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animalmad chapter 30 . 6/9/2009
One of my favourite stories :) Well done
jerryholloway chapter 30 . 9/3/2008
I really liked you story, it was well thought out and, I loved the overall theme and plot. I was however almost too appalled for words when all those terrible things happened to Glinda. I mean she is my favorite character, and after all of the events of Wicked, you would just hope that she lived happily ever after. But I like that you went beyond that. I have actually been working on a story that follows G(a)linda's life and prespective on a Musical/Books related level.

I am looking forward to more!
Kirra White Tigress chapter 30 . 4/2/2008
kay, just to let you know, i'm more than a little confused right now... but that's only because i'm only reading little snippets at a time from your story :p. i'll read over the chapters i skipped and will give you a better review next time around. which will probably be during summer break. ha!

thank you so much for writing this-you're such an excellent writer and friend. *kisses both cheeks* keep writing! have a blessed day!

Melisa chapter 30 . 3/6/2008

Silvine Fae Graycin chapter 30 . 1/5/2008
that was AMAZING. I just read the whole thing. but you need to update, please. I need to read more.. and you should post this on WitchesofOz. they would love it there, well, except the whole Elphaba or Glinda dying thing. but its amazing.
The Phantom's Muse chapter 30 . 11/13/2007
*mouth agape* You are so evil, it's perfect.

That's okay that it took awhile for an update. I'm up to my green (I wish) butt with work. I loathe this semester. Unadulterated loathing! But I know what exactly what you mean.

'This is the second to last chapter, so savour it was beauties.'

-WHAT? No! Well, *sniff* I suppose all good things must come to an end. *pout*

'To be dead you’d have to be well…dead - and Glinda was definitely breathing well enough - a little too quickly perhaps, what with all the sudden stress, but the intake of oxygen was there!'

-I loved Glinda's internal struggle as she tried to come to terms with her...erm...condition. It was so entertaining to read and imagine. Poor Glinda. She's in such a state, and we're all (okay, maybe it's just me) laughing at her expense.

'“Well, when you travelled back in time and saved Elphaba, you altered everything. The very fabric of life was changed. Glinda, by saving Elphaba…you’ve signed your own death warrant.”

The blonde witch could only close her eyes and shake her head in disbelief. Maybe if she kept telling herself that this was all a dream, she’d wake up soon.

“This isn’t something you can get away from. Elphaba was meant to die. The rhythm of time and life needed someone to take her place!…To fill the hole that Elphaba’s death was meant to fill. And since you were the one to interfere with what was meant to be in the first place, well, it seems destiny has chosen you as its sacrificial lamb.”'

-Hmm...I guess she should have read the fine print. *recieves glares from both Elphaba and Glinda* Wow...I'm being really evil to Glinda. I'm sorry, Glinda, but I couldn't help myself!

'“Oh - nothing’s fair in this world Glinda! Do you think it’s fair that Elphaba, a good person by any rights, was meant to die in the first place? The universe is a cruel, cruel phenomenon that will not be denied its prize. This is what time is demanding alright? The Grim Reaper’s missing a person and it wants payment.”'

-Geez, time travel is a mean, little *beep*. It's so sad to think that Elphaba was truly meant to die in that tower. I kind of got used to the idea of her being ALIVE!

'Tilus paused, wide eyes meeting Glinda’s tearing ones. The man softened his voice as he said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t realise this would happen.”'

-Yeah, Tilus. Giver her a break. I mean, she just DIED, and you just dropped a bombshell on her. Give her a moment to breathe. I'd be a bit peeved too if I found out that I went back in time for (maybe) nothing.

'“And once again, another private conversation you’ve somehow eavesdropped on. Something tells me you’re not just the lowly time-travelling recluse you made yourself out to be.”

The man shifted uneasily. “I can’t tell you who I really am Glinda, but I know you have to make a decision.”'

-I want to know who/what he is, too! Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!

'“Yes, and, in that sense, you’ve achieved what you set out to do, but Gilder has survived to come back and win the war. Half the Animal population are dead…Elphaba and Fiyero are well, but when Gilder undoubtedly strikes again, with a new army, well - I believe you understand the implications,” he paused and then added delicately, “maybe you should think about the greater good here.”'

-Well, if this isn't a double-edged sword, I don't know what is! What kind of deal is that? How depressing...

*grabs a pitchfork and starts singing "March of the Witch Hunters"* First off all, you leave me on a bigger cliffhanger than the last chapter, and then you drop a very depressing plot twist in my lap! "Go! And hunt her! And find her! And kill her!"

*clears throat and takes a deep breath* UPDATE A.S.A.P! *smiles sweetly* Please?
firestorm13 chapter 30 . 11/8/2007
How's that for an update, poor Glinda has one of the stickiest choices to make; her best friend's life or the welfare of Oz. Bit of a Catch-22 eh? Neither option sounds wholly appealing.
Zippy Little Rat chapter 30 . 11/6/2007
Whoo! It is great to see another chapter from you! I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw this. :) I'd wish you good luck on your class, but good luck in creative writing? I think you've got that covered! :D Congrats on the Best Story Win too: I agree with the voters!

