Reviews for Neo Yondaime Hokage
Drax152 chapter 22 . 7/18/2021
I... I really really enjoy this take on Gaara.
Drax152 chapter 16 . 7/17/2021
Jesus Christ, the flashbacks. This is mildly annoying.
Drax152 chapter 1 . 7/17/2021
Not even started reading chapter 1 yet, just gotta say, incredibly interesting concept.
geoslim21 chapter 8 . 7/13/2021
I really don't like how you basically took everything the Uzumaki was known for and gave it to the Namikaze. It feels like you are turning the Uzumaki into an insignificant clan compared to how they were in canon. I like the story just not some of what you have done with Uzumaki and Namikaze clans.
robert krause chapter 1 . 6/29/2021
why not doing both the YONDAIME and his wife into his son NARUTO as well is the 1 host of the fox before NARUTO and his mother had be doing the KYUUBI fox ,as for why i Robert Krause was doing to NAURTO is made him be one with the KYUUBI and his powers super powerful too and muslces get bigger and more bigger too, and his mine is super powerful too, when his sill a ninja and his had get to age 13 old and his wives i was think doing SARKURA ten-ten and ion and one out of CLOUND and rain fell and a ex sound vaillge ninjas gril kin lee , when then his time on the job had be mix ninjas BOUNDY HUTHER and mic and then his owner ship of some cos like a hot s, inn his name it the YONDAIME inn and his owner of it and it had a bar too, when others had came to it paying for now and his had a home now, clan lands housing now,
robert krause chapter 29 . 6/23/2021
when NAURTO siting in his dad old home office now and get out the box is old pics of him big sister and his mom it the 3 bed room housing unit ,2 is of him and ion and the HYUUGA gril it some old fort and when then unpack his awrds and others stuff too, when then the home is quit now, when walking to his bed room now sleeping now and get to the bed room is many old books on ninjas stuff and boing books too, when he was on the west wall now is art of hot big bods grils and woman like now he had get to keeping and put on the wall , back then this grils on be 3 walls one was housing unit then the HOKAGE housing then now his clan home now, when he was out cold now, when he get up now working out it the gym now going over new swords and staff now he get to reading on his 2 clans on TAIJTSU and others skills he get over now, he and HINATA and ion had find a map of the vaillge and find the red lights now his and when get to a old inn bar he open up his own bound HUTHER co unit fox red and gold , when the 1 floor is offices now desk he siting it now and get to took on the bad guys and woman like now , one was gold dagger /killer SORD JANE bug lee a former be marring so much and now in her 40 and when took her out now he find out she had selling out others form the ninjas vaillge s like grass and others too, when get into the big room he find old pics of men and boys like kill off by her and others is money and gold bars he took them now used it now to buying out the bar k out the abut black bar his up floor housing now and when he moving in now helping too, he sleeping in bed now , when on the wall is old woman and grils with muslces and big size bods now, he sleeping now quit it now, when his cooking his food too, when it night mare is of clans foes of his mom and dad too, one was bather and his army of goons now,
robert krause chapter 28 . 6/22/2021
when NAURTO had get his hands on the JOUNINS hand book on the stuff JOUNINS had need to doing with and others skills too, when get it down now form the 1 parts to 10 NAURTO had get doing some of it now , when he had get his team to doing trees walker and then wather too, when then his clan home he get out the map of KONOHA and find out about old used clans housing up for buying out , he get only one old super size housing unit and some old shops too, when into it is body huther and get the offices now and seeing scrolls he get form the wind vaillge evil city BARTS FIRE slvers mines and gold rocks and others stuff he get it all now was used them for a spy net workings he running his own now, when some of men and boys had no homes then had ask him to keeping as spy s too, when doing it now he then doing the same with the city now rich men and woman had army s of goons and others trying to stop him but was out class now and get be put out for good , NAURTO had money and scrolls out old men THOMES ford had was whirlpool and made him mad and his blood running clod and then hot too, when then the men own head get swords cutting into his head now and eyes be hit out now with bunds now, when then he made a glass cads for his foe head now and it had flying all now, when then he keeping the gold bars and used it too on the clans money and others stuff too, when then get to sleeping now,
