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GF chapter 67 . 12h
(Sniff) I'm okay. It's just the ragweed, right? Oh, it"s spring.
GF chapter 65 . 13h
Fred and George are two years older than Harry. If Umbridge was there, they would be working at their shop already. No, I do not remember the date of their grand exit from Hogwarts.
GF chapter 57 . 4/21
Ch 57. "When they got to Dumbls' office, the portraits..."

You mean AFTER THEY CLIMBED the three flights of stairs (library on 3rd floor, which in that stupid, Euro-thinking is really the fourth floor... er, ok, so- still four more flights up from library) FOUR floors, then they gave the gargoyle the password. THEN they ascended the spiral phoenix stair. THEN they pushed open Albus' door.
The BOOK WAY to the office.
I forget which movie does it, but they do pan back from DumbleTower, and you can see how it juts out from the highest floor of the main body of the castle. Whether they SAY it's the seventh floor is immaterial. We KNOW it is , from the books.
sarcasticdog chapter 1 . 4/21
I must say I read the story in one marathon sitting. Also I rarely write reviews, cause I believe I'm not good at them.
I read the books till Order of the Phoenix...will read them again and honestly I could care less if you managed to put a few errors in the story.
I liked it!
You managed to described Harry as someone who suffered from child abuse and severe trauma... something that always rankled a bit in the JKR version. I must admit you overpowered him a bit but in the end he's your Harry and your in my opinion you did a smashing job with the story. Also I did like the animagus idea very much ...I'd like to use that whenever I'm writing a story of my own.
In the end the interpretion of characters is always in the hands of the person who writes them. I liked your Harry and Hermione so thumps up from me
All But Faceless chapter 68 . 4/20
This was brilliant
gf chapter 55 . 4/20
Oliver is gone. Graduated from Hogwart's after Harry won him the Quidditch Cup in third year. They ran into him at the World Cup, and he was a rookie with Puddlemere.(before fourth year, 'member now. Oh that's right... you don't get stuff like that from a MOVIE. That info comes from ACTUAL canon.)

Lavender is in the same year as H and Hr. She's just that much of a tramp. That and as I said earlier, Hermione is the oldest in 5th year.
gf chapter 54 . 4/20
Buy her mom and dad their own owl, slready.

Take ron to that old forbidden third floor to play hide and seek. Then change into big cats and scare the crap out of him.
GF chapter 51 . 4/19
Whatever! F*** Vernon with an erumpet horn. That ought to end nicely!
GF chapter 42 . 4/17
Ch 42 jake about H and Hr, right before Xmas.

Hermione isn't 15. Her accepted, practically universally, birthday is Sept 19. She is two months shy of a YEAR older than Harry, and probably the oldest in her class. Harry being the youngest.
Ginny, born in the third week of August, just barely makes it into the next year at school.
I think only Harry's BD is canon, book version, so I guess you can have 'some' poetic license. Pretty much 600K fanfics agree, though.
GF chapter 40 . 4/17
I just realized, there has been NO quidditch, at all. (pout) Bummer!
Ron said something about the Ravenclaw game and then- poof- it's Christmas.
GF chapter 39 . 4/17
Is there no care in the whole (fictional) world, that you have to know a PASSWORD to get past the gargoyle and even knock on Dumblbumble's door?!
There is no 'just walk up and knock'... AND, it is STILL up on the 7th floor!
GF chapter 38 . 4/17
'The press of students thinned as they neared the headmaster's keep..."

Yeah, because the gargoyle entrance to Dumbles' tower is ON THE SEVENTH FLOOR! Another thing NOT adressed in the movies. One would have to open a book to KNOW this stuff.
Later, on the couch, when his ' muggle clothes were loose and comfy' (para)
He's growing bigger and taller and the last new clothes he bought was August. Where is he getting 'loose and comfy' stuff to wear? He's not going back to Dudley's cast-offs, and all his 'new' things should be too tight and too short
GF chapter 35 . 4/16
For the sake of argument (what else?), I have to on believe you've got the whole 'wandless magic' thing- wrong.
Magic is ONLY about intent, fovus, and power. A first year has to comcentraye till they are swe as tinh to get the first feather to levitate. Hardly even a second thought for a fourth year, but they might think they will never summon that pillow from across the room. Sixth h years are embarassed bu having to start from scratch, as they can barely do anything b wordlessly, as they are now required.
Once they get the concentrstion down for silent magic, most just stop trying to improve, as it is time tograduate, get a job, and 'no one else is trying, why bother'.
Wandless magic is just the next phase, higher level, or maybe, mastery of magic. If there was a four year magic University, some of the degrees would be Wand-less.
You may be able to imagine, the ONLY witches escaping the Salem burnings, were the ones who could do a flame freezing charm, untie themselves, and confund the muggle crowd- all wandlessly. A little more important than lighting candles in the great hall, eh?
Guest chapter 32 . 4/16
"Nearly half the staff will be going to Hogsmeade..."

So what? are like, TEN adults in the castle. Period.
There were twenty four marked, robed, and masked death eaters that showed up in the cemetary. How many recruits could they amass by now? Even if TOM sends a dozen, the odds suck. What if he sends two or three dozen?!
Each DE really should be recruiting at least ONE new person every month, or so. Cash rewards and cruciatuscurse penalty to motivate them.
So they COULD have- fifty, seventy five members? That's more than the entire Auror force. All three shifts and vacations combined.
GF chapter 30 . 4/15
Uh... physics anyone?! Any action causing an equal and OPPOSITE reaction?
A shock wave rolling off of Harry would blow the windows IN, not OUT. Harry would have to be a (sucking inwards) Black Hole to pull the window glass out from the castle. Short of summoning the glass (fictionally)(why?!), there is no force anyone OUTside can make that would not blow the windows IN, instead.

On a slightly different note... please kill Ron?
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