Reviews for Men of Faith
NemesisInferno chapter 3 . 3/16/2015
I am really enjoying your story so far! I wasn't feeling great today but reading this has cheered me up. :) I love the humour and your writing reads smoothly. Excellent work!
pielover62 chapter 1 . 4/18/2010
I really like the set up here and am looking forward to the rest of the story. I just have one small comment, not a criticism, just a bit of trivia related to this excerpt:

"Dean let go of the map, it's edges wrinkled where his palms had been sweating and gripped his seatbelt where it came across his chest instead. Carefully, he gave it an experimental tug."

Growing up my Mom had a 1972 Chevy and I know it didn't have shoulder harnesses. I don't think cars had shoulder harnesses at all back then, only lap belts.
KateSutherland chapter 5 . 11/26/2008
Yay! I was worried for a minute there, thought there was going to be character death I wasn't prepared for. It's awesome!
bayre chapter 3 . 6/16/2008
Hehehehee...I think this is very funny, and not morbid at all. I'd give it a 1 on the morbid scale.
supernaturalsammy67 chapter 5 . 3/16/2008
AWW great stpry hun x


your a really talented writer hun xx

and it gave such a great laugh as well as action xx

thanks x
Rat chapter 5 . 3/9/2008
No, not the Rawhead! You are brilliant!
Rat chapter 2 . 3/8/2008
Just have to mention, the banter is amazing!
elderwitty chapter 5 . 11/24/2007
you funny. you very very funny. me like. Tarzan speak 'cause overuse of laugh. lack of oxygen kill brain cell. Hulk smash!
heather03nmg chapter 5 . 6/19/2007
I love you, no really I do...I haven't laughed this much in a long time, seriously I laughed so hard that I cried!

You must channel Dean while writing him because you honestly write the best Dean snark of anybody out there (even better than Kripke...shh don't tell him I said that)

The brotherly banter was awesome, you write the boys so true to character.

I still can't believe you ended with the Mercedes Benz song, that's just awesome!
Lynx16 chapter 5 . 1/27/2007
I like your writing style. it's clean, it's consise. you describe things well without over describing them. your dialogue is quick and light, your characters are nicely shaped and formed without relying too heavily on the readers prior knowledge of the show.

all around, very well writen piece. pleasure to read

on the morbid scale, i give it a six. thanks for holding off on the necrophilia jokes. that would have been too far.

i've read some of your other short stories here in this genre. also very well written, well characterized. forgive me for not identifying them individually, but you definitly show some skill in these works. thanks for posting
NC Girl chapter 5 . 1/21/2007
What a breath of fresh air! You are one of the best when it comes to capturing Dean's wit and the brothers’ easy banter. There are parts of this story that actually made me laugh out loud. Thank you for posting this! I can’t wait until your next one.
heartfallen chapter 5 . 1/19/2007
Excellent story!
filan vampire chapter 5 . 1/18/2007
Thanks. I appreciate the story and am glad I have followed through. Nice little twist at the end when the captives actually got Dean.

Thumbs up!
Carikube chapter 5 . 1/18/2007
I loved every single word... and the delay didn't matter to me at all, because I picked up right from where you left off. I've kept this story in my mind all this time, just waiting.. and hoping you'd pick it up again.

You show true grit, girl, collecting yourself from the tragedy that is having lost your memory stick. And you finished this story with sweeping ease, and powerful imagery. I adore these boys, but you portray them in such a way that I fall in love with them all over again.

Sam duck walking! I could so see that, and I could taste his fear. Damn, I held my breath as he's trying to get answers out of those goons.

And your ghost. I adored Henry! Such an amazing and unique OC.

You have a beautiful style, succinct and full of depth. I feel like I'm right there. Thank you for sharing.
Sera and Tails chapter 5 . 12/29/2006
"In-TERRED!” Dean yelps enthusiastically, punching a fist up toward the ceiling." :D

Sheer awesome-ness. In regards to morbidity level... well I'd rate it a 1 (not so morbid) Dunno if that pleases you or upsets you, but I can say that if you start writing about maggots and decomposition of dead bodies I'll change my mind (please don't do that!)


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