Reviews for A Bit of Paint and Canvas
Lady Domino chapter 1 . 10/20/2006
That is so SAD. I love it! It's really meloncholy but also very deep and takes an unsual look at all those pictures in Hogwarts. I love the way Neville is heroic but still very like himself. Please keep writing.
Realilly chapter 1 . 10/19/2006
wow. this is really good-especially the ending. just these 3 suggestions, though:

1. it soundz kinda like in love with dumbledore. or something. idk. i think u over did it a bit when describing how neville liked him. and neville/dumbledore is just DISGUSTING.

2. dumbledore makes it like harry is his firstborn son, but neville is no one. ya, dumbledore loves harry more than the others. again, i think u over did it.

3. neville is a bit 2 much of a martyr. honestly, i LOVE the idea about the black rose and even the plants coming up. but "taking harryz avada kedavra?" 2 cliched/cheesy. is neville the boy-who-lived, destined to kill voldemort or die? no, not last time i checked. ya, he can be an important figure. but u over did it. 2 much.

THIS IS NOT A FLAME. i absolutely love ur writing. and i love the idea about the whole portrait thing. it is AWESOME. so good job! :D
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