Reviews for The Confidence Game
mandy chapter 3 . 6/11/2015
Really good story!
sheppardlover928 chapter 3 . 11/7/2013
Another excellent story!
clownine chapter 3 . 2/27/2013
Wonderful story!
Wonderful series! :-)
The Starplater chapter 3 . 7/18/2008
lol! this was cool! though you have to feel sorry for Sheppard.

i loved reading it from both Zelenka and Carson's views!
godsdaughter77 chapter 3 . 6/22/2008
I know you wrote this awhile back, but I just read it and I have to say I absolutely loved it. In fact, I ended up staying up reading it when I should have been sleeping...oops! ;D

I enjoyed having the story from Carson and Zelenka's points of view. I thought it was well written and there were many things I loved in it. One thing I particularly enjoyed was when Rodney was translating for Zelenka and Zelenka was talking about statues and Rodney was talking about sacrificing themselves for the greater good. LOL thanks for sharing the story.
SaJi chapter 3 . 5/15/2008
Aw...Radek really is going to write in his diary. *heart* Loved how this was written from Radek & Carson's view, it lent it a nice feel. Love the way you write Radek, so funny and yet pervy. And Rodney having a gun pointed at his head and his life threatened so many times just makes me deleriously happy. Though the thought of no more fikkies being posted here makes me really, really sad. ( Once again a lovely, lovely story.
Llanea chapter 3 . 3/17/2007
krysalys chapter 3 . 12/18/2006

Dear Diary...

*falls over laughing*

Yet another gem, m'dear.

But seriously, I'd love to read a little prequel to your and Koschka's collaborations detailing just how John and Rodney finally crossed that line from best friends to best friends with benefits. *VBEG*

Sepik chapter 3 . 12/17/2006
Aw! I loved this fanfic so much.



Seriously, great. And what was so awesome was that each time you changed who was narrating, I figured it out in about a sentence. You write the characters very well.
tricky1379 chapter 3 . 11/8/2006
this has to be one of the best stories that i have ever read... i love reading the stories in this series and i think that this is the best one that you have written. The humor is fantastic and i have to admit, it has been very difficult to keep quiet as everyone in my house is asleep. I also love the way that you write the characters i honestly feel that i am watching an episode rather than reading a story... cant wait til the next story really looking forward to it!
Misty-J chapter 3 . 10/31/2006
I loved this story! It was very interesting to see things from Radeck and Carson's POV's. You did a great job getting their characters. There was such a wonderful mix of humor and angst.

I especially enjoyed Radeck's thoughts about Teyla during the negotiation. :)
SqueakyChewToy chapter 3 . 10/24/2006
I think I spent a good ten minutes thinking nothing but 'OH MY GOD, YOU SHOT RADEK!' Before I decided to continue reading. It never fails to amaze me how absorbing and funny your stories are! Will the 'discrepancy' in Colonel Shappard's records lead into the next story?

Eagerly looking forward to whatever you write next! Hopefully it will be soon?
Hromiko chapter 3 . 10/22/2006
Ah-ha-ha! Ronon makes me laugh! I like his more chatty self this season. You did an awesome job on this story, lots of great things combined to a wonderful, episode worthy story. :) It is really very episode-ish, lot of action, nice character moments but not too long in any one place. There were tons of great parts, any affection/compassion/caring between people always makes me smile, Radek was just awesome (so loved his yelling in Czech and Rodney's wrong translations), you had little touches that just made the characters right, all around it was super. Keep on writing!
Ditzyleo chapter 3 . 10/22/2006
loved this story! Great action but with a good dose of lol material. Great fic!
Capt.Cow chapter 3 . 10/20/2006
Fan-bloody-tastic. Made the week we go back to school just that little bit better. Loved it. Looking out for more of your work.
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