Reviews for Twenty Months
Guest chapter 35 . 9/24
In love with this story, points where I smiled ridiculously and points I wanted to punch the screen, but that's what makes this good writing because it brought out emotion and attached me to the characters!
stevieb0125 chapter 35 . 9/5
Nearly ten years after starting your wonderful story, I have finished & thoroughly enjoyed the journey! Stevie
stevieb0125 chapter 22 . 9/4
Six years ago or more, some time before the wedding chapter was posted, I lost track of your wonderful story. I am back to binge read your story, starting from Chapter 1. I'm now on to Chapter 23 but I thought I'd stop to say I'm enjoying the ride. Stevie
Rosalinne chapter 14 . 9/1
Really, who thought I'd be reaching my grave clutching at my tummy, for goodness sake! And here I was, laughing my heads off and choking on my own saliva and falling flat on the floor! God! And did I say I was squirming in my grave with that whole drunken truth thing? How I wanted I was alive to witness it first hand!
Rosalinne chapter 13 . 9/1
I love the 'juicy' mama bear! And its been a hilarious reading so far! Love your story!
BeWhoYouAre99 chapter 35 . 8/8
Brilliant! Loved it :)
Guest chapter 35 . 7/4
I didn't know such an incredible, modern reimagining of pride and prejudice existed. Forgive me for not reviewing more often, but I believe you've finished this at least 6 years ago. I loved every bit of this fic. Especially the part where Charlie completely ignores Darcy's sentiments on Jane. And might I add that the way you finished Wickham's arc was 1000% more satisfying that what Jane Austen ever wrote? You gave him the comeuppance he most desidedly deserved and what every first time Pride and Prejudice reader could've desired. Thank you for writing this.
Btroisi chapter 35 . 6/7
Very enjoyable.
Sp much that i stayed up all nigt reading it!
Illucia chapter 10 . 5/15
These time jump and skips are getting a bit confusing
sychofrantic chapter 35 . 4/25
Fantastic job, love the forced marriage modernisation, super original. I love a pp fic where you can legitimately hate Darcy before falling in love with him. People often forget Darcy acted like a right prick to Lizzie in the original, it wasn't all about Wickham's lies; he didnt condescend to endear himself to anyone, even Lizzie after he realised he fancied her. You did that very well. Also who doesnt love a bit of mutual fuck-uppery, misery, then joyful love the end? Nobody, that's who. Love the entourage too, great characterisations but not overdone. And people who don't like pop culture references can bite my shiny metal ass (too easy), i loved them all. Thanks for the reads, you rock.
eigna74 chapter 35 . 3/31
Ahh shucks, just re read this for old times sake!
Smile Back chapter 35 . 2/9
huh. That was all in all pretty amazing.
I like it :D
I had to get used to the whole AU thingy a bit. And after a few chapters I totally forgott to compare it to P&P xD So you did great ;)
Windchimed chapter 35 . 1/23
That was a sweet ending. Thank you for sharing this story with us!
Windchimed chapter 34 . 1/23
I like how you handled Eva in this chapter. You made her human, instead of the stereotypical b*tch, and it really worked.
AliasKelly chapter 35 . 1/15
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