Reviews for Travelers of the Other World
Illusioned Gaia chapter 1 . 11/30/2006
I have been asked to review the story by special request from the author. In fact I have become so engrossed in the story, that all I can think of is to review the opening and endings. Let's start with that, shall we?

Now, I want you to prove to me that this is a new story. Just saying this is new and shouting an exceptional scream does not make it new. I can say, "I am a new boy! Yes!" But this statement is entirely false. I am 16 years old. That is not new to any human standards. Shame on you for not explaining how this story is new. I am appalled at your exclusion of vital information. This story could be 30 years old and you are claiming it as new.

Now, you have this other person with you that you call "Torio." I like him. He is very responsible for who he is. He also has a kind of wit that is unmatched by others. I cannot believe the spelling and grammar errors he has. I need you to do something about him. He is ruining the experience for everyone.

You wanted to write while it was fresh in your head? How dare you! You need to make the idea swirl around in your head for hours at a time! That way all the ideas can come together to form a more cohesive story! They can make the story that much better! I cannot believe you would actually do something like that! Please think of the children next time you actually decide to write a story! Your story needs time to process. Think of all the better it could be!

Humph. You say you do not own Transformers or Final Fantasy 4. I say you are LYING! You DO own Final Fantasy 4. I've seen the cartridge, right there in your DS. Do not deny it! The power of Christ compels you! Then you have the gall to tell us not to sue you? HOW DARE YOU TELL PEOPLE WHAT OR WHAT NOT TO DO! They can sue you however and whenever they want. They might not get money, but they can get possessions and take money out wherever they can. NEVER tell people what to do! They will most always do the opposite.

Now, you say this story does not contain spoilers, yes? But I think in your little head the introduction does not count as a story, because I see spoilers in this intro. I had no idea that Ransack and Crumplezone got to Earth before the whole Decepticon monster thing! You've ruined the series for everyone and now I can't bring myself to keep reading on, this is just so heartbreaking to have the story spoiled so bluntly. And I do not think Skywarp is a cannon. Shame on you for getting things mixed up. And