Reviews for The Hunger
ZeldaIsis chapter 1 . 3/19/2014
Ah! So creepy.
Anissia3 chapter 4 . 12/28/2013
This was awesomely amazing and you should keep going please. That tourture was so detailed(I love detailed reading). Keep up the good work. And your official added to my follow and favorite writers!
Curious6 chapter 1 . 5/9/2013
"Yeah, rats scare me too."
jalice-carter chapter 1 . 7/11/2010
i think you win on being able to creep me out.

That urban legend always freaks me out!

but it's a good creepy. i'm glad i stumbled upon your story when it was finished though...

that way i don't have to wait and stew in creepy genius of your story. :)
Cath the Simon Snow Fangirl chapter 4 . 7/26/2009
perfect history and the secuel
KaoruKamiya307 chapter 4 . 6/13/2009
Cool! I really liked your story! You are a great horror writer! I can't wait to read the sequel!
monkeymuse chapter 4 . 5/3/2009
Most pick my jaw up! Oh man that was Great! Outstanding just found this and wanted to read all of it to reciew you did a wonderful job with the boys.
AquarianNightSky chapter 4 . 7/2/2008
Very creepy. But very good too. Looking forward to the next story. And I hope Davy gets what's coming to him.


Ihni chapter 4 . 4/1/2008
Oh, I can just imagine John going after that psycho ...
Ihni chapter 3 . 4/1/2008
Jeez, that's just ... bad! Scary thing, and oh so wrong, to do that to a child! :S
Vanessa Sgroi chapter 4 . 2/23/2008
This was great! As much as the torture would have traumatized little Sammy, I found myself thinking of what watching it all and the awful taunts would do to Dean. Nice work.
Twinchy chapter 4 . 2/7/2008
OMG, that was a most disturbing and tense story to read. Very well written with great characterizations but almost too much to stomach. The guy was a real psycho par excellance. Too bad, John didn't just get to blow him to Kingdom come; he would have deserved it tenfold.

Sweet scene with Daddy Winchester contemplating about country music and his eldest son's dislike thereof.
Deanaholic1 chapter 4 . 7/7/2007

poor SAmmy!..and Dean havin 2 watch

love it though
jenilee chapter 4 . 5/24/2007
I'm a sucker for the Wee!Winchesters, especially sweet Sammy. I read this awhile back, before I knew I could review and wanted to come back and say great story and still waiting for the sequel..*hint, hint* no pressure, none at all!

Now I have to go drink some gingerale to relieve that sick feeling I have knowing that the creepy, evil Davy might come back and finish the job. *shivers* (Can't wait! lol)
Deranged Black Kitten chapter 1 . 1/28/2007
AH! I hate that legend so much! *shudders* Frick! Why the hell do I read these stories at night. Do I still have that knife by my bed... Damn, no, I brought it back downstairs.
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