Reviews for Wanderers
SirenoftheStorm chapter 1 . 2/16/2008
Your characterization is excellent, particularly in the way the characters talk to each other and interact, which is where a lot of writers fall apart. And Wow. That ended in a scenario I would never have imagined. And you made it work without OOCness... mostly, I think, by using Kaylee as instigator, which was clever. Oh, and of course large quantities of sake. *grins* I can really imagine Mal being very good with his mouth... *repeatedly tries to wrench mind back into decency and fails* Okay, now. You should be outlawed.
homeric chapter 1 . 8/5/2007
*big smile* that was all kinds of shiny. Scrumptious work and so well written. Definately a favourite :)
Amelia chapter 1 . 10/23/2006
Jesus H. Christ! That was - excuse my language - bloody fantastic! It was utterly, utterly amazing, so amazing that I'm going to quote my favourite lines and then tell you, using long words and hand gestures, why they're my favourite lines. :)

Wash liked to tease her, and take guesses at what deep, dark secret had her leaving home.

“You’re a trained assassin woman…no wait, an ice dancer!”

Even tiny, little moments like this are so in character. I loved this one particularly because I love Wash (as you'll see later!) but yes, all this one or two liners are so in character, which makes it even more wonderful.

They carried each other’s memories, shared the weight when it got too great for one to bear alone. If sex could ever be casual, seemed to Kaylee it couldn’t ever be such with folk like them.

I detest Zoe/Mal stories sometimes, because they can either be done brilliantly, or terribly. Your story, I'm pleased to say, is definitely the former! I can really see Mal and Zoe having this type of relationship; honest, raw sex, not really love (at least, not romantic love) but just helping each other. It's fucking, to put it bluntly.

“Can hear ‘em all the way down in my bunk,” she protested sulkily. She dug her knuckles into her eyelids, puffy from lack of sleep. “Don’t they know Saturdays are for beauty rest?”

“Aw, you’re pretty enough alread—hey, is it Saturday? ‘Cuz, hello, cartoons. Can I just—”

Wash made a move to tinker with the Cortex controls, and the captain fairly growled. Wash dropped his hand back to his lap, and Mal went back to cursing at Zoe in fluid Mandarin.

*insane giggles* That's so Wash! That scene is simply too good to be true - and yet, I can completely imagine it happening! It's hilarious!

“I'm serious about those clowns, Kaylee. I see clowns, and I'm gonna be real unhappy. Dong ma? Kaylee?”

That's a real Mal line. I can really, really hear that being said. In fact, so that I don't have to quote the fic, can I just say now that all the lines are so very realistic? Particularly loved the exchange between Mal/Zoe/Hoban in the infirmary - "You're sleeping with a guy named Hoban?" etc.

The Jayne & Kaylee scene was beautiful too; Jayne, I think, could be sensitive under the right circumstances, and not just when he wants to get laid! So it was nice to see in the fic.

Then we have the wedding, and the bar scene, and then... the sex! Which I also adored. It was written well; wasn't too explicit, in my opinion, although I generally skip sex scenes so maybe I'm not the best juDge, but it was perfectly realistic. It could have happened like that; I doubt it would have done, but it could have.

Overall, I loved this story. Loved it with all my heart & soul, etc, etc. I'm a newbie to the Firefly/Serenity fandom, so thank you for making it a good entrance!
debbieja chapter 1 . 10/16/2006
wow! That was pretty intense. interesting spin on all the dynamics that took place before the start of the show, and the giving and receiving of comfort
shocked chapter 1 . 10/15/2006
Holy crap...that was...::completely trails off::

Let me just say that the OT3, for me, came out of completely nowhere. I was reading along, thinking "I've never read femslash or any slash for that matter, but I actually enjoy this, and this is the only slash I've ever read that seems realistic" but all of a sudden Mal shows up and threesomeness ensues, and I was like "...what's going on?" because I never read slash or OT- anything-other-than-P noncanonish fic, not because it offends me, but because it doesn't ever seem realistic to me. But I just. couldn't. stop. reading. this. lol! I absolutely LOVED this story! I can completely see this characterization of Kaylee. I think you captured her perfectly. I also loved your Wash, Zoe and Jayne. I was amazed to find Inara as in character. I could totally see her "comforting" Kaylee the way you wrote it. They aren't in love, they're just having sex. She's helping a friend. I can totally see that actually happening in the real preseries. I was kind of squicky at the thought of Kaylee/Mal, but by that time in the story, I was completely hooked. lol. good job! You've broadened my fanfic horizons!
Thornen chapter 1 . 10/15/2006
Wow, that was... :O :O :O