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Zippy Little Rat chapter 29 . 9/13/2007


Oh man. Where to start? I think my heart bled. But you know what my favorite part was? The best, and yet saddest thing? Elphaba. I was so hoping for a calm Elphaba, striding up to Glinda, thinking along the lines of "I'm gonna make them pay for hurting you, but let me chant this spell to heal you first." Instead, we see a frantic, grief-stricken best friend, and that just added to the image of Glinda dying. Which is really really sad! But oh is that well-written.

And I'm glad you didn't kill Gilder. YET! I want him to think about what he's done, reflect on the painful demise he's gonna (hopefully) experience, and then go through it ten-fold.

And I like Tilus. Let's hope he has a trick up his sleeve!

This chapter (and the entire story in case I haven't made that clear yet :p ) is absolutely amazing. I was doing homework when I noticed this was updated and as you can imagine, the homework never exactly got finished. :) I can't wait for more! This is, without a doubt...

Kennedy Leigh Morgan chapter 29 . 9/13/2007

Okay maybe that came out wrong I'll try again:

WHAT! You are!

Not cool.

Okay...maybe just a little cool, in the sense of groovy plot twistiness. But only a little. Very little. :D

Despite certain concerns I have with this turn of events (which are numerous and mostly inappropriate in mixed company ;D)I find myself liking this chapter -though I may have to get back to you on exactly why, although Elphaba's lionessness probably has something to do with it.

It's a darn good thing this isn't over yet, had you finished there I would have been forced to sic Glinda to haunt you for all eternity.

Update PDQ!

That's all.
Amister chapter 29 . 9/12/2007
ok. You can't just kill Glinda ... NO! Update soon!
CardboardCreative chapter 29 . 9/12/2007
Oh my Lord- either she's dead or not! Make up your mind, my heart is aching.

I have to give you especially special kudos on the scene between Elphana and Glinda, concerning an extent of realism in their *platonic* relationship, as well as your short but effective descriptions of Elphaba's reaction.

I believe, with the comparison of Elphaba to the lion, the word you're looking for is simile, or metaphor, not analogy XD

How many words is there to describe bleeding? You have a lot. Melikes.

WhisperedMuse chapter 29 . 9/12/2007
*Gasp* She's dead? Well, for now in any case...

Elphaba certainly is dangerous when crossed isn't she? I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of her. Cowardly Gilder was no match! I hope he still gets his just desserts though ;)

Thanks for the update, I've been so completely bored (what with being stuck at home still and all) We haven't talked in a while, so... How have you been?

Kate x
greydays chapter 29 . 9/12/2007
oh no! don't let her die! no that definitely isn't good. i look forward to your next update!
Defying Gravity 728 chapter 29 . 9/12/2007
NO! Glinda can't be dead! She can't leave Elphie like that! Oh noes! Please, update as soon as you can! We'll all try some chants to freeze time for you so then you can write. :)
Caerula chapter 29 . 9/12/2007
Great chapter (actually a Glinda fan, no matter how crazy my reviews seem). Please update soon!
Love That Wicked chapter 29 . 9/12/2007
OK, that sucks! Glinda can't be dead! Elphie needs to find a way to save her!

Get back here and give us more!
raven12490 chapter 28 . 9/5/2007
PLZ PLZ don't leave me hangin! Put the next chapter PLZ! I CAN'T STAND THE SUSPENSE!
maggie chapter 28 . 8/30/2007
ah! you are so evil! update quick.
The Phantom's Muse chapter 28 . 8/29/2007
ACK! You are too evil!

'Glinda safely avoided the first attack and blocked the second, but then Gilder turned on his heel with swiftness seemingly impossible for his build- and the point of his sword slid through the blonde like a knife through butter.

Glinda made a gargled sound, as blood rushed to her throat. She swallowed and watched with a lucid fascination as her life oozed out from the wound suddenly in her stomach.'

-*screams* NO! Glinda!

Gilder is just plain SCARY when he's talking to Glinda while she's dying. He's just to calm and collected that it's disturbing on SO many levels.

'The blonde’s whole body tingled. The pain and noise was overwhelming. Hot liquid, with its metallic taste, bubbled from the corner of her mouth and suddenly it was hard to breath. She heard a choking sound and it took the witch a few seconds to realise it was her.'

-*chokes back a squeak* *glares* Didn't I say something about NOT killing Glinda? Well, maybe everything will come full circle, and Elphaba will do something to save Glinda. *gives Tara puppy-dog-pout* ...please...?


Gilder suddenly found himself thrown to the ground. He leapt up in confusion and found Elphaba kneeling next to the bloodied body of her dear, dying friend.'

-Well, now he's just p* Elphaba off. Smooth move, Gilder. The bright side, of course, is that hopefully I'll get to see Elphaba kick his sorry $$.

'Review and tell me how mean I am ;-)'

-Your just plain evil. Dare I say, wicked.

Please, please, PLEASE update A.S.A.P.! Like, NOW!
firestorm13 chapter 28 . 8/26/2007
Kick his worthless conniving butt Elphie! Or Fiyero! Someone run him through with a spear, puh-lease! Glinda! No!

(woah, so many exclamation marks.)
Zippy Little Rat chapter 28 . 8/26/2007

Slack. Jawed.

Oh my goodness. This entire story has been rivoting, and you just showed yourself to be the master of plot twists and unexpectedness! I would clap for you, but I'm numb right now and still trying to process...that...Oh Glinda!

This is an excellent story and I can't wait to read the next chapter. Until then I'll have fun envisioning Elphaba kicking Gilder's butt all the way to the underworld and back! Gilder, by the way, is a perfect villain: love to hate him! Oh, do I ever.

In case I didn't say it before, great story! I'm an addict. :)
Caerula chapter 28 . 8/26/2007
Thank you! I love Glinda, but I think I might have posted a while ago that it would be great if this fic went "full circle". So now, maybe, Elphaba has to do something to prevent Glinda's death. It adds a sort of balance.
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