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lissy chapter 3 . 11/4/2006
Whe, this has gotta be one of my all-time favourite stories ever!
Trekiael chapter 3 . 11/4/2006
First of all, thanks for replying to my reviews, always make it worth it, especially since it's not just a 'thanks, I'm glad you like it' or something.

Ok, first, about this chapter.

Awsome. XD.

More Axel and Roxas action. I don't think I told you how much I agree about the fact that they should not just jump into each other pants. Only very experimented people that only want a good fuck do that. Or people that have known each other for a long time and one day snapped. Neither work for Axel and roxas here, obviously. And beside, it's much more interesting to see each part slowly: attraction-feelings-kissing-dating-naughty stuff-fucking. And for now, Roxas is more amazed than attracted to Axel. So, take it as slow as you wish, I'm certainly not complaining. XD

I loved the window climbing scene. For different reasons. First, it brings them closer. Second, it shows how different they are. Third, we can see the outlined of how much influence Axel will have into Roxas' life. Funny how people tend to oversee that very often, it's not major facts that are the most importants in the long run. Sure, if Axel had kissed Rox, it would have been a major fact, but it's much more interesting to see a relationship biulding through something as subtle as truth, because a true love relationship last much longer if there is friendship to start it. Arr, whatever. XD

Oh, so now I get it. People from Twilight Town aren't just a bunch of Middle Age minded idiots, Kairi created this mess. Really didn't expect Kairi to be like this. Explain why she said it wasn't entierely her fault and Riku was ready to argue too. And she cheated on both Sora and Riku. No wonder they're mad at her. But I don't get why they didn't just return her right away, with only one responsible person who would have explained it all. Well, I guess they have their reasons. But if Riku is still mad at her, how come he's so close to her, I mean, he let her play with his hair.

So Roxas successed in having an audience, hum? This promised to be fun.

Lexaeus and Riku? As a pairing? Mouahahaha, no, it's not the impression that I had, just that Riku was very important if a simple glance could make him calm down. XD

About Luxord, well, I was thinking that maybe he was the one making them come in, but Kairi said they had to pay someone to do it. Not that Luxord would do it for free, but the way she said it seemed like it was a random person. But I might be wrong.

About yuri. Well, personally I like it. Now, I can totally understand not everyone being confortable with it. It's just that when I read a fic and only the main pairing is yaoi, even if it's my fav', I tend to be disapointed, and I'd prefer the other charac' to be single. And when most of the pairings are yaoi exept a few het ones, I find it unbelievable if there isn't at least a few yuri ones in the bunch. Of course, all the charac' are not made to be gay. Like Xigbar. Or lexaeus. Or Larxene.

I believe I saw some mistakes in this chapter, though. nothing major, of course.

"were two thick masts positioned directly across from each other across the room from each other " This sentence is a little weird.

"Roxas panicked by they seemed quite harmless" isn't 'by' supposed to be 'but'?

That's all I have for now. Not really important, but you might want to check this out. XD

Aah, sorry for rambling.

So, you did keep your promise of posting this chapter this week end. Now, we can only hope you'll be able to post the next one next week. *whistle* XD Anyway, good luck for the next chapter. Keep the awsome work! Ja ne!
phz chapter 3 . 11/4/2006
Like your describe on the tent and the clothes, I would never had that ability to describe xD

-cold sweat- i never thought of Lexaeus with Riku... ~.~ there's gotta be some limit for pairing 8D

great work on this chapter you've brighten up my day~ see you next time.
Sunset Tower chapter 3 . 11/4/2006
Yay you updated! XD I'm so glad to see a bond forming between Axel and Roxas, it's so exciting to see that happening!

Hmm hope you don't mind if I nitpick a little on the grammer? Oh for "Ofcourse", I think it should be "Of course"? Yup, just that I noticed the lack of spaces between the two words. Also, a little repetition at times...I can't find all of them now, but here's one of them:

"It took a minute to find the entrance but when he made it inside but when he found his way he found it a completely new world."

Yep, hahaha maybe you didn't know which one was the best to use or something? Sorry for the nitpicking...

But really, the story is going really good! I especially liked the fact that you didn't dismiss Kairi as some other authors are wont to do. I like the way you described her character, that she isn't necessarily bad, but just a girl with many sides (but don't all girls have many sides anyway. Hahahaha XD)

I like Xigbar too! He's funny ((: Ooh and the dynamics between the characters are absolutely lovely, a bit of tension here and there and different levels of friendliness between them.

Oh and I actually like Roxas' father, in a sense, even though he did ban the circus from Twilight Town. He seems like a nice father to Roxas and Sora ((:

ROXAS! Yay yay yay I loved how you portrayed him! He's so huggable and cute and defiant and well just lovable all at the same time! And the window scene *dies* Yay for heroic Axel! Hees I'm scared of heights too, not majorly, but enough to make my heart skip beats. Well I dreamt once that I was falling from a window ledge, so maybe that contributed to that.

