Reviews for I Am Also Thy Brother
uyen.dinh.90 chapter 76 . 10/19
Again...I really hate the way Draco is portrayed. He truly is a whiny little prat.
Nothing is ever good enough for him.
Guest chapter 74 . 10/19
Draco is truly clingy...
I think out of all the characters so far...Draco has changed the least. There are parts written about him trying to change, but I don't see it. I still see him as being immature.
Meel Jacques chapter 107 . 10/13
Oh my godness! I will miss this fic so hard.
I never will read better story,I am sure. You have wrote everything I ever thought about and something else. Thank you very much.
I loved and I will never forget.

Mischief managed.
Meel Jacques chapter 106 . 10/13
It was beautiful. In the end, Connor was really the young brother that would love all the world.
It is creep and I loved.
Meel Jacques chapter 105 . 10/12
I always will love Draco more than I do for everyone else.
Meel Jacques chapter 104 . 10/12
I am so sad the fic is in the end. Only for me, at least, this story will be forever!
Meel Jacques chapter 103 . 10/10
Oh, well, it makes sense.
Meel Jacques chapter 102 . 10/10
Well, it was kind of weird, but it was really great too.
Meel Jacques chapter 101 . 10/10
I am glad Harry is finally fine.
Meel Jacques chapter 100 . 10/10
Harry is back. Now I wanna see everything being fixed.
Meel Jacques chapter 99 . 10/10
Good bye, brother.
I am wondering if Parvati is pragnant.
Meel Jacques chapter 98 . 10/10
I loved. You are the best writer ever!
Meel Jacques chapter 97 . 10/10
Meel Jacques chapter 96 . 10/10
Wow, it is heavy.
I am anxious for what is coming.
Meel Jacques chapter 95 . 10/10
Well, Connor is a horcrux now? I just wanna to know.
I didn't understand.
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