Reviews for A Night of a Thousand Stars
Danny Barefoot chapter 3 . 11/6/2006
Grief? I know it's a kneejerk reaction, but Arthur seems so happy, I wasn't suprised at how Chris reacted. Peter, and the whole gang, that I was suprised by; even up to his hand being dust instead of metal. And Lyra's name wasn't even dropped; things do move on.

I was wondering how Arthur would look by this stage; even if it was healthy as he ever did. His final talk with Chris was great anyway; even after his death, he stands slightly off centre stage, helping and guiding. Sunny and Chris' chat was even better.

I don't know anything about how music works, but I reckon the musical description is pretty good if you do. Only three chapters, and the ending feels unusually satisfying. Very well done.
Danny Barefoot chapter 2 . 11/1/2006
'How can Sunny have a mysterious past if she's under thirty and appears in popular magazines?' But she does, as much as Arthur Shire, and I'd never be able to imagine how much if this was the first time I'd met her. On top of that, even though Chris found out in the end what a great guy Arthur was, it looks like he still has a lot to find out about his life, especially that there are a dozen people he'd like to be able to go to before Chris.

I suppose Chris getting into trouble, not his sister shows misplaced drive...along with the Dust-aura explanation, this story seems very up on people being born into their character and destiny. I think the last two lines of the paragraph about Flora had too big a mood shift between them.

The stars...their colours make me think of the Northern Lights...? Ah, well. God luck with the next chapter.
Danny Barefoot chapter 1 . 10/26/2006
Well, here it is. I get a feeling this is more like the second chapter of His Day's Work, from the pacing; everything's activity, and the main plot is still mysterious.

That said, the initial part is nice scene setting; pity Chris didn't get into Oxford. Did you go to Manchester uni, or am I completely mistaken? It's good to see Sunny again, anyway, and Chris displays his enquiring streak very well.

Sorry I forgot when you asked about potcasting; I never got round to saying that I don't have an Ipod. Waiting for second chapter.