Reviews for A Lesson in Humility
BelleisSwell chapter 1 . 1/19/2014
OMG Thank you for making this story! Ive been looking everywhere for a story about this subject
SavirtriXLeo chapter 1 . 3/6/2009
Oh yeah, go Leo, go Don. The other two soo had that coming. Great story, as always.
Suit of Storms chapter 1 . 7/30/2008
I love this, its awesome! I love how you put the quotes in the story, you allways make them relate to the situation. Well done!
HaiJu chapter 1 . 4/27/2008
Nice family dynamics. :)

I think I would prefer it without the quotes interspersed, though. They're kind of distracting.

ChibiLover123 chapter 1 . 3/28/2008
This is awesome! I love this story!
fren chapter 1 . 7/22/2007
E...! if there's one thing about a martyr-Leo who reminds others he's still just a teenager, it's a martyr-Leo who reminds others he's still just a teenager IN CHARACTER!

that is something i really fell in love with at the end. i love how Leo just kept laughing
Water-smurf chapter 1 . 6/17/2007
"Raph would've gone ballistic on Usagi and Mikey would probably be a nervous wreck." Oh great, now I really want to read that! *nudge nudge* Pretty please write it? *puppy eyes* Needless to say, I really liked reading it and I found it so cute when Don and Leo worked together to teach their brothers a lesson. I always was a sucker for brotherly fluff. :)
aronoiiel chapter 1 . 6/14/2007
*chuckles* This was so awesome! I'm so glad I found this! You've written this wonderfully and I absolutely love how you've done it. Hehe poor Mikey though he does deserve the smacks for bragging so much lol. I highly enjoyed this thanks for sharing it!
innocent-rebel chapter 1 . 1/4/2007
BWHAHAHHA! lol. that was awesome. Leo does have a michevious side the little goober! XD Great job. Loved the reactions to everything as well as Mikey's little plan. lol. that was awesome and so like Mikey. I am so glad someone did this and brought more to the episode! I wish they would show something like this on the cartoon it'd be awesome!Great job!
SaradocCraver101 chapter 1 . 12/23/2006
I love it please update as soon as you can.
Cynlee chapter 1 . 11/19/2006
Excellent story! LOVED the way you told this, with the quotes! I could so see this happening. Nice followup to that episode!
WolfWarden chapter 1 . 10/25/2006
Oh, that was brilliant! Very very very well done. The brothers were all so funny and sweet. Ha ha, at least Leo was sweet...I love the mushy Leo stuff! One of the best things I like about your writing is how vividly the characters' personalities come across. It makes the story just flow along so smoothly.

There were a few issues with lack of commas and one other thing that bothered me. Using italics usually shows thinking or flashbacks. It is very confusing to use them for both with no distinction. I really liked how you integrated dialogue from the past into the present, but I had to pause to wonder if the turtle was actually thinking that now or was that something that he had though/said before. Pick italics for one and a different symbol for the other to give some clarity.

But that's just the punctuation and presentation. Content-wise the story was beautiful. Well told and very funny while being heartfelt. Bravo!

Jessiy Landroz chapter 1 . 10/24/2006
aww~ I liked the way you discribed the events without having to go into too much detail~ and seriously? Mike needs to learn when to keep his big yap shut, we all know already that he's the champoin, so I wish he'd zip it already...

and ah yes, the lovely brotherly interaction; having both Mike and Raph scream Leo's name and dash for him like that, Raph may not admit he cares, and Mike might be too much a goofball, but we know they do care~
BubblyShell22 chapter 1 . 10/24/2006
Awesome story, and it's true. Mikey and Raph both need lessons in humility. This was great, and I liked how you interspersed the quotes. Do another one of these soon. May I make a suggestion? How about doing one after "The Shredder Strikes Back" and "Tales of Leo" sagas? That would be cool. You are an awesome writer.

The Bubbly One,

Chibi Rose Angel chapter 1 . 10/23/2006
Hey what's up! I've read this lovely little piece and your other piece (the one about Leo's attitude from season 4 and how Raph tried to help him) and I must say you have a knack for one shots. Got any more stories up your sleeve? Cause I'm enjoying the heck out of your stuff. By the way, I LOVE absolutely LOVE your name. It amuses the heck out of me! Keep writing!