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Sukaretto Yuki chapter 18 . 1/4/2012
I realized I wasn't reviewing for a moment there but ow.. you literally hurt me :( I went to cover my mouth so fast at the odd dying noise caused from Roxas walking in to wake Riku that I bashed my nose in. It's now burning and I have tampons up my nose. Much appreciated. lmfao. Joking, but owww. That was awesome.

HAHAHAH XD Zexion corrected his grammar. LOL. Why must you always use songs that it takes me forever to find? Even when you posted it in the A/N. Haha. I can't imagine them singing this but it makes my day. I'm curious to know what Roxas will end up doing. If you chose contortion I will die of laughter. Say what? Axel was the late ringmaster? I'm so confused. Does that mean Axel gave up being a ring master for Riku? And I love this.. it finally explains why they're so close. What? Seeing me cry make you feel better? Hahaha, made my day. At this rate you'll end up making my month XD Great chapter :D
Sukaretto Yuki chapter 17 . 1/4/2012
Awwwwwww... this is going to be horrible.. and sad.. isn't it? To top it all off he's homophobic? Every time I read circies I read circles. lol It makes me giggle. Well at least he's being all supportive so far. :) Awwww, one hand hold and he can speak. That's adorable. I feel so horrible that he thinks his dad won't understand. Yes, his dad ended up accepting them. I like that a lot. I giggled when I saw zexion. Does that mean we might end up seeing Zemyx? hurm. I laughed my butt off when Zexion explained how he knew where Riku was. That's awesome. XD oh my.. ok I question their relationship yet again. I'm so 'confuzzled'. :D great chapter :D
Sukaretto Yuki chapter 16 . 1/4/2012
Go Roxy! Go! Go! Go! This part made me laugh, a lot. I've just never seen a better reaction to an alarm clock before XD NOOOO! My childhood XD While I didn't quite understand what you were implying I did get it was very dirty XD I'm worried about Sora and Riku though.. why did Sora have to say that? And how is Roxas going to do that senior project? :( Pleaaaaase let this all work out. p.s YAY FOR SEA SALT ICECREAM
Sukaretto Yuki chapter 15 . 1/4/2012
Riku can help Sora with his world studies! Yay, those evil people were mean.. I'd hate it if someone tried to put icecream down my pants. O.o I loved Riku's rescue though :) and I feel horrible about the raaain. Haha, reverse roles much? Cute.

Aww poor Sora.. anti-sleep pills aren't a good thing, idiot. Aww, why did Riku do all of Sora's work? I'm so confused.. he's straight.. so they're gonna be best friends in this? So confuzzled. The more I read the more I feel like they should be a couple.. but it's confusing. I'm not used to reading fics about them where they're only friends. I loved the choice between Riku and the pills though and I feel terrible for poor exhausted Sora. Math was hell on paper? I'm good at math but I can't help but to agree XD I really liked reading this part about them but I'm definitely confused when it comes to their relationship with each other.
Sukaretto Yuki chapter 14 . 1/4/2012
Ok.. freeze. I read the author's notes and I'm a little confused about your personal life. No offense or prying intended. But rehearsal for what? Anyway :D Onto regular review.

I honestly loved what Roxas did there with the notes and the singing, it made me laugh. I may just consider doing that next time I'm on the spot with my teachers, I write lyrics all the time.. You story never ceases to amaze or inspire me.. I want to be like the Roxas here. I want to just be me and entertain everyone. Ooh.. my heart is literally breaking.. dear lord if they don't show up... Awww.. and what about Kairi.. seriously? You're killing me! :( HOLY SHIZNITS OF FLYING MONKEY DOOM! Is he nuts? There's a fire drill.. and he wants to go back because he saw a flame? I get he likes Axel but really ? O.o

