Reviews for Doppelgangers 2
DeathCaller13 chapter 1 . 11/29/2006
lol That was pretty funny. The really funny thing, though, was the fact that I actually understood most of the Dinozuars that you descrived. I've never seen the show before, but it really sounds interesting. XD

And I surely feel sorry about your incident with Bush and whoever the candidate was cutting off your show just so we can watch their personal lives (I'm surprised they didn't show those two in the bathroom. News reporter, "Omgosh! He just wiped HIS BUTT! It's so amazing! What a great canidate!") Err... yeah... I woulda ended up murdering the news people if they cut off one of my shows for something so stupid as that. *hugs* I feel you, dude! (calls all genders "dude")

All in all, really good chapter (long, too. lol). Can't wait to read the next one. Keep up the great work.

~{ DC out! }~