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Toadmaninoff chapter 20 . 4/5
It has been two years since you last updated. I, as I've said before, can relate to whatever lack of inspiration you are having. I look forward to whatever you may or may not add to this in the future. I commend you on your passion in writing; I too revel in it.
Toadmaninoff chapter 3 . 4/5
Being a big fan of this series, realizing how deep the emotions and plot really are, I am absolutely enthralled with all of this. I know what it's like to be an author, but let me tell you that this is not as badly written as you perhaps might think. I love all of it, and even if there are any inconsistencies or technical errors, it still has immense fan value.
REKS chapter 20 . 12/21/2014
Please update this one bro, i like your story
nicoleb chapter 20 . 6/3/2013
AWWW! This chapter was so sad and sweet and (at the end) hot! Yes, I found that scene with Gala and Songi extremely hot, despite all the gore. I have problems. xD AW! Poor Noa! She's so broken, but at least she's not alone now. I'm glad Vahn caught on that they shouldn't have left her. Good one there, genius. ;D As usual, I love the way you expand the world of Legaia and the characters in your writing. In the past, I'd just read a Legaia fic for Songi, but after meeting you and Hikari no Aijou, I can enjoy the story for what it is. Oh, and this chapter made me hungry. Very, very hungry. So thanks a lot! :(
Hikari No Aijou chapter 19 . 5/21/2013
AWWWW! C'est tres mignon! Il aime elle! Awwww! This chapter was tugging at my heart strings. I love how Vahn has finally confessed his feelings for Noa! And he's all protective and worried and! And I like how Gala is struggling to keep his emotions hidden. Poor Noa though! Why must the poor thing suffer so much? Poor Noa...this fic just screams with pity for her. I don't think anyone could not sympathize with the poor girl. I look forward to next chapter and seeing if Noa reveals what happened. You're so cruel Barako! DX I don't wanna be forced to wait!
LucaBlightIsPUCA chapter 19 . 5/14/2013
I have read your message and I am replying here.

Well, I have nothing to say actually. However, isn't Noa a bit too gloomy these days? I understand that she is a human and she can break down at any time. Oh, well, I suppose I will just read the next plot for the reason.

Update soon. :)
nicoleb chapter 19 . 5/7/2013
Oh my God, you are so EVIL! XD Aw, this chapter was very sad, but very well-written and in-character. :( So, you're evil, but you can write well! That's the point I'm trying to make here. ;) Poor Noa. She went through so much, and now she has to live with the guilt of this, just because Legaia doesn't have a decent daycare system! Or, she could've left him in Sol, I guess, but... Okay, I'm rambling now. Point is, poor Noa! :( And it must be so hard for Gala to keep it together when Vahn and Noa are so sad and all, especially when he's still grieving for Songi (what, you thought I'd go an entire review without mentioning him? XD).
LucaBlightIsPUCA chapter 18 . 4/20/2013
You finally updated! Since Sightseeing is one of my favorites, I'd say these three chapters made my day, thank you very much.

Anyway, have I told you that you made a marvelous drama? Well, I suppose I have not. However, I would love to congratulate you for revealing the drama and self-problems between the three main characters perfectly. Yes, and chapter eighteen has got me wondering. Interesting! :)