Okay, on to the story: SAD! Mean ole Tilus. I like Glinda's reaction to Tilus' sudden omnipotence, and I can't wait to see what's in that bubble vision. It's great to read this one again! Thanks for updating!
greydays chapter 30 . 11/6/2007
damn! i had a feeling something like this would end up happening. what's in the bubble? we all want to know! thanks for the update!
Kennedy Leigh Morgan chapter 30 . 11/6/2007
Is it horrible that I kinda want Glinda to live even though it means Elphaba would have to die? I's definitely not the best of both worlds but Elphaba was right, Glinda can do so much more good for the world than she can if only because people will let Glinda do good. So if that's what it comes down to...Well actually I just want to find a loophole, like Gilder can take Elphaba's place or they could go back further in time and change things but I suppose that's asking a little much...

Anyway I LOVED it. It was amazing, you explained the time travel/destiny bit really well and I'm really psyched to see what's going on in the picture and what Glinda eventually decides. I love it, I can't wait for more! College is a pain isn't it? It's so much fun but at the same time it takes up so much time! It's really a conundrum. Anyhoo I feel your pain and yet I'm still going to beg you to update as soon as possible ok? Ok. PLEASE UPDATE SOON!

Lol, be groovy,

WhisperedMuse chapter 30 . 11/6/2007
You updated! And you're alive! *hugs* That was awesome Hun, really really awesome (and it made perfect sense too)

I haven't spoken to you in ages! We have to catchup/ start PMing again because I'm all sorted now *nods* Yup.

Destiny sucks, that's all I'm saying. But I hope there's a way around this whole sticky mess otherwise one of our fave witches will die :(

And well done for winning your category btw, much deserved on your part :) As for sticking up the banner, you could try uploading it to imageshack/photobucket or somewhere like that and posting the url into your profile page. Might work... *shrugs*

Kate xx
StevenQ chapter 30 . 11/6/2007
Was wondering if this was ever going to get finished actually. So imagine how pleased I was to find this chapter here.

Uhm, Destiny Schmestiny, I have all sorts of faith in Glinda. I probably shouldn't as even with foreknowledge she's a bubble-brained airhead, but at least she's trying. But be that as it may, I am utterly convinced there is a way out of this. As the vorlon's are won't to say, truth is a three edged sword. Tilus may think destiny is immutable, I don't.

Looking forward to the next chapter.
GoldnWlf chapter 29 . 9/20/2007
This is a very good story - if I didn't have schoolwork to do today, I would have read it all in one sitting.

I wonder who Tilus really is...I hope he is there to help Glinda, Elphaba, Fiyero and the animals make Oz a better place. Is he going to mess with time again? Oh the questions!

Update soon!
firestorm13 chapter 29 . 9/14/2007
Ooh I had forgotten about this guy, but now I'm all sad cause Glinda is dead and Elphie is sad and Animals have died and Gilder still lives(that makes me angry). You say its not over yet, so I'm wondering what Tilus has to say. Free cake for a speedy update.
The Phantom's Muse chapter 29 . 9/14/2007
Woohoo! An update!

...I'm somewhat disturbed that I just woohoo'd such a sad chapter...

'She turned sharply - and then dodged sideways as a large broadsword came down, crashing to the ground in the exact spot Elphaba had been just seconds before.'

-Coward. Attacking from behind!

'The witch growled. “Why don’t you just stay still you little rat?”

The ruler shot her another sneer, but this one was different. Elphaba could see the panic settling in his eyes. Gilder was up against a powerful, mightily pissed-off witch - and he knew it.

He’d dearly regret ever raising a weapon to her friend.'

-Well, what did you expect, Gilder? You've just enraged the most powerful being in Oz. As if you could ever defeat Elphaba. *insert hero worship here*

'The witch watched her target with predatory eyes. “That’s right,” she hissed, “Run. Run for your miserable life!”

Elphaba threw up a hand, uttered a spell - and that’s when she heard a gasp. It was a long, pained, withered sound that sang with such finality that it chilled the green witch’s heart. And she stopped.'

-Damn it! I wanted him to die! ...Wow, that sounded evil. Okay, fine. Maybe not die, but punished IMMENSELY!

'Tentatively, Glinda took a step forward. The ground was shrouded in an unnatural mist, so she was cautious about walking too far for fear of falling down a hole or something.'

-Hee hee. Sorry. Couldn't help but giggle a bit at that part.

'The blonde paused. Leaning closer to the man, she said quietly, “Shouldn’t I be dead?”

The fatal word seemed to echo in the silence.

Tilus looked gravely at her. “You are.”'

-You're a mean authoress. *pout*

*starts to put flowers on Glinda's grave...*

*looks at authoress expectantly...*

*starts to put flowers on Glinda's grave...*

That means update A.S.A.P.! I have to know if I should pay my respects to Glinda!
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