Reviews for Neo Yondaime Hokage
Guest chapter 27 . 11h
I always though it would be funny to watch negji FIGHT sasuke... watch the two ego's clash and kill each other.. Wouldn't THAT throw a monkey wrench in a LOT of plans.
Guest chapter 24 . 1/19
Not a bad chapter at all, pretty good actually.. I still question how the heck the one tailed could stand against the nine-tails.. Considering it's kinda kinder-garden math.. Who is stronger.. That and the kyuubi has the bijju-dama, fox lasers, fire breath hot enough to melt a small MOON, creates entire lakes whenever/wherever it wants and THROWS TORNADOES! Add in strength, flight and tons of other powers.. while the one-tails has... AIR BLAST... Period *blink blink*... Kinda would be the whole... "You got that 'I wanna beat the fat little racoon-dog look in your eye!'" But then again naruto wasn't allowing it to go "all out" either as garaa would have PROBABLY been incinerated... So Yeah I guess I can buy it, other then that, if naruto wants to ACTUALLY fight the akautski and KILL THEM, he's gonna have to step up his game by a LOOOOONG SHOT and a three year training trip isn't gonna cut it, if he hasn't learned enough after all these years!
Guest chapter 23 . 1/19
Kyuubi didn't say ONE WORD about retaliation, so your little "hero speech" for naruto was KINDA MOOT.. He DID say that naruto would do even STUPIDER pranks for attention, and WELL if naruto is honest with himself, he KNOWS THAT IS TRUE.. In fact, EVERYTHING you had kyuubi say was 100% true, and naruto's "speech" sounded silly, boastful and UTTERLY unneeded. I mean what kind of fool feels the need to boast to someone SEALED in them and "sees" them 24/7?.. It doesn't seem like a heroic or an "epic" speech, it sounds like someone whistling in the dark as they cross a cemetery at night, a sad, stupid way of proclaiming their not scarred when they are about ready to wet their pants and bolt in a blind panic if so much as a rabbit crosses within 20 feet of them!(So in this case.. POINT GOES TO KYUUBI).
Guest chapter 21 . 1/19
Shouldn't the iwa nin have been a cake-walk? Considering naruto has been called multiple times a sannin-level nin? Then he asks if he should take out gato and the multitude of thugs? So which is he? Powerful? Or pretty much exactly the same as cannon? (I mean all he does are basically "clone tricks".. When with all his studying and clones he should be a walking wikipedia of jutsus). JUST A LOT more TALK! Also this time he lets the iwa jounin go BACK HOME? After beating her and she's supposedly a "prodigy"? Yeah that's not a great way of keeping a "low profile"..
Guest chapter 20 . 1/19
*shakes head* again with leaving live enemies behind you...Kinda sinks that whole "lets keep a secret idea"... You keep a secret by not letting anyone know anything about you.. Not by continuously sparring with the enemy, letting them get away then rinsing and repeating... That's just foolish.. Wanna know how the akutski stayed in rain so long and NOBODY knew they were there? They killed every spy sent! No messages back to anyone. (it made people QUIT TRYING).
Guest chapter 18 . 1/18
WAIT, I am confused, how does Konohamaru beating the old man make him hokage? Number 1 that's not how it works, and number two Sarutobi ISN'T the hokage anymore! The torch has already past, or was the kid not informed? Also with Ebisu... "that spoiled brat.. I'll get him for doing that to the third's grandson"?.. You DO realize your making him think that about THE CURRENT HOKAGE'S SON? As in TREASON right there! AND a HAIRCUT is supposed to make it so nobody recognizes him?.. YEAH RIGHT!.. Also shouldn't Anko's rep be going UP for her association? I mean he's the HOKAGE'S KID! THE ONLY kid to have "elite" status given to him by ALL THE HIGHER-UPS! Plus is the LAST male senju (as far as everyone's concerned). That puts him(and by association her) in a lot higher of a position then some kid that is dressed like he just got off the short buss to "special lessons" class... Or does naruto have to PERSONALLY fight EVERY SINGLE ninja IN THE ENTIRE VILLAGE and kick their asses to prove he's not spoiled just deserving? Because that whole immediately thinking "spoiled" thing, is beginning to wear a bit THIN... If ANYONE in leaf is spoiled it's the stupid uchiha. PLUS UM if Konohamaru is "honorable grandson" then shouldn't naruto be "honored son"? Also what are people still keeping the secret for? The SECOND naruto leaves the village on an ACTUAL mission, all their years of work are gonna be FLUSHED DOWN THE TOILET anyway! If he was going to be a shopkeep or a business man, MAYBE it makes sense.. But him out in the field? HELLO?! SOMEONE is going to recognize him! (it's one of the problems I had with cannon.. You can't HIDE someone then parade him around the people he's SUPPOSED to be hiding from!).. Also just like with the hyuuga, shouldn't sasuke have a BIG TARGET on his back? I mean rip-out his eyes and take them, then wham, your village has the sharringan.. so considering his clan is DEAD too, shouldn't he have a bulls-eye on him?(kinda glossed over in cannon). Not for his seed, but to just RIP THE EYES OUTTA HIS SKULL.