Update soon! Keep up the good paces. :D
nicoleb chapter 18 . 4/11/2013
AWWW! This chapter was just too sad and adorable! :'( Gala trusted Songi with his life, and they were best friends, and he misses him so much, and... AWWW! You know, if Maya and Gala start talking about how much they miss Songi, I might cry. O_O But he might come back! I'm still holding out hope! ;D And aw, poor Noa... Noa, you... you could've left Cort in Sol, you know! It's not her fault though. Life just sucks sometimes. Legaia is a pretty dark game, despite the cute graphics, so this fic is pretty d*mn appropriate. :( I love your cover art, too! It really fits the mood. Aw, this fic really is super-depressing to read when it's, uh... that time (XD) for me. And aw, I really don't want to leave this review, because then the count won't be 69 anymore. XD
nicoleb chapter 17 . 4/6/2013
Awesome! I really liked this chapter! You're really good to get me interested and invested in a chapter without Songi in it! ;D You write the characters so well! You captured Ixis really accurately too. Ugh, he's such a douche. XD I love that you're giving his character more attention though. I actually wouldn't mind reading more of your stuff set when Vahn is younger. Rim Elm when the Mist is there, keeping everyone shut in, would be pretty interesting to read about. As for Mei... Wah, wah, wah! XD Nah, I do feel a bit sorry for her, but d*mn, can she whine. :O I remember you saying you don't really like Mei on your Legaia meme. Maybe that's being reflected a bit here? Not that I think she's out-of-character. Heck, she didn't have much of a character to begin with, so it's nice that you're expanding her. So, awesome work as usual. I love Vahn's conflicts and how supportive his family is. I wonder what Noa will do when she finds out Vahn likes her? And Nene's crush on Gala... XD! I loved Vahn's line about Gala not reciprocating. My dirty mind took that as a Gala/Songi hint... somehow? ;)
nicoleb chapter 15 . 4/5/2013
AW! So sweet! I love the interaction between Vahn and his family! I think you portrayed it really well. I must say that I thought Mei was a bit whiny, but she was like that in the game too, so it's not like it was inaccurate. XD I like how Vahn was so angry when Juggernaut attacked (have I mentioned this in a previous review already? Ah, well XD). It's nice to see him have emotions, and that's the perfect thing to get angry about. I wonder if Vahn realizes Songi was once a good person and that Gala still cares about him? He's young and a bit naive, so I'm not sure. It'd be interesting to see his reaction when/if he came to that conclusion. It must suck for Vahn to love two people and not know what to do. I guess he thinks of Mei like a sister, even though he tries to love her like he loves Noa. Aw. :(
nicoleb chapter 14 . 4/5/2013
AWWW! This chapter was just too sad! :'( I LOVED the interaction between Gala and Songi! Actually, I had to stop right after reading that part, because I got some instant inspiration for my fic. XD Why does your fic wake in me so much Gala/Songi-ness? :O You know, I'm really holding onto a slim hope that Songi will somehow be resurrected (God knows I've read fanfics where he comes back and does evil stuff XD). All that foreboding Gala is having... My mind tells me to believe it's a SIGN, even if it isn't! ;D Hell, I don't care if Songi comes back evil! I just want his godly awesome sexiness back! ...Wow, did I really just type that? XD Well, it's your fault for awakening emotions in me, darn it! :D My fangirling aside, this chapter was VERY well-written and probably my favorite so far. Aside from that AWESOME Gala/Songi interaction (I can so picture them acting like that back when they were friends! T_T), present-day Gala and all those Biron monks were very IC too! Awesome work! _
nicoleb chapter 13 . 4/5/2013
LOL! Who would've interpreted Noa/Cara from this? XD Or, I suppose some people might say the same about Gala/Songi, but still. AW! Noa is so sweet and innocent! I would love to have her as my best friend! And Cara and Grantes are really sweet too, even though Cara is kind of embarrassed about it. I like how much more open she becomes at the end of the game. And I'm still wondering where the hell baby Cort is, but I'm sure I'll find out before long. XD
nicoleb chapter 12 . 4/5/2013
AW! Vahn you are so naive not to know what Gala was dreaming about. ;D But AW! Vahn woves Noa! That's so cute! Kind of sad for Mei, but still... I didn't see Mei out there, risking her a*s to save Legaia like Noa. And poor Vahn, missing Meta like that. Well, Meta did give him a voice after all. XD But if Vahn misses Meta, that's nothing to how Noa would miss Terra. :'(
nicoleb chapter 11 . 4/4/2013
H-Holy hell. This... this was... O_O O_O O_O It's no secret I wanted to skip ahead and read this part, and it was almost torture waiting this long to read it (because I'm messed up XD), but MY GOD WAS IT FREAKING AMAZING AND ADORABLE AND CUTE AND IN-CHARACTER AND... GARGH! I can SO see it happening like that, and now I really want to make it happen like that in my story, or one of them! D*MN YOU AND YOUR WRITING ABILITIES! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how Songi is kneeling beside Gala when he wakes up... He's so CONCERNED for him, even though he's terrified himself, and then they find comfort in each other until they're rescued! AWWWWW! And the way Gala's parents died makes a lot of sense as well! Poor Gala! No wonder he hated Seru! :'( I can't WAIT to see how Songi's fa... I mean parents (;D) die! ...Wow, that sounded a bit sadistic. XD God, I LOVE THIS FREAKING STORY. Why aren't there more like this?! Why is Legend of Legaia so underrated?! *Fangasm.* And you need to write a freaking Gala/Songi story too! My God, it would be the most amazing thing ever written! O_O

...And with that, I think I should probably take a break now. Because if I don't, I swear I'm going to pass out from sheer awesomeness (and lack of playing J-RPGs XD). It's not because I came to the place I so desperately wanted to reach, honest, because I was enjoying the whole story up until now. Actually, I was planning to stop after chapter 10, since it's a nice, even number and my OCD approves, but when I loaded up chapter 11 and saw how short it was (and how half of it was author's notes XD), I thought, "What the hell," and then I fangasmed. Really, be glad you weren't there. I swear I woke my mom up too. xD As for the author's notes, I find that sometimes writing a chapter without planning can really yield great results. It's weird how things like that work sometimes, isn't it? XD
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