Reviews for Promise of the What?
Yulandia chapter 2 . 9/24/2011
LOL! Our poor heroes. Is it wrong that I was immediately reminded of Shaggy and Scooby simply because they suffer almost all the 'weirdness' in any given tale? :)
ItsTeotwawki chapter 2 . 1/20/2008
I thought you were going to say something about the "I'm R.A. Salvatore and I can't come up with an original trap so I'll rip off Indiana Jones by using a rolling boulder" moment.


Great first two chapters!
Nuitari Aquarius chapter 3 . 4/13/2007

That's SO true !
NotHerRealName chapter 3 . 3/26/2007
Lovely! All the things Salvatore doesn't mention, eh? I loved chapter 2, all the self-references...
kidstaple1 chapter 3 . 12/14/2006
I have to say, that you did a good job with it. The only thing that pisses me off, is that all you reviewers have done so far... with an exception of a few... have nagged about the book and the characters! Obviously you don't understand the concept of writing... The characters in POTWK, have developed, and are what they are now, because they have changed as R.A. Salvatore wrote it... As simple as that. It sounds like some of you shouldn't really be on this site, until you come to grasp the essence and the understanding of writing... It's called Experience!
Ariel D chapter 3 . 12/2/2006
; It's a wonder Jarlaxle survived that scene entact, especially given Cali's strained nerves.

I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cringe, given the macabre content, but I decided to smile. :)
Nariel chapter 3 . 11/30/2006
Now I know I'm going to be redundant, but...

*evil grin* Poor, poor Artemis.

Do a dragons chapter! Entreri needs to flip out eventually. "Dragons! It's ALWAYS damn dragons with you! Argh!"

Cute... *gulps, realizes said blasphemy and locks the door*

Somehow, I still feel "in danger"... _
Lessiehanamoray chapter 3 . 11/30/2006
A scene that I would not have been surprised if it had happened. Artemis is, in his own way, so easy to tease.
Nariel chapter 2 . 10/31/2006
I did enjoy the book, but the parody is so, so right... _

Poor, poor Artemis.
Ariel D chapter 2 . 10/30/2006
*big grin* I love the last two lines.
Lessiehanamoray chapter 2 . 10/29/2006
I liked this chapter more than the previous one. The last line especially. (You can see that argument going on, can't you.) I also liked the added description of the lich.
Ixloriana chapter 1 . 10/26/2006

Everyone always kicks the crap out of Salvatore's books in review (although they keep reading them, I've noticed...) and PotWK is getting it pretty bad.

It's not that I don't respect people's opinions (and quite often agree with them, although I too keep reading Salvatore's books and probably will until he stops writing them or one of us dies, hehe...) but some of the more unnecessarily mean reviews of the book (like that it was a waste of time) are starting to make me feel bad. I liked the book. I didn't like all of the plot twists, especially a certain thing that happened with a certain assassin and a certain annoying, dumb, whiny, probably-still-out-for-revenge-back-stabbing half-elf chick who shall henceforth not be named... but still, I enjoyed the book, and it makes me kind of sad to see it getting so many bad reviews. I didn't think it was a waste of time and I'll definately read the next one.

If not for the plot, then at least for the characters.

'Cause I love them.

Except certain annoying, dumb, whiny, probably-still-out-for-revenge-back-stabbing half-elf chick.

(...Paranoid and proud... my favorite character always dies, so I trust no one...)
DMC chapter 1 . 10/25/2006
PotWK deserves more than a mild deserves a hard kick to the groin for wasting my time.

With pointless side-characters, a plot that seemed to resemble a drawn out D&D game, and of course crappy character development for one of RAS's most beloved villains, I can't believe there hasn't been a greater backlash among fans.

Callihye...when she was first introduced with her friend (you know the one that died a violent death for seemingly no reason other than to show that Entreri still didn't give a damn?) I thought her friend would be more of the main character, while Callihye would be sort of a side-kick. Of course a lot of characters in PotWK turned out far different than what we thought (including the main characters themselves).

I'm just ashamed that RAS made Entreri attracted to Dwhavel, who I had thought he looked at more of like a older sister...I hate half-orcs now because of that plot-point that was brought up because of those two showing up.

Rapping DWARF?...god I could go on and on about this book.

But I'm sure we all could, so I'll just end this by saying that it was good. Although there is a lot to make fun of so go for a series.

Also is this on Lavender Eyes yet? If not bring it over...I keep forgetting we have a Fanfiction Section sometimes.
Nariel chapter 1 . 10/25/2006
*growls* did you have to remind me of The Bitch?

*slashes voodoo doll to pieces* Die, Calihye, die!

SHI-NE! (those who know Wei├čKreuz will understand what it means )

*sighs* I mean, it's SO obvious Salvatore just inserted her to dispel the slash rumors. Well, he failed. *pouts*

T_T you lucky Americans, you can just walk into a shop and buy the sequel... I'm stuck overseas with a Promise of the Book Shop (heh) that they will order it, and that someday a copy of the sequel may arrive...
Semi-Automatic Bunny chapter 1 . 10/25/2006

Very cleverly done. I think Bob disappointed a lot of his readers by taking conveniant plot short-cuts when he could have actually gave us, I don't know, a little character development instead. As you quite nicely illustrated, darling Entreri's 'love' for the half-elf was far too rushed (and not to mention completely out of character) for him.
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