Reviews for I Am Also Thy Brother
SicklyxSweet chapter 107 . 5/20
Two months, 7 books. I never thought I'd make it to the end, and to be honest I wasn't sure if I wanted to...but I did, and now I have no clue what to do with myself. This was such a masterpiece! I've never been as emotionally vested in a fanfic as I am with this one.
Guest chapter 107 . 5/12
This story really is amazing, i love how human it feels. Thank you!
Guest chapter 107 . 5/12
YOU WROTE THIS IN A YEAR AND FOUR MONTHS!? it's probably one of the best fanfics I've ever read and definitely the best finished, complete, all-7-years one. You should share your name so we can read some of your original fiction. Anyone who can write like this in the realm of fanfic must also be talented at writing original fic.
BlueWater5 chapter 107 . 5/5
Wow - what an epic story! Beautifully crafted and written with an intricate plot and marvelous characterization. Thank you for writing and sharing it!
Shay Blair chapter 107 . 4/29
This was completed so long ago I have no idea if you'll ever see this, but I just wanted to say thank you for sharing this amazing story. It sucked me in right away and had me reading it constantly because it was just that good. The characters, the story and dynamics were all perfect, and you really mastered the art of characters changing slowly over time.

All the plot points were tightly woven together and the twists were things I didn't see coming, but made perfect sense in hindsight.

Thank you.
Percy jackson an chapter 107 . 4/7
I couldn't even really get past the first two books, the story just bled me RAW. It was passionate soulful and well developed. It was all k could ever want. I admire your dedication to this story because it has become an epic. Most likely the best story I will ever read again. It was an honour to be privy to this experience and I thank you for writing this. I recommended this to all my friends and we sat and read this over a period of two years because we couldn't bear to read great amounts for two long, it was too DEEP and too POWERFUL for us. And when that happens, you know you have seen something great.
Irene34 chapter 107 . 3/11
It was an amazing story, thank you!
Looking forward to your next one...
MisakiUchiha17 chapter 107 . 2/18
Thank you. There are no words. This history will have a piece of my heart forever.
LibbyRose chapter 107 . 2/10
Wow..This... This is a true masterpiece.. Im almost speechless..I admire your patience and attention to detail.. it really amazing.. I love your writing and i thank you for all the time and dedication you put into this story and this series in general.. I love it, the series, so many twists and turns, so many bad things mixed with the good.. It is probably the most realistic and sensible Harry Potter series i have EVER read.. Oh! and the character development over the series was absolutely amazing.. I loved it! It makes me wish this was a actual book. I would have bought the series in a flash, if it was.. This is a Truly amazing, masterpiece and im so glad i stuck by to continue reading it, even through the bad times.. I also want to thank and applaud you for your persistence and patience when making this series.. It was all very amazing.. I look forward to any of your other stories that you might write in the future.. Very much a job Well done :)
agonzafe99 chapter 107 . 1/16
If the last update of this story was in 2007, I am here reading it 12 years later.
I do not know if you will see this, probably not, but I still have to write several things to you.
I am from Peru, I am 16 years old and soon I will be 17. As you will notice, I do not write in English, so I apologize for that (thanks translator).
One day I was looking for HP fics in wattpad and I found one called "Saving Connor"; I read the synopsis and it interested me, I had never read anything where Harry had a brother. Actually, the translation I read is still in the third book an I could not contain myself and enter the link that guided me here. If a translator did not exist, he could not have finished reading the story and, honestly, he has his magic reading it in its original form.
The story is great, I was fascinated by the maturation of the different characters, I liked how the fact of abuse was touched and how free will is treated. As he was shown to a certain Harry as a sacrifice and when he begins to want a future, he wants to live.
Feelings of betrayal, love, support, loss, pain, etc. They fascinate me as they show.
Thank you for writing the story, you made me cry, laugh, hate, love, get nervous and make many theories. Thank you.
As I said, I do not know if they read it, I feel satisfied writing this. I would like to be able to read another work of yours, even if it is in English and you do not understand anything. If I ever manage to do it, I will recognize the work as yours because I believe that your way of narrating remains engraved.
Kenyatta.harmon16 chapter 107 . 12/16/2018
Just finished this story , and the series. I wanted to say your writing is AMAZING!
Kenyatta.harmon16 chapter 81 . 12/16/2018
I cantbelieve you killed Regulus
Kenyatta.harmon16 chapter 1 . 12/8/2018
I'm about to start the Last Story of this series, and am super excited. Your writing is so amazing this has been one of the best stories I've ever read. Sad that that I'm almost done with this series not sure what I'll read next. Write more stories your doing great!
Reader99 chapter 100 . 11/17/2018
I don't know how to put into words exactly how hard this chapter hit me, but i'm going to try. You don't have to read it, i just need to write it. Before that though, i want to thank you because this story is astoundingly well written and i've been enjoying it for weeks now. It's soo good.
K, now I'm going to dump personal stuff and i'm sorry.
I have struggled with depression and suicidal ideation for a long time, more than half my life now. Your Harry has just... the way you've written and developed him throughout the story has actually helped me work through a lot of messy stuff with my past. Like, i was abused. A favored younger brother I had to protect. I didn't have promises like Harry, and none of the magic stuff anywhere, but similarities still resonated. And accepting the conflicting feelings of loving my parents because they're my parents while still wanting nothing to do with them, or having to make a new relationship on my terms...
And i cried this chapter, more than any chapter before, because Harry went into the depths of grief and madness and then brought himself back. He dragged himself back despite knowing it would hurt. And i just... felt that so hard. I had to do that, myself. Decide in the depths of my depression and darkness that i wanted to keep going and fighting for life, for myself and no one else. I didn't and don't even have a Draco figure here, which makes it harder. I just. Im crying.

It's so good and i'm an emotional mess
Alex chapter 107 . 11/10/2018
Each and every time I read this series I feel as if it was JK Rowling who wrote the fanfiction and you who truly wrote it. A brilliant conclusion to a brilliant series. I thank you for publishing this. Don't stop writing; I hope to see some of your original work on the shelves one day.
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