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Princess mAlice chapter 1 . 11/26/2015
What's so special about the key? And awh your story is so sad but beautifully written!
Manwathiel chapter 3 . 11/1/2008
What a brilliant story. I'm not much for AU, but this one is unique enough to work. It would be wonderful to see you pick this up again. :)

Pinkkrice chapter 2 . 2/29/2008
...except for when i realize you haven't updated this story in nearly a year because my retarded self thought it said 02-04-07 insted of 03-04-07, and just convinently forgetting the fact that it is now 08 because, well, i ne new glasses DX ugh, i would REALLY love to see you pick up this story. oh well, heres hoping.
Pinkkrice chapter 3 . 2/29/2008
Hmm, this story seems very...very interesting. I would like very much to see what you have in store for this story )

Now then, if I may make what is very simply a few suggestions, you may want to work on caricterization a bit. you know, make everyone a little more in charecter from how they act in the game. Also, the dialog can get a little confusing as to who's speaking at times. And the last thing is with the whole "Axel kills everyone and blows up a house and everyone is okay with this" situation. Personally, i would fix it, for fear it makes things a little less believeable. but that's just a bit of advice which you may or may not take. Oh well.

HOWEVER, on a positive note, this story is extremly morbid and odd, in possably the BEST way possible. It's really , in my opinion, VERY interesting and original. Alot more original than other things on this site. It would be cool if the other girls in the story would make later apearences. I really can't wait to see where you want to take this D

and on a personal note, NOEZ NAMI IS DEAD D that make me all sad...acctually the whole situation is rather sad so what am i talkintg about 0_o. lol anyway, take youre timefor the next chapter! T8ill next time 3
Song Of A Free Heart chapter 3 . 1/30/2008

I know it's a year late, but I'll write a chapter for the contest. Please, please, please, just don't end it...
Kairyuu-san chapter 1 . 7/4/2007
Ooh, very nice, and really interesting . . . -rushes to next chapter-
LKani-X chapter 1 . 6/28/2007
Hello, Agent McFlurry. :D

This is still all the rage over at LJ. Even on DeviantART! Thank you for all of the spooftastic material. xD
I Am SomeoneI Am No One chapter 2 . 3/16/2007
Erm...that's not what I meant, there's this person causing a stir at the LJ Kingdom_Sporking community called 'Fandom Troll" I kinda overeacted. So very sorry.
I Am SomeoneI Am No One chapter 1 . 3/16/2007
Shut it, fandomtroll. You've caused quite a stir over at the community, but that's not stopping us.

One thing is clear: You are a troll.
De-Vampire-Angelique chapter 2 . 3/5/2007
Nicely done. Can't wait to see more

also, I totally understand the whole busy with the evilness that is school thing. Have no fear. Oh, and if you ever need help or anything in geometry or math or anything like that, I am good with it and yeah, so I'll help out if ya like.

Alrighty..keep it up, girlie! XD
Lady Da's Brain chapter 1 . 2/27/2007
*insert law and order joke here*
Demyx Rules chapter 2 . 2/8/2007
Expect an extremely LONG review from me, and don't worry... no flames... I love this story (though only 2 chapters are up)!

When I read the first chapter, I was awe-struck. I can't believe how creative that is! The way you put those girls trapped in the wrath of men, explaining their pain and torture in the cell, for eighteen months (for Kairi at least). The way it was so deeply written when Axel tried his best to save poor Namine from her terrible fate. How to break the news to Roxas... the gifts from Namine... all of it. It's pure genius!

And then after reading this, I was wondering, "Hey, how do people take this story as? It's great! I wonder if all these comments are praises, because they should be." Then, I saw the flame, and... WHAT. A. LOSER. Dude, you only had one chapter up by then, and was complaining that you keep your chapters "hostage"? What the hell! That's ridiculous. I'm not bashing the flamer back, I just think that was rude and uncalled for (I've gotten weird things like that on my stories too). Seems like the stupidity is spreading. Anyway, I think you didn't deserve that. You deserve praise for such a great story (it's still young, but good so far!).

Also, when I read the second chapter... I was amazed again. You still continue the theme, the feeling, everything. You're a very good writer for a sophomore in high school. Truth to be told, I'm a freshman in high school, and... people say I've got good skills too, but... this exceeds most limits I've seen - so incredible!

I wish you good success in this story and its makings. My little sister instantly became a huge fan, and wished there was more than just two chapters. At first, I thought, "What! Only two?" But of course, they were filled with surprises, and as long as I'm patient, I hope that there will be more.

As for chapter 3 that'll soon be coming (I hope), I wish to see how Kairi does at Axel's place (well, if you decide that she tolerates to stay there)... and how she lives everyday life... all those mysteries. I'm not sure what'll happen next, but I really do hope you continue. You're a very good writer, and I respect you in all rights.

- Demyx Rules... a huge Kingdom Hearts fan!
SeraphOfMortality chapter 2 . 2/1/2007
Woo! Again I must review. You tell that person! Flaming is stupid, I mean, after ONE friggin chapter! Crazy ass old person! heehee. Great job! Update soon!
SeraphOfMortality chapter 1 . 2/1/2007
Wowzerz! This is good! It's only this first chappie but I still am amazed. Nami's dead. How sad. Poor Roxi! Ahh, must go read more!
Zeros Naryu chapter 2 . 12/30/2006
Interesting mix. Combining Organization XI with a specialists group like that. I really like what you've written so far and I don't understand why your story seems to be getting so much bad attention. To be completely honest, I'm just glad to see something in Kingdom Hearts fandom that isn't something between Sora and Riku.
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