Reviews for My Ghosts Are Gaining On Me
RanMouri82 chapter 1 . 10/17/2006
Gasp! That was amazing! Though your stories about the syndicate have various fanon concepts running through them, this was astonishingly in character. Gin and Vodka's dialogue was perfect, and it's easy to see Gin stubbornly seeking control, even of his supernatural fate. While I'm not sure if an injured, semi-conscious man would wake up twice before midnight on the same evening, the idea of it being Friday the 13th added a cute twist at the end. And Akemi's forgiveness-squeal! You're quite welcome for the encouragement . . . thanks for writing this!
Akashi Something chapter 1 . 10/15/2006
LOL. You picked a good time to write this fic. XD Friday the 13th. In October. XD It's actually not too eerie for the reader, though I can imagine it being extremely eerie for the characters. But I loved the conversation between Akemi and Gin. I was hoping that you'd write something about that, and I'm so glad that it's written. Reading your stories is like reading a series, and I love it when individual stories help bring a closure to your "series." :D Loved the line "the one left behind would hurt more than I would."
Claude le noctambule chapter 1 . 10/14/2006
A well written and interessing story, like always(I've always said that in my reviews of your fics...Craps!XD)

And glad I give you some inspiration for it...

Well, it was a believable tales about what could happen if Gin was in a near-death experience...And I love the fact than all the vengeful soul's faces dissolved in darkness... _

In the same way they dissolves in oblivion in Gin's mind...But well, I've always seen symbolic everywhere...XD

Akemi forgiving Gin...Will it help our favorite hitman to made another step in the path of the redemption?

Sometimes I wonder if your timelines will not end with Gin's redemption(And...Gasp...A happy Gin/Sherry story?:3)

(pats Vodka)

Ah Vodka, it's good you was here to remind to your bro than he had a loyal partner...

And it's good to see another light about Akemi's death...

Keep up the good work...and update the third part of ghost trilogy and/or breakdown the sooner possible...X

A rabid fan, me? A spoiled brat, me?XD

ps: And maybe Gin was back because he was in love with Vodka darling? Sorry, could not resist...XD