off that blood immediately. After getting over the shock, I mean. Immediately after they would be in too much of a haze to do much of anything, I would bet.

Though I wouldn't really know. I've only gone into shock twice, but both times I couldn't move a muscle afterwards. So I suppose my educated guess isn't so educated.

Will Wendy make Cami feel better? Having an extremely likeable shrink in shock really isn't too grand. Makes Immi feel real angsty, and that mindset during the holidays just seems... awkward... for some reason.

Hardcore writing? So that would mean that explosions and dying persons won't be occuring any more? That'll be nice... after Lady H and Grissom get out of the darn house, at least.

So... more emotional stuff coming up in a few chapters, maybe? Immi's going back to being severely impatient again, I think. Not so bad yet, but soon I'm probably going to be haunting your profile page again.

Next fic? O Aw Yippee! Happyful!

Blank stares tend to occur a lot around me as well. Mostly from my mother. She actually suggested once that I write the writers and complain about GSR, and near the end note that Sara would go great with [female of my choice].

I didn't know that mothers could actually be sarcastic. The blank stare came after I suggested that she write them, since it was her idea.

Grissom annoys me so much... Sara's obviously a lot more loyal to him than he is to her. But seriously, how could he admit that he loved her to a murderer and not to her! *Sigh* that episode was annoying... except for Cath and Sara's interaction after Sara printed Debbie. Now THAT was a shippy scene. On both sides, instead of just one. Or so it appeared in my warped mind. So who knows.

Darn it, I'm half-hoping that the guy leaving the miniature scenes is Sara's brother, and Grissom gets scared, resulting in him leaving next week, and making Sara realize that she shouldn't be with Grissom.

It's a seriously messed up theory, but I'm finding that anything that destroys GSR is becoming an automatic happy thing. Go figure.

Please update this as soon as possible- leaving things all sad makes Immi unsettled and bothered.

On a completely different note- I'm never writing a review while on sleepy meds again. Disturbing, it is. Like the poppies before the Emerald City.
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