Reviews for To live and Love
JoeCool701 chapter 8 . 1/7/2016
I hope someday that you will get around to finish this story!
thrnbrooke chapter 8 . 7/27/2011
And? Does she? What happens next?
iCharlie chapter 8 . 12/12/2009
:) lovely
buffy88 chapter 8 . 4/23/2007
this is story is really good..keep writing
Mobbzy91 chapter 8 . 2/27/2007
please, please , please write more!
Sarah chapter 8 . 1/15/2007
I just love your writing! its so fun and i was just wondering if you could continue writing on the one about veronica and logan called to live and love that would be awsome thanks!
LoVeGrl chapter 8 . 12/5/2006
It's nice to see the events from the show actually show up with your own twists on them. It opens up so many possibilities in the story. I love it, keep the updates coming.
LoVe23 chapter 8 . 12/5/2006
Oh wow! This was a good chapter! Can't wait to read more!
LoVe4ever666 chapter 8 . 12/4/2006
Move in with him, Move In With Him, MOVE IN WITH HIM.

Have I made myself clear enough, if not. She should move in with him. Great job.
Mongoose 187 chapter 8 . 12/4/2006
Great chaptercan't wait for her answer. Keep it up
IcyAngel23 chapter 8 . 12/4/2006
LoVe living together is just so awesome. I like this better than what actually happend in the show. Can't wait to read more.
Mobbzy91 chapter 7 . 11/29/2006
Awesome story! Please don't leave me in suspense any longer!
maine27 chapter 7 . 11/16/2006
loving the story, can't wait to see what happens. hope u update soon...
LoVe23 chapter 7 . 11/12/2006
I liked this...can't wait to read more!
Moelli chapter 7 . 11/12/2006
Great chapter!
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