Reviews for Whispers from the Rye
myst77 chapter 32 . 6/11
It was a long and an awesome read. I started because it had WolfxYuuri pairing, but this fan fiction is so much more.
I wish you luck with your own fantasy novel. You are a very good writer.

Apart from some spelling mistakes here and there, there wasn't much grammatical mistakes. I am pointing this out because I want you to improve.

Keep writing. And all the best for your future.
Krapo chapter 32 . 4/6
It was one of the best storie i have read! Love it! Love it! Love it! I was un able to stop reading. How many sleepless night you make me have! Soooo great! It was a wonderfull job that you've done. I hope to read more of youf stuff in the future. Thank you very much for all this work of yours
Awesome sauce chapter 1 . 3/28
This was a fantastic read, I couldn't put it down, I loved all the mysteries with the plague and prophesies. I also loved the plot and how wolf and yuu chan got together, it felt consistent, believable, and has some great scenes (wolf in jeans lol making yuuri all hot and bothered).
BLANCintrigue chapter 32 . 3/21
If you wrote for 5 years, then thats mean I also had been following this for 5 years! WOW!

The story is simply amazing anyway!

Thank you for your 5 years of dedication
geko chapter 32 . 12/16/2014
Hello there!
At first I was a little bit reluctant to write this review, since it would be the 556th one. 555 is such a nice number, you see?
But I had to do it.
I have to thank you somehow!
Your story was simply amazing! Though, I must say, you already had me at the summary - "plenty of plot, politics and porn" - that's the dream!
I have to applaud your amazing dedication. I can't believe you stuck with the story for so long. So much can change in one's life in five years and yet your story is so consistent, the pace so deliciously slow! The OCs are very interesting, too, and I don't mean just Lucien and Marques, but the whole lot. Also, I love how you created a whole new Shou Shimaron. Btw, I think it's funny that it doesn't matter if it's in the novels, manga, anime or fanfictions - the story setting is different every time, yet Sara always keeps his most discerning trait: you just wish you could jump right in and strangle him.
And, oh yes. The... um... intimate scenes were very well written, too. Thanks for making Yuuri the "catcher". *snickers* Sorry, it's really late now. *sob*
Anyway, great story. I loved it and I love you for writing it. I'll read it again, for sure!
May the next reviews be more helpful and let there be many of them, so we can reach number 666, one step at a tie.
Wanderlust No Tsubasa chapter 7 . 8/19/2014
Gosh. This story is such a rollercoaster ride. That cliffhanger is killing me. I can't believe saralegui gave a fork to wolf. Aaaaa the angst! The suspense! They're killing me. Thank God thr story is complete. Love your writing and story btw.
Jenmoon1 chapter 32 . 6/18/2014
love it exsalent fic
ryomoles chapter 32 . 5/16/2014
Wonderful story that I couldnt stop reading once I stumbled onto it!
Only thing I wished was if there was some Wolfram and Yuuri scene in the epilogue.
Thanks for a great read! I think you're an awesome writer!
Guest chapter 5 . 4/28/2014
People are blaming your but no one telling him any think and wolfmen know it was a mistake he was gave many chance to leave
pozarpel chapter 32 . 4/2/2014
Hi! I got into maruma so so so late, but I've just been blown away and spoiled by great fics. And none were quite like this one. I had some passing criticisms here and there but I can't even say them, because, honestly, the good overtook the questionable by leagues. A five year project with great characterization and continuity- a real fantasy/slash book in the works- you're my hero! I'm so so inspired and I really thank you for that. Uh, I do have to say, I REALLY got attached to Marques and Lucien, like, more so than Wolf and Yuuri in a way, so I got to the end and I was like WHAT HE'S REALLY DEAD? HE KIND OF DESERVES IT BUT- IS LUCIEN OKAY? MARQUES YOU CLUELESS... IDIOT... [ OUTRAGE ]
then I got to the end-end and i saw "own fantasy novel"... "prototypes for the main couple" and I basically lost it and I am so so excited for real!book. I checked around- there aren't any previews or much information on it out yet then? I'll be checking in? In the mean time I hope I can maybe draw fanart of Marques and Lucien because I adore them muchly. Thanks for creating such a rich story and world- it was a fantastic ride and I hope to be as dedicated and skilled as you one day,,, Thanks!
You wouldn't happen to have a tumblr, would you? Hah...
spikerix chapter 26 . 1/26/2014
Wow... that's GOT to be the HOTTEST sex scene I've ever read... Congratulations author-sama, you just made my month
Guest chapter 32 . 7/20/2013
I Loved your story it was great . Thank you for your hard work and please when you are done with your new book please do tell me at I will most certainly buy your book!
nike2822 chapter 32 . 7/9/2013
I must thank you. I think it's my first comment, so I need to tell you how much I love this story.
Every time I reread it, I love it more and I cry and laugh more on the story. I can't remember ever reading a book or a fic or anything with so much feelings in it, and I'm sure I'll never read.

It is so much more for me than a simple story, cuz KKM is one of my favorite animes and this story has everything I love in books. For me it's the perfect story ever and I'll never be bored reading it.

Thank you for think it up, write all down and let us read such a masterpiece.

Thank you always.
Marianne Blacklands chapter 32 . 6/30/2013
I have read this story so many times, and somehow I always come back to it... is one of the most wonderful Kyou Kara Maou stories ever :)
Emiko hime-sama chapter 32 . 6/24/2013
Oh my, this was sooooo awesome! I read this in 3 days, like I haven't really slept haha.

I loved your plot, it has a really consistent and believable quality that it's just hard to find in fanfics. I loved your writing! for non native English speakers like me, it was actually very fun and helpful to read, not only because of the amazing plot but also because your vocabulary goes farer than the few words fanfic writters can help but repeat, myself included. Also, the fact that you could stay faithful to your characters (all of them) and their personalities without going Out of Character was amazing.

Oh, and I'm repeating so much, but I loved so, so, so much your OC. Lucien! oh my God, did Marques really died? by the way this is a really weird question but how is it actually pronounced? can you make a side story or something for them? I loved their story even more than Yuri and Wolfram's. And Wolfram is my favorite character in like, all this anime world!

Reading this story was like entering a completely new world. Perhaps is the fact that you perfectly grasped all aspects of the anime and used all elements in such consistent and detailed way or just because your grammar is so perfect... but I couldn't help but read it all.

I completely loved it! if you ever write another fanfic, I will definitely read it.

Thank you so much for writing this, it was, again completely amazing!
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