Reviews for Because of you
Fox Lily chapter 7 . 4/16/2008


That was amazing, I really liked it D

Great job ]

x x x
starz4evr chapter 6 . 12/15/2007
This is such a lovely fic!
Fenya chapter 5 . 11/12/2007
Главное уловить суть! Настроение! Чувство!

(The main thing to catch an essence! Mood! Feeling!)

Well as?

Fenya chapter 4 . 11/10/2007
Yes! at school I learnt English, but not up to the mark I know еuо.

The Internet the translator very much helps.

Transfer written was my fad always. Colloquial and any other English - not mine.
Fenya chapter 3 . 11/10/2007
While only on my diary I spread. For itself and friends. Though the offer from a forum already is. But I at first up to the end will translate.
Fenya chapter 2 . 11/9/2007
I promise, to translate all up to the end. Itself. I will make everything that transfer was qualitative.

And certainly I will specify the author and the reference to the original!

I do not attempt upon copyrights.

Simply I wish to divide with other people pleasure from fic.

On e-mail I the letter sent, but the notice that is not has reached has for some reason come.

In advance thanks. And my gratitude.

Personally for фик. Fick class

Fenya chapter 1 . 11/9/2007
The dear author. Hello.

My name - Filatova Tatyana. To me of 27 years. I live in Russia around the Ural mountains.

And it is cold also bears;)

But this is irrelevant.

At us in Russia it is very poorly developed fanficshen on Loveless.

When I became the fan of data anime and manga has started to translate for itself.

But there are many people who too would like to esteem something... The favourite.

Very much it is pleasant to me as you write.

Allow to translate me yours fic! Because of you!


In Russian I am better than in English.

The word of honour.

С уважением ! Феникс_задира. Fenya.
ladeeeeda chapter 7 . 10/27/2007
This was SO good! I can't wait to read the sequal!
Chemoetherapy chapter 7 . 7/1/2007
Great story. It was written well. Wish you would write more Loveless fics.
IpQ chapter 7 . 5/14/2007
that was an awesome story!
IpQ chapter 6 . 5/14/2007
that rocked!
IpQ chapter 5 . 5/14/2007
IpQ chapter 4 . 5/14/2007
this is so good!
IpQ chapter 3 . 5/14/2007
that was so sad! i cried!
IpQ chapter 2 . 5/13/2007
what happened?
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