YES! He's there XD Omfg they're back together! I literally face palmed.. love is love but where is common sense? They're in a school, if it's not a real fire there will be people filing into that classroom sooooon. Dear lord. "So are you" omfg. Made my day XD you have to love puns. You're killing me I can't even read this. O.o I mean I want to but I don't want to all at the same time. What's going to happen if they open the door? They're going to get caught! OMFG! They allmost got caught, Riku set off the fire alarm and his friends saw them sneak out XD I think I would have been the happiest person in the world had the teacher paused mid-lecture and gawked as they walked out or if Axel was like "Sorry to interrupt" haha. I loved the entire church part. It cracked me up, especially since they tried so hard. I wonder who the dad is, sephiroth? Either way it's adorable :D I can't wait to read more XD
Sukaretto Yuki chapter 13 . 1/4/2012
I absolutely loved the resolutions. great idea. I wonder what all is going to change the next time they see each other. It's so sad.. 11 minutes? I loved Roxas' comeback to what they said though XD It was kinda mean, I agree Axel, but so funny XD I'll be honest.. I'm not a KaiRiku fan.. but I think you're converting me :P That was really sweet and I absolutely loved it. I honestly think you should have made this the last chapter and then wrote the rest as a sequel O.o but great chappy *sniffles* :'D
Sukaretto Yuki chapter 12 . 1/4/2012
Oh O.o my O.o descriptive O.o I can't believe I read that XD I'm a little embarrassed but it's extremely well written.. I don't know why I'm embarrassed when I've written similar but I am. It just seemed so innocent.. such a private moment. lol. I loved reading this and I LOVE/hate.. the fact that Riku is straight in this XD Maybe he'll change his mind? haha. Great chapter.
Sukaretto Yuki chapter 11 . 1/4/2012
Awww I don't think I can bear them apart for a year. That was adorable and Sora's morning reaction? Made my day. "Ew! I just walked in on guy sex!" Made my day too XD I laughed quite a bit during this and I'm really happy that there hasn't been sex yet, in an odd weird way. It just seems so much sweeter. Speaking of which, Axel and Riku? Say hurm? lol. Great chapter.
Sukaretto Yuki chapter 10 . 1/4/2012
Hahaha, that was a cute short. Very poetic at some parts. I found it slightly odd because most often poems go in an A,B,A,B pattern or an A,B,C,B pattern while yours went in an A,A,B,B pattern which I haven't actually seen before. I loved reading it though :D
Sukaretto Yuki chapter 9 . 1/4/2012
I looked up the dance and it looks neat but hard and confusing XD. I loved reading this chapter. A little SoRiku snuck in there too I see? I'm glad the entire circus was successful and I loved the party along with many drunk antics XD You make me want to train harder and run off to join the circus now instead of later. This story is just amazing.. still worried though. I also like how despite the drunkness Axel is kind of respectful, it's not just random sex everywhere which is hard to find in AkuRoku stories so I really like it. Same with SoRiku :D Thanks soo much for writing this all. *gives you a cookie in the shape of roxas decorated circus like*
Sukaretto Yuki chapter 8 . 1/4/2012
OH COME ON! After that you have to let him stay, he has to be a circie! :( It took me forever to find that third song considering M. cyrus and ne-yo both did songs with that title but I love the song. I hope to god this works out for Roxas. This was an amazing chapter. It felt like I was actually at the circus and I was honestly nauseous when I saw axel get roxas and everyone was so worried. I can't believe they set that up for him.. wait.. what if Roxas toured as a singer? SO MANY IDEAS. omfg. Great chapter :D
Sukaretto Yuki chapter 7 . 1/4/2012
For a second there I thought that was going to be Kairi walking in and Riku overhearing. It honestly scared the crap out of me. When I heard the name.. er.. read the name Roxy I burst out laughing. Roxas? Giggle? Makes my day. Of course Axel would be serious, he's a good but he has a heart.. er.. maybe he has a heart in this? lol! Roxas' answer better be "I love you too" or I would feel terrible for Axel. God they're just too cute. But honestly the more of this you write the more worried I get because I know that either Roxas has to join them, which has already been shot down a million times, or Axel has to leave the circus which is his home.. which means they'll be separated and that would hurt both of them :/ gaah. I liked Kairi's antics at apologizing. I just realized now how brilliant you are having her with both Sora and Riku for that while. I'm glad Riku is going to try to be her friend. I am starting to like his character in this more and more as time goes on. I'm almost wondering if a SoRiku thing will start because of the time he's spent with Sora.. that would be hilarious to Kairi XD Who took the note book though? I didn't get that part. Great chapter! :D
Sukaretto Yuki chapter 6 . 1/4/2012
Aaah, I needed a chapter like this. I couldn't stop smiling and laughing, well written like always it was also extremely funny. I loved all of the jokes. You're making me fall in love with AkuRoku all over again as if they were a new fandom I had just stumbled across. I absolutely love this story and this chapter. Great job :D
Sukaretto Yuki chapter 5 . 1/4/2012
And another great chapter, I'm really confused about Kairi though.. howw the heck did that happen? I loved the AkuRoku bits in here and I'm officially extremely confused as to what's going to happen with Roxas when they leave.. I mean.. everyone keeps saying no! lol. Great chapter xD
Sukaretto Yuki chapter 4 . 1/4/2012
Why do I have the feeling that Roxas isn't going to "run away with the circus" but rather, get permission and leave with them. I can't imagine him just watching as they left at the end of the summer. I loved their performance, the song was good too. I can't wait to see what else you've come up with :D
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