Reviews for Adrift
Tandy Sandman chapter 13 . 5/18/2015
Aww... that is so sweet. Great work! Thank you so much for sharing.
Infinitechange chapter 13 . 2/16/2011
Very cute ending.
Kateari chapter 1 . 3/18/2008
poor carson!
donttouch chapter 13 . 2/19/2008
Aw, sweet :D
Wee.Doctor chapter 13 . 12/26/2007
i liked the story, it was wery exiting but im more of a fan when carson is beiing paired with a woman or not at all, but it was wery cool story, and i have to say, it was pretty exiting story, so...keep the good work up!
KariHermione chapter 13 . 2/12/2007
when is the sequel going to be out?
EmonyJade chapter 13 . 11/17/2006
Wow, I loved this one. Gotta love the Beckett/Sheppard moments.
sherryw chapter 13 . 11/12/2006
woo hoo a sequel! Sorry I haven't reviewed for so long I was away on vacation and just got back today and what did I find, but this chappie in my inbasket. Thanks for the special note at the end I'm so looking forward to it.

And thanks for such a great read. I loved every chappie. See you next story.

Your fan,

nightwingwolverinefanatic chapter 13 . 11/9/2006
thank you finally a fan fic my computers word document doesn't scream about (i am really sick of those red squwiggly lines)
kamadi chapter 13 . 11/2/2006
I loved this story! *applause*

And I'm really happy that you are going to write a sequel, I can't wait! Thank you for writing this story.
nwfairy chapter 13 . 11/1/2006
Not really. I could see Carosn getting over it. He has John

Gahh I love this story :)
Leishan chapter 13 . 11/1/2006
I wish I had your style of writing. I can be over elaborate or hesitant in my writing. Yours portrays the feeling of the characters in addition to an exemplary story-line. I look forward to further writings of yours. I love your pairing style too :)
pike2 chapter 13 . 11/1/2006

I enjoyed the roller-coaster of this.

I look forward to the sequel.

Take care
flah7 chapter 13 . 11/1/2006
Great story...easy recoveries are okay in fanfic.

Glad things turned out for them.

Wonderful story.
flah7 chapter 12 . 10/31/2006
Ronon's a good cookie
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