Reviews for Nymphadora's Wolf
Erica chapter 6 . 7/2/2016
Love it! So sad there are no more Tonks/Lupin stories from you, your stories are full of talent.
RemusTonksperfect chapter 6 . 9/8/2013
Your storys are truly amazing. i spend most of my nights going over and over your stories and now ive finally got my acc can you help me with inspiration to write MY story

pretty plz

pretty plz with a cherry on top?
nvulpeculatonks chapter 6 . 8/19/2011

"Snerf Snerf"


nvulpeculatonks chapter 4 . 8/19/2011
I love this idea for Lupin's backround and how they, like, possess him, sorta. The Scholar rocks! He's cool! And The Scamp has become my new best friend! He's funny, and he reminds me of Dung Fletcher, who is also me best friend. I really need to make some new best friends...
nvulpeculatonks chapter 1 . 8/19/2011
Awww! So sad! I like this style, actually. It's kinda fun. So glad your writing for HBP! CAN'T WAIT FOR WIMPLES! If you saw my coments on the last story, you'll know how much of a Wimples fan I am.
Aria657 chapter 6 . 12/30/2010
Yeah, it was wrong. But you already know that, it was cute anyways, except for the fact that Snape is still seen as a bad guy. I just don't like that because I thought it was really sweet that Snape had done everything because he loved Lily. I love James/Lily, but I just thought that was really sweet. And their baby was a boy! I love Teddy, and the baby can't be Teddy if he's a girl! But, you wrote this before that came out, so I don't really care! Great job, I loved it!
JustYourAverageRavenclaw chapter 6 . 6/17/2010
Hi, just wanted to say that I love your stories. Remus Lupin is one of my favorite characters, and I've always felt that Tonks is perfect for him.

You're a really good author, coming up with all the background information about the ancestors and things like that. It makes the story so interesting, because Lupin's background was never fully explained by JKR.

Also, I wanted to tell you that I thought it was amazing that you created that ending before book seven even came out. I mean, you predicted the scar-is-a-horcrux thing! I never even considered it until I read it in the book. I'm not sure which one I like more, but I know that I like remus and Tonks survicing. that's one of the things I hated about book seven. Why did they have to die? :(

Anyway, please excuse my rambling and take these compliments and smile. :)
Werewolf's One chapter 6 . 4/23/2010
Hm... I really appreciate all of your stories. I'm so happy that this "journey" of yours had a happy ending- all these stories together, that is. I really loved reading these when I first found , and you'll always be one of my favorite authors. Thank you for providing such a thurough and amusing series of fics on my favorite characters.

I really enjoyed the image of her hair changing colors at the end, too. One of my favorite parts in all your fics!

ciana chapter 6 . 12/28/2009
sorry,but you were very wrong about book 7 (unfortunately)I much prefer your ending! I love Lupin and Tonks!
AJandtheVoicesInMyHead chapter 6 . 10/26/2009
Read "Nymph vs Wolf" back in '06, but never reviewed...thought I'd come back to take another look after seeing the 6th movie for the first time. Was thrilled to find the sequel up...thought you should know that everything up to the epilogue is my official cannon (creepy how well that all still fits...until, of course JKR lost her beautiful mind and threw them away...)Much belated love! Your talent is greatly missed.
bmthespian chapter 6 . 9/4/2009
I never reviewed your stories when I read them a couple of years ago so I just wanted to take the time to say home much I enjoyed both your Remus and Tonks series. I was sad to see you apparently decided not to right the final story you were planning on doing at the end of 2007. I hope one day you decide to finish it.
Wolviesfan chapter 6 . 8/7/2008
Oh my God! I can't believe I overlooked your writing when I first started looking for Lupin/Tonks fics. I'd leave a review for each story but I'd probably flood you with gush if I did. While I loved both your storylines I actually enjoyed the Venificus primo storyline more - I feel there's enough angst both in real life and with the wizarding war in fantasy so the more 'happy' storyline was more to my liking. Hope you do manage to write the final story you mentioned in your last note - I for one would love to read it.
shallina284 chapter 1 . 8/27/2007
simply delightful. couldn't comment in the last page so i tell you i'm referring to the whole story :)
Half-Blood Princess chapter 6 . 8/25/2007
Long-time reader here, just touching base for the last time in regards to R/T -

Thanks for these fun stories. I may be unusual in still preferring your first series written pre-HBP, but I've enjoyed them both and particularly appreciate the fascinating backgrounds you created for Remus in each scenario.

I almost hate to bring up the topic, but what did you think of DH?
I am a tie chapter 6 . 8/19/2007
I loveKingsley Shacklebolt he is awsome!

Poor remus though, Aberforth is awsome though,

I love "My Big Brother's Clean-up list" Dumbledore's are awsome!

But personaly i don't want to be attacked by Aberforths goats...thanks.

Moody is aldo awsome, protecting Tonks hhee he

I can so see Hagrid saying 'lurv's true path'. Oh wow!

Hagrid is also amazing.

But once again poor remus


I Hope Tonks is feeling the love! lol

And MY ffavourite would so be McGonagall she is amazingly awesomely kool!

Although I would say that Fleur is a close second.

Ohh and may I please join the Wayward Werewolf hit squad?


Hey you were close guessing with what happened in book seven!

I LOVE the Remus V.S Wimples rivalry!

I love that remus wants to flaunt his child to Wimples, I think thats hilarious!

AND i cant beleive it





great job

I really like this story!
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