Reviews for A Feeling of Liberation and Relief
The Confused One chapter 1 . 10/24/2006
YAY! I always love your pieces. They're so great. :) I know I don't review every piece like I should, but that's mostly because I've already read them by the time you post them. Anyway, I love Mike, and you know I love this piece. :) I love Mikey, and I feel so bad for him in this...LOL Anyway, fabulous job, as always. :D
mwendyr chapter 1 . 10/24/2006
This was amazing and you captured Logan so brilliantly. Excellent, loved it.


Hugs :)
blucougar57 chapter 1 . 10/23/2006
What a sensational piece this was. An interesting change from your wonderful Deakins-centric pieces... and you absolutely nailed Logan. I'll be curious to see what you might do if season 6 does end up dealing with the death of Frances Goren.
gorengal chapter 1 . 10/23/2006
That thing you do so well. Another masterful job of entering the mind of one of our favorite detectives.