Ok that's about all I can think of right now in my full and pleasantly sleepy state! Oh and you are the first author who actually replied me with such a long message, so kudos to you! XD Thanks for the lovely update and I look forward to Chapter 4!
Lady chapter 3 . 11/4/2006
I think the fact that Axel and Roxas didn't jump into each others pants is a good thing. So many fics on this site have that happen way too quickly. This way seems much more natural, so I really like it because I don't think love at first sight is that possible and is highly overused anyway.

I just love your descriptions of the circus. I've never seen one but I get such a good idea of what it would be like from your story, which is awesome.

Really looking forward to chapter 4 now D
Lady chapter 2 . 11/1/2006
I do believe I'm hooked on this story and it's only chapter 2. I just love your style of writing and how you presented all the characters. The interactions between them all is so well written. Plus the story is just so unique.

Can't wait for chapter 3.
Trekiael chapter 2 . 11/1/2006
Aw! How come you don't have more reviews? This is awsome! I don't get it. I really hope it's not gonna discourage you into writting more, this is one of the story I enjoy the most these days. for now anyway.

Hehehe, so Roxy decided to act a little rebel, hum?

That's just too bad no one came. Good thing Roxy did. And now he's gonna help them. Strange that his father was against them coming, I thought he was nice.

Aww, I really hope there's nothing between Riku and Kairi. RikuSora all the way! XD

I love Axel's behaviour toward Rxas. he's all cuddly! XD

I was wondering, how come Luxord is a teacher? wouldn't he be more suited to be in the circus? Surely someone like him that's all for show and love games would do wonders in it.

Yeah for presenting us new charac'! And no OC (Yet? Hope not)! Love Demyx (ZexDemyx? XD).

I like the fact that Riku is the ringmaster. That's what suits him the best. He's charming, daring, open but mysterious and I would have troubles seeing him as a magician or trapesist or anything else. That's a cool role.

I love how close they all are to each other, they're not only co-workers, but friends and are not ashamed to show it.

Oh and when I told you you about the pairings I enjoy, I forgot to tell you that some yuri, even just mentioned, would be very nice.

Anyway, awsome job. Can't wait to read more. Good luck for the next! ja ne!

ps: I had to check again in my mails, but I didn't get any reply from you. Not that it's an obligation, but don't you ever do reviews replies?
phz chapter 2 . 11/1/2006
wow.. i really like your story.. i just start it on your second update, so i didnt get to review on your first chapter . You deserve more review then what you have now -hate those ppl who cant seem to review after reading-

anyway, you did a great job hope to see you soon, till next time.
Sunset Tower chapter 2 . 11/1/2006
I like this story very much ((: Yay for circus life! I've only been to one circus performance before, and I must say I was very impressed by it, so I'm extremely interested in what this story has to offer! Hehe, now you've got me interested in a circus life, I wanna run off with one XD

Ooh you dressed up as a pirate! YAY! I also dressed up as a pirate! You know, in Singapore, we don't celebrate Halloween, but my friend held a party and told everyone to dress up, and I went as a pirate! SO FUN! Ah and you got to dress up in school! *envies* Still, my first Halloween turned out to be very fun, although people gave my friends and I very weird looks.

Haha ok enough rambling from me! I like your writing style very much, and the idea is really refreshing, not just another high school fic Favourite line from me? I can't choose one, but I think I absolutely, or maybe, absotivly love "Absotivly posolutly" XD Most interesting and creative, I must say! I've never really taken a shine to Riku before, perhaps because I was too smitten with Roxas o But I like the way you characterised Riku, it makes me like him very much, at least in this story!

Right, now it is really enough rambling from me. I look forward to the next chapter of this work! In fact, I'm quite surprised there are not too many reviews, but I'm glad I gave it a shot and clicked on this story XD
Trekiael chapter 1 . 10/6/2006
You know what? I love it. At first I wasn't really into it, Roxas kinda cut the motivation, but once it begins, it get really good.

Ok, I guess I'll have to start from the beginning, hum? XD

For one thing, the length. dear Lord, it's not often that people write a more than 4o words prologue. That's one of the first thing that pushed me to read it actually.

Your writing style, really good, I saw no grammar mistake, just the right amount of descriptions and feelings.

Your characterization: Very good. Sora is a show off, and you're the first one that actually said it! XD he's a little cocky too, but not arrogant or all mighty. He's cute, innocent Sora. Roxas is more gloomy, quiet, without being emo. And Axel and Riku as funny, free, seductive, confident guys is good too. I also like the fact that they're not kiddos.

I applaud the originality. Semi-AU fics are good generally, but finding the right way to do them is harder. Roxas is still a high schooler, but this is not an High School fic, obviously.

Now about pairings. Of course, the main one is AxRox. We also see Riku and So, so it would be a crime not to put RiSo as a side pairing. XD Personally, I also love LeonCloud and Tidus as someone's uke, like Vinc' or Seph, but that's just me. XD I hate SelphieTidus, though.

Humm, I think it's all for now. Awsome job. Hope you'll update as soon as you can. Good luck for the next! ja ne!
alicia chapter 1 . 10/5/2006
i think i'd like to see another chapter of this. it's really entertaining. and actually interesting to read the whole way through. oh and not to be nit picky but you misspelled steal... sorry _;;
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