Guest chapter 17 . 1/18
Personally I don't see how hanging jiraiya above a bunch of naked kunochis is a punishment... As for the beating? Still not a punishment, he likes it, he IS a masochist after all.. Plus he gets to ogile naked girls while they are beating the stuffing out of him... Personally I say hang him from a gay MALE bath springs, OR above a horny kennel at the Inzukia compound... OR above a hot springs on "SENIOR'S DAY" bathing... THOSE are ACTUAL punishments, not stupid little ways of actually "rewarding" him. (I mean seriously, the man has a healing factor nearly as high as naruto's and he DOESN'T have the kyuubi or uzumaki bloodline!)So really kicks, punches and stuff? DON'T MATTER.
But then again, he didn't do anything really THAT bad, so he didn't deserve REAL punishment, just some lame "kunochi wrath"... Which given how they dress/act/speak is kinda hypocritical.
Guest chapter 16 . 1/18
Your math is a little OFF there, if naruto was on a three-month long training trip with the perv, until a week ago, then the stuff couldn't have happened with anko and lee (you had lee's thing at 10 1/2 weeks ago.) I think your trying to put too much stuff into too small a time-frame. The only reason I can think why, is you wanted the "naruto paints the hokage mountain" in this one too.. Seems a little out of place. In fact the whole "naruto is a prankster" line seems outta place in this one, because in cannon he was only doing it for attention and in this one he's got PLENTY of attention(good and bad).
Guest chapter 17 . 1/18
Seriously, shouldn't sasuke and Negji be like a LOT, LOT weaker then him?
Guest chapter 16 . 1/18
Why is naruto now RUNNING from fangirls? I thought he talked to them kindly and dismissed them, so why is he acting like a a stinking queer uchiha now?

AND I am also confused.. somehow naruto who was trained by TWO sannin, hosts the fourth HOKAGE and fought Itachi to a dead-stand-still even has a problem with SWATTING sasuke like a FLY?!.. This should be so easy it would a comedy EVENT! Naruto has trained PAST a jounnin.. but even has a FIGHT with the uchiha who is a gennin?.. It would be laughable... Even hiding his skills, that much of a difference?... It would be PATHETIC for sasuke. I don't even have an analogy of how FAR he should be OUT-MATCHED (OTHER THEN DIFFERENT SPECIES).
Wolfone10 chapter 14 . 1/16
See even here, Horumia and Kouharu WHERE TOLD! WHY? Yeah they are elders? SO WHAT? What could they POSSIBLY do if anything went bad? BEING OLD just means you get to know EVERYTHING SOONER.. WHEN YOUR DEAD...How are they ANYTHING but dead weight AT BEST and security leaks AT WORST.. They can't DO anything, they are NOT seal-masters, they are retired shinobi meaning they have NO CHAKRA.. SO they have NO REASON to know about CURRENT secrets. The fact that you had the third FIRST as who told them means that he STILL can't keep his mouth shut on stuff that MATTERS... Them and danzo (and in a LOT of stories, civilians) have NO REASON to know anything... They can't do ANYTHING but make things WORSE so, they don't "need to know". That's just how stuff works. (apparently not in anime).
Wolfone10 chapter 9 . 1/15
No ACTUALLY to have a rival means that BOTH parties involved have to see one another as an equal/someone to surpass... In THIS case, sasuke is just a stupid child that can't stand that someone is just BETTER then him, while naruto doesn't feel the need to acknowledge his existence. That's not a rival, that's STUPIDITY!
Wolfone10 chapter 5 . 1/15
Now you got the HOKAGE falling for a henge? GEEZ have you NEVER heard of chakra sensing? It's kinda the MAIN point of HALF the anime/manga, it's why HENGE DOESN'T WORK on higher-ups... Except naruto's own henge, but that's an entirely different can of worms! Also it never seemed to work on obedito and he was able to cover who he was with a stupid ceramic mask but that's a PLOT HOLE... amd oh yes a supposed "unnamed missing nin" from konoha, deceiving and eluding SQUADS of anbu, getting PAST a LOCKDOWN, somehow HURTING a sannin and making off with what is RIGHT NOW the most precious thing in konoha... UM HMM.. yes, that makes PERFECT SENSE. Why not have the sky split open and an army of UFOs suddenly descend on the village as well? OR a LAKE SUDDENLY APPEAR in the middle of konoha and GODZILLA rises from it, to kidnap a baby that it was suddenly telepathically linked to by the great salamander of the elemental plane of fire?
Wolfone10 chapter 4 . 1/14
See this whole "minato had many enemies" stuff is used in just about EVERY naruto ff ON THE PLANET! It's one of the MAIN reasons I believe in "never leave an enemy ALIVE". if EVERYBODY is dead, you don't have to worry about them coming back to get you, or a loved one. Yes it DOES tend to make you viewed as ruthless and "dark"... But the benefits are pretty high, in that you don't have "stupid enemy ninja #2 attacking for the 150'th time", also it tends to finish off the bad guys PERMANENTLY before they get a chance to really know what you can do OR grow stronger.

But in ALL seriousness, what kind of anbu gets duped by a stupid HENGE? (an academy level jutsu)?... You DO know they are SUPPOSED to be like elite or something right?(and alert to the point of PARANOIA) Also the hokage only having ONE bloody guard for naruto when he's nervous as he is now?
lawfromchaos chapter 1 . 1/12
I would love to read this series and put 9 years into it, but are you planning to come back to it and finish it (Or any of your other unfinished Naruto works)?
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