robert krause chapter 28 . 6/22/2021
why not let NAURTO had not just 3 wife s but 4 or 5 ten-ten and SARKURA and when if it was me Robert Krause ten-ten and the others well be sleeping in the east tower of the clan housing unit with beds on the floor and it is a big super size room too, as for the INC it is to be bound huther and it is had it own spy net working with NAURTO running it not JIRAIYA for the men had odds with his own spy net working and NAURTO had it running with him in it , as for why SAI get out it is for his a abut blacks ops spy roots under the SANDAIME old foe DANZO and as NAURTO had the muslces and powers the others not seeing before , as for him be on the gov if it me why not let NAURTO had get 2 home one when the gov had it and it is old house need workings on it too, it by when his job it , when working on the house it had under part now when his keeping a old ship his workings on for him and his wife s to going on when be out too, why not let NAURTO put on the whirlpool lands a 3 housing in for long snows and his clans can going to for it ,
robert krause chapter 27 . 6/19/2021
when NAURTO had move home to his dad and mom clan housing unit and get to unpack his stuff now paly cards form the big time clubs and others he took money form then he had used the money on the shop west one he had made into a bound huhters offices now and desk he get and some others stuff too, on the wall like pics of him and the grils it school and some of the team he had and others too, a mask he get under time is it of a fox warrior with the twin swords now and black suit now, he had used on the job took out the s class men and woman of the blood missy top rank officers out now, finding money gold and others stuff even scrolls and others ninjas stuff too, like a black book full of names of the men and woman like he was going it now, it helping now gold too, when back home he looking them up and had them took out too, when JIRAIYA and ANKO and others saw money form the blood end and why her son was doing it now for when now, he had keeping looking for others stuff too, like others clans who was took out and buy out them housings now and made a king cobra and cobra for the VOMMERD then cobras had into them and used it too, for helping out others in the vaillge and over time he had a new money made thing going now, some of it he putting into his clans money now, others parts for a spy net working his own now, like JIRAIYA NAURTO had his own now, and boy it had helping too, took out s class bad guys and woman like NAURTO had made it more super now, when RYOTA had be working with NAURTO on running the spy net working now,
robert krause chapter 11 . 6/19/2021
when NARUTO meet and made ITACHI and KISAME as his long time foes now ,he had then had HINATA and ION living with him and when then time was good too, when then NAURTO had find why was the old bones of the 3 wife and made it back into the body she had when he get over the body now and then made a bust of her and why he find on how she was took out too, super hits to her and others too , form the abut black ops men and woman like and the stuff too, when then the men and woman get them names put on the black rock 2 and 3 ones now , when then the old woman own bust and her death card Naruto had it fin with too, call her a good and kind woman , when now the clan can had paces now, when NAURTO had made a lab in the once clan , he then had a office into the back now and art now wall now and others parts now, he get to workings now, when then it time to go home now, before going out he lock up the lab now, keeping the dead abut black ops men and woman old mask now and others stuff too, when get home now he set to cook soon and get it over with he eat in quit too, when fin with it he was wet and then clen up the living room and then off to bed now, the next day his tame had meeting with him on the days of running his own team now, 13 now,
Clark Thomas Lee Koesy chapter 85 . 6/17/2021
this is a epic and great story. please continue.
itioministralis chapter 6 . 6/16/2021
Again with that Japanese nosebleed humor, bruiuuuh. They have no place here, this is not anime. It looks ridiclous
BillionDavid chapter 85 . 6/15/2021
Good story... abandoned?
oneillw268 chapter 18 . 6/13/2021
oh hey anko wassup? also omae wa mou shindeiru.
Guest chapter 5 . 6/13/2021
This is perhaps the worst fight i have ever read in a fanfiction story. Do better
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