Reviews for Patching Up the Blood
SerenityAbyss chapter 4 . 9/17/2009
Oh my god, everyone is sad...poor sonic and amy... what the heck is Shadow alive? Lol I need more to figure it out!
StaminaRose chapter 4 . 8/20/2009
hm.. not sure what to make of this fiction, its defintely interesting, but also very confusing. im gonna say its good anyway though, because im pretty sure confusing is what your going for in this situation - were not really supposed to have the entire picture of whats going on all the time, especially since some characters seem to be going loopy.

what seems strange for me is the grieving seems to be a little weird - Sonic knew Shadow as a good guy for the grand total of five minutes and whilst i know he would be sad and say a few words for the guy i just cant see him crying so much or having this nervous breakdown. Surely hes known people to die before - hes been in battle with eggman for years, and if you include the freedom fighters then the chance of him never having anyone die is tiny. it seems disproportionate from what wed expect - the end of SA2 gives perfect represenation of Sonic's attitude, he was sad but in a happy way (If that makes sense) and kinda hopeful for the world.

Amy on the other hand makes more sense in the whole worry front, afterall she was the one who convinced him to go and this causes him to go and die. guilt is strong especially for a girl like Amy who seems insecure with herself sometimes, when the angry hammer girl is stripped away. COmbine that with the fact she obviously connected with him and you have a recipe for angst which is certainly appropriate in this case.

Rouge was one i didnt get at all. Surely she was the closest to Shadow out of anyone, defintely she knew the most about him and had the longest conversations with him. she was really the only one who even had a clue how his mind worked, and surely she felt indebted somewhat for his saving her life.

understandably she would have dealt with death too, being an agent and a thief, but she seems almost entirely unconcerned with his death.

But all thats not to say this isnt enjoyable, i was very happy to find a Sonic fiction i enjoyed after a little time away from finding good ones, and ill be happy to read and review more. So yeah, buh bye.
Project Shadow chapter 4 . 8/16/2009
Emotional and great chapter. 3
The Nevermore Raven chapter 3 . 6/4/2009
Your writing style here was impressive. Definitely impressive. I love this story so far... You did have an occasional typo here and there. XD

The Nevermore Raven chapter 2 . 6/4/2009
I am glad about the screams of fright the pirates had that night. Cannibalism does not score high in my mind... I was appalled by the concept. XP

The Nevermore Raven chapter 1 . 6/4/2009
Wow. Your imagery here was great. I loved the way you described Earth with such detail and flow, making it remarkably easy for me to imagine. This story is great so far. Keep it up!

1520173 chapter 3 . 5/26/2008
Very vivid detail and intense emotion.
Project Shadow chapter 3 . 5/23/2008
Awesome chapter, emotion and description.

The power of the emotion was astounding.

Can't wait for more.
Dragon KeyboardFreak chapter 2 . 10/28/2007
0_0! What happened? what did they catch? WHAT?
Ifab1ndiya chapter 2 . 9/17/2007
That was nice. Interesting, I like how it was told through Sonic's point of view. It was even funny too. Do you have a fic with Christopher/Amy?
muhs chapter 2 . 5/4/2007
Woohoo! Update soon!
Shadow of Miracles chapter 2 . 4/1/2007
Shadow is alive! great chapter Dark, I can see that you did a lot of work into this chapter. It was very well written and I enjoyed it. I really hope Amy can get over her sadness, also I can't wait to see what Shadow will do to those 'pirates' for trying to eat him.

Anyways update soon I'll be waitinf for it.

P.S: I finally updated my story 'Wolf's Fang', thanks again for the info about hospitals.
Shi-Long Begone chapter 2 . 3/2/2007
Splendid, you have updated. These two chapters were glorious indeed, something that have woken me up from my laziness.

They definitely caught the wrong meal indeed; even so, the poor mates!

I am deeply interested so far; please keep going!

Project Shadow chapter 2 . 3/2/2007
That. Was. Amazing.

Brilliant chapter. I liked how you described the trip back to the surface and the emotions they were feeling! That was very well done!

Hm I wonder who the fishermen caught X3

5* chapter. *nods*
muhs chapter 1 . 12/20/2006
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