Reviews for Neo Yondaime Hokage
robert krause chapter 29 . 47m
when his clones army both boys and some was grils ones too, when each of them get to workings now looking it the shops all over now and find out of the shop he had open is a bar and when think of it now a men cave office and bed room and TV room now and get out a old black box now full of paly cards of big bods grils and some time he had in to a stay room now, full of boing books and art of s class bad guys and woman like now on the wall now, when a desk he get form home was red and blue and gold too, when he siting in it now he had pics of his tame and some old pics of him his mother and big sister now, and both the old men and his god father now, on the wall now , when others of him ion and others too, back it school , when now Naruto had the mob money into a big black box now, when used the gold bars now for buy out ex slaves he get form the land of wind west out port town , of 12 grils and 2 woman , who now working on the clan house now when some living in the moon lights house and sun house now, others had a top floor house unit now, 4 grils and 2 woman now get the top floor house now, Naruto not bad to them now, even a cooker woman SAMMY Black BART lee , she had living in the house slave wing now,
robert krause chapter 24 . 1h
when in time Naruto and his others wives had had when to the lost lands of the whirlpool and made a old house into some new and when under it his find a sea cave now get to find a when was used too when a super size ship Naruto had buy out and was working on it now old fox armor and swords now on it now and when then Naruto had made it new too, when get to running it now Naruto had keeping his new ship under the house now, when ion and others saw it now was not saying something too, when back home he saying it to be a home way form home for bad snowing we get and it will helping too, when now ion and other one was back home now with each others clans now, when used a old clan house the sun house as for the one keeping mob money and gold bars now, when get to think of others stuff he get the clans others stuff too, like old used clans houses to be new co s stuff now, like the hot s and his 2 wives had owner ship of it now, when his be doing boundy huther and his in the red lights city now, when get it off now Naruto had open up and working his new ninjas team on the madding into something new and paying for it came form Naruto now, when his time in it his find old PLAM stuff like paly cards and some others too, when keeping it now, when in the office is now his own office now, team pics on the wall and of ion and others too,
robert krause chapter 17 . 5/12
why not do one when Naruto is into the ream of super s brothers he vs star wolf and others into it he win vs both star fox and wolf and when his had crystal a blue fox gril as his lover and when she had get to his ream he had her living in the whirlpool for when now ,running a spy networking and his time be a coy helping out others form the roots abut black ops and others form the ninjas huthers like a full job too, when Naruto had move west he and crystal marring to each other now , rulers now of the west now , warlords and then rulers now, when she had gave him a son and duther now the boy is Naruto JR and the gril is ANKO joe a black blue fox gril , when then Naruto son is to ruler of the west and the gril and her mother and dad move on now, when 2 others kids be born a other son and his twin brother Leroy and Jack both boys had living in the ream of star fox and wolf now with them own team now, both boys had working with star wolf and then fox and then with them own team now took on others clans like red fur and both boys had win vs the clan now get them a earth ream now , a big house base now, when Leroy had a mic glass and long mash looking now and army looking now, and his twin brother is odd ball t shit and long black boots and blue jacket now, with the brothers clan on it now,
PsychoStorys chapter 2 . 5/9
you have the grammar of a 4 year old.
Guest chapter 20 . 5/4
'nitah yeht 'nillor em ees yeht
Chisaki Kouu chapter 2 . 5/2
I have never really understood this "Minato's enemies will come kill Naruto" argument. Konoha has a gigantic sealing matrix over the entirety of it, registering anyone's entry and exit, so with Jiraiya, it wouldn't be that farfetched to just make a bunch of seals for the security of specifically Naruto, like, sealing whatever compound or house Naruto inherited to the brim, or just placing multiple seals on Naruto's person, along with keeping Anbu on him 24/7, and I doubt anything ever could go wrong. None of Hiruzen's children were killed, and he lead Konoha to victory through 2 world wars, and fought in the first. Konohamaru never had any known assassination attempts, did he? Nobody tried to end the Ino-Shika-Cho lines, did they?

A load of bullshit imo.
Guest chapter 85 . 4/20
Good Job, Write On!
shadewolfedrt chapter 85 . 4/10
I hope for more of this just to see what happens next.
robert krause chapter 17 . 4/10
when in time Naruto had move up the ranks form JOUNIN to SPECIAL JOUNIN and then up to abut black ops when his home office had the old vests in a glass case now and a set of abut black masks fox wolf and wild cat was the last of them and then cap rank on the owl one , when Naruto had took it too, when old foes death mask is on the west part of the wall now, form the sound vaillge own teams and abut black ops and high rack JOUNIN cap and others Naruto took out , when keeping his workings now, his new vaillge in the whirlpool and then the bad lands now, Naruto ion and others living in under town now, when his running it now, his own ANKO is now running her own vaillge now, and DANGO shop ,
shadewolfedrt chapter 6 . 4/8
This one of my favorite Naruto/Hinata stories. You are also one of the only ones that write Hinata that makes me went her with Naruto.
Guest chapter 55 . 4/6
Kakashi doesn't know that there are 9 jinchuurikis or that other nations have jinchuurikis? That's weird considering everything that happened with Rin, and that he fought in the Third Shinobi War so jinchuuriki are common knowledge.
Guest chapter 33 . 4/6
I honestly find it hard to believe that 3 fully trained ANBU with most likely a decade of experience at the very least were easily defeated by 4 people that a bunch of genin defeated in canon.
Guest chapter 12 . 4/6
robert krause in the reviews is going ham
Guest chapter 11 . 4/6
Minato didn't create the Hiraishin, Tobirama did. The Body Flicker doesn't require any jutsu markers, if that was the case then everybody would be teleporting around everywhere like the Hiraishin. The Body Flicker just uses chakra to temporary greatly enhance speed to the point where it looks like teleporting.
Guest chapter 9 . 4/6
I'll never understand why Naruto was given the name Uzumaki instead of Namikaze to "protect him", since all of Minato's enemies know how much of a threat the Uzumaki clan is.
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