Reviews for Ashes of the Phoenix
mythrica chapter 24 . 7/20
yep this was a good chapter and I see a great way forward. Thanks for sticking with the story.
TheOneWhoMustNotBeNamed chapter 24 . 6/20
gleefan2009 chapter 24 . 6/15
love it please write more
Dina chapter 1 . 5/29
LtsHrIt4ThBoyz chapter 23 . 5/25
Excellent news!
One thing I'd really like to see is for Harry to come clean to Severus and Draco about his 'dream'. I'm one of those people that believes that more information those around you have, the more help they can provide and Harry holding back on this very serious 'dream' is stupid. We want Harry to stop acting stupid; we want him to begin examining things using logic and critical thinking. Sev use legilimancy to examine the veracity/reality of the dream; for all we know, Dumbledick has placed a curse/hex/gais on Harry; hoping to break Harry's will, in order to get him to bow to his will.
I'm really glad that you're going to give us more of this! :D
Guest chapter 19 . 5/23
"And don't laugh Weasely your next." It should be "you are' or "you're." It is a contraction of two words "you are."
Guest chapter 16 . 5/23
inuyasha-fan17 chapter 24 . 5/18
You'll have to put the dream from 23 back for this to make sense.
BlueMoon007 chapter 24 . 5/18
So happy you updated. I do hope it won't take years for the next chapter. I'm looking forward to more of your excellent work.
BlueMoon007 chapter 16 . 5/17
Well snape was a lot nicer than he should have been. Harry was a complete brat.
BlueMoon007 chapter 12 . 5/17
This was so the best chapter! I love Harry's sarcastic wit with Voldy. And poor Draco, getting dragged along into this tattoo mess.
jman197 chapter 14 . 5/16
I like option c best
witchsbroom chapter 24 . 5/16
OMG what a chapter. Looks like the Gryffindor and Slytherin feud might be coming to and end (sure wish I could have seen old Dumbles face though. Oh oh looks like Draco broke Harry, but he needs to talk to someone about why he's pulling away from everyone. Can't wait to find out what happens in the next chapter and find out more about Cri and Charlie
phoenix-rob chapter 24 . 5/16
Glad you updated this - what an interesting chapter.
Can't wait for the next one.
lacie chapter 14 . 5/15
As verbs the difference between carve and crave is that carve is (archaic) to cut while crave is to desire strongly, so as to satisfy an urge or need.
Carving usually refers to shaping wood with a knife but you can carve other things like apples, vegetables (see vegetable carving in google images its awesome) or stone. When metal is carved it is referred to as engraving not carving becayse if you want to shape metal you either bend it or melt it into the shape you want.
A protection rune Harry had craved on his hand is the wrong word because what you are really saying here is a protection rune he desired or wanted on his hand. A protection rune Harry had carved in his hand is the right word because what you are really saying is a protection rune he had cut into his hand. Though honestly that sounds very painful and rather dangerous as far as infection is concerned. What with not having antiseptics and bandages and regular access to running water at the Dursleys.
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