Reviews for The Greatest Enemy
Guest chapter 3 . 6/6
Guest chapter 1 . 6/6
Ryumusu chapter 3 . 6/4
Rofl.. So cute man.! XD
Sasuke is such a devil! I just love him for his devilishness :p
Poor Minato.. But it's so hilarious I can't even offer him sympathy.. :'D
sara chapter 3 . 1/20
so funny..truly enjoyed
Angelic Phantomcrow chapter 3 . 12/20/2016
Haha, this is so adorable, and it's funny as hell, -
I suddenly just had the thought, what if Mikotot is fully aware of that silent war going on, except she thinks it's adorable and subtilely helps Sasuke with spending more time with Naruto...

Well, thanks
lawlu4 chapter 3 . 12/11/2016
wow.. thats amazing...
cute as hell too..
update soon..
YaoiHimeSama chapter 3 . 10/20/2016
I guess your mused hasn't strike yet xD I LOVE evil Sasuke! I can't wait for them to grow up and Sasuke can REALLY claim Naruto ;) LOL jk...maybe not.
DnMikado chapter 3 . 8/3/2016
Hahaha OMG that is so cute xD hahaha sasuke that little devil xD
HxxA chapter 3 . 7/25/2016
This is amazing! I laughed so hard it's so cute!
kagome higurashi chapter 3 . 7/22/2016
please write some more. it's good.
Xcherokee chapter 3 . 7/15/2016
I LOVE THIS ITS SO CUTE! Please keep them young though. It's only cute when they're lil babies and it all seem innocent.
mercygraves7 chapter 3 . 4/19/2016
I love your story its so cute , and funny , and witty i really hope you update.
readwithcats chapter 3 . 4/8/2016
Omg, I think I just died of laughter xD
KoiNekoMeo chapter 3 . 12/15/2015
ahahaha I love this story so much!
Yuhi Fujimiya chapter 3 . 11/30/2015
.GOD! This is so freaking hilarious, I could hardly contain myself! If you're willing to write more, I would LOVE to read it. Poor Minato, it's only going to get worse as they get older!
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