Reviews for when Batman Breaks
Guest chapter 1 . 6/11/2016
that was very poignant. even beautiful in away!
Guest chapter 1 . 9/19/2013
everytime i read this i love it more.
rangergirl1234 chapter 1 . 9/14/2013
This totally needs to be a two shot. Chapter two could be a few weeks or months down the road. Loved the emotion, but really want more!
Mumofpicklegirls chapter 1 . 3/29/2012
Beautifully done, Babe. just doing some catch up reading and am loving the things I've read so hope that the rest of the stories in your stable are as good as this one

Wish you'd write some more

Vulcan Rider chapter 1 . 7/6/2011
Beautiful piece of work. Sounds like so many of my sons friends who have come back from the middle east. My nephew was so very silent, very "Ranger-like" on leave from Christmas through New Years before he left again. He didn't talk much about the bad stuff that happens over there, but he alluded to many terrible things that he wouldn't want anyone he loved to have to see; have to live with.

You really nailed the desperation in his mind, his need for Steph's closeness, and her unfailing acceptance of him. I loved the emotion that literally poured out of these words. What wonderful talent you have to make the readers feel that. Thanks for sharing it.

Madame Band Geek chapter 1 . 7/1/2011
This fiction had me choking back tears the entire time. It broke my heart. And that is before we even get into the matter that is the song "Iris"- one of my all-time, absolute, top favorite songs ever.

This story is impeccable. I love the way you've worked the lyrics into the story- that is pure brilliance. And I am a huge fan of RangerPov- a huge, huge fan. You did his perspective fantastically.

It was flawless, really. Beautiful. A job well done.
Barb4psu chapter 1 . 12/11/2010
great story
Mik N'jirnav chapter 1 . 8/29/2010
Loved this, very poignant.
lea-pee chapter 1 . 5/2/2010
Great story with lots of emotion. Well written.
dennavieve chapter 1 . 5/25/2009
I love this song... Iris, right?

And it totally fits with what you were going for... Batman Breaking... Perfect!
ute0724 chapter 1 . 5/11/2009
I really liked this story. Sad and compelling. I love the introspective, dark, humanized Ranger. I want him to be bother Batman AND human and you managed to write that. Beautiful story.
JillieJo chapter 1 . 4/23/2009
Wonderful! This is Ranger! Thank you
Sharlmalfoy chapter 1 . 1/11/2009
Oh my God! The line “you’re the closest to heaven I’ll ever be. I love you.” left me completely breathless. I actually went "aw!" out loud!

Absolutely loved it! Amazing job with this one! Thank you!

-Sharly xx
schaefy chapter 1 . 11/27/2007
That is such an incredible story! I read it a while ago but I don't think I reviewed it so I figured I would now. Its really nice to see ranger so vulnerable for once, not batman forever, that he does have a sensitive side. I really liked the way you wrote it - I wish I could produce something half as good as that! I'm currently planning a songfic to Snow Patrols "You could be Happy" could you read it when I post it and tell me what you think?

Thanks so much and great story!


PS: Are you going to add anything to this one?
NixBabySis chapter 1 . 7/14/2007
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