Reviews for Vox Corporis
LeoESerpens chapter 68 . 10h
Thank you for such a truly excellent story! Your writing is extremely evocative and emotionally charged, I laughed out loud and even cried a bit once or twice whole reading. You are a gifted writer, and thank you for sharing your talent.
djgreen88 chapter 2 . 7/22
To anyone reading the reviews of this chapter to figure out if Harry and Hermione had sex, yes. It's mentioned again much later in chapter 37, where Hermione thinks back on it. It wasn't JUST sex though, it was 'making love' as she puts it later. After so much pain in Harry's life, he needed her as an anchor, something to 'combat the darkness' in his life. It meant a lot to both of them, but they don't sort out their feelings until much later.
babiluv22 chapter 68 . 7/22
It's over isn't it isn't it isn't it over it's over isn't it isn't it isn't it over you one and she chose you she loves you and she's gone is over isn't it why can't I move onI like the story good job
metameric1 chapter 68 . 7/20
well done.
Thank you for an excellent read.
mckertis chapter 68 . 7/19
A rather pleasant story, if you discount the stupidity of Hermione being fucked in chapter 2, and how badly it was written so that EVERYONE were questioning what the hell happened and whether it actually DID happen at all. Oh, and dentists are not doctors.
mckertis chapter 37 . 7/19
Whoa, whoa, WHAT ? Back in chapter 2 Harry ACTUALLY FUCKED Hermione ? All while in pain from Cruciatus ? And then both of them just instantly forgot and never mentioned it for a year ? That's certainly not what _I_ made of that scene !
metameric1 chapter 37 . 7/18
what an excellent tale. enjoying this immensely.
36 chapters?
Geez, you're a sadist.
Thanks anyway.
Guest chapter 68 . 7/16
Needs more smut

5 stars tho, read it all
HPFanfictionIsGreat chapter 68 . 7/15
This story was excellent. The raw emotion in each chapter was palpable, and the writing was unparalleled.
MissNikita chapter 68 . 7/7
I loved it the first timecand adored it the second time.
Guest chapter 68 . 7/5
Loved the story I really cant say anything you did wrong. Although I'm selfish and all, I would have liked to see Sirius live and all but i guess he wasn't in the story at all so it made sense he died. All in all a great story and I would love for you to publish that book! My email is - I hope you get it published! Thanks again for the amazing story. Maybe now I can fall asleep! I have been messing up my sleeping schedule trying to finish the story! I woke up at 8 pm today and right now its 10:15 am! Now on to read another story with 88 chapters and ONE MILLION WORDS it is a Harmony fanfic and I wouldn't have it any other way!
BratGirl1983 chapter 68 . 7/3
Love it
Emerald Demona chapter 68 . 6/27
perfect deliciously perfect
Funnybombninja chapter 68 . 6/22
Fantastic. Amazing. I love it.
drkprince chapter 37 . 6/17
chaptr 35 36 nd 37..hats of ..perfectly captured the moment. .in my humble opinion. .luv ur wrk..
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