Reviews for Worlds Collide
qirien chapter 10 . 7/19/2005
Good writing, I love the whole backstory. You fleshed out Gaspar and the others well, too.

Maybe it's because I'm married, but I thought the romance was a little too immature and cheesy . . . :-)
rebelxxwaltz chapter 3 . 1/10/2005
This is cool! Very exciting so far. I must read more...
ReynardFox chapter 1 . 6/20/2004
Awesome piece of fiction, my man! There isn't a whole lot I could offer for improvement in the way of drastic mistakes, seems how I don't see any, but there are a few minor bones to pick that I did have. For one, the formatting seemed a bit off, but that's probably because it pasted straight text instead of HTML. That's easily remedied. Two, the last few chapters starting at about ten or eleven started to get a bit rough around the edges, and didn't seem very polished. A bit confusing, but again, that could be easily remedied by going back through it - and for all I know, it could also be the lack of any textual formatting. Three, it needs a better ending. It's just begging to be continued! Will you keep going if I sit here and make mookey eyes at you? _;
Ilvinaeda chapter 14 . 2/15/2004
This is without doubt the best Xenogears fic i have ever read, and I do commend you on sticking it out this long. I don't exactly know how to say this...well, hmm. Let me put my best attempt at a good review.
1) Your story has some quite unique elements, namely the one involving Yui. I really liked the way you chose to portray her, and I agree that Citan wouldn't have just married Yui if she were as complacent as she was in the game. I think her character in this story should be the basis for a whole new line of Xenogears stories. Just magnificent.
2) I think that the plot you designed for this story was masterful. Although a bit confusing near the end, I think i got the gist of the ending, and the beginning and middle were no problem. It sure is an interesting twist on Yui and Citan/Hyuga, though. A most wonderful fic.
3) If anything, this story feels to me as if it's begging for a more solid ending. True, it can stand as it is now, but I think you'd be surprised if you just made a solid one for this story. It has all of the elements that comprise an excellent story, but the ending seems out of place. I guess if you were shot for ideas, just skip ahead to the beginning of the game or something, where they settle in Lahan...that would be an interesting end to things. _
What else can I say? Beautiful story!
Phoenix chapter 1 . 6/24/2001
A beautifully rendered story, and unusual in the fact that it shows a "behind the scenes" on two characters who aren't normally portrayed (together) in a fanfic. My only possible complaint could be that you repeated chapter threw me off for a moment, but it is minor and (I suspect) easily corrected. Please, finish the story. The final few chapters will be eagerly and breathlessly awaited. :)
ptite cath chapter 1 . 6/16/2001
YES! You did it. So, as this is my favorite fic ever, instead of a classical review, I'll write a top-ten reasons list why I love Worlds Collide so much: (I apologize if there are some english mistakes, but I currently don't have my dictionary!...) So... 1-the lemon scenes are wonderfully written, which is VERY rare 2-those two are so sexy together...(and my favorite characters!) 3-your stories follow exactly the 'Perfect Works' plot, that's the kind I prefer _ 4- your Citan is not stereotypical as in many other fics 5-the plot is very interesting 6-I would REALLY like to give Citan a sponge bath (Oh... what am I saying!) 7-it was this story that made me want to write fanfiction (good for me, maybe not for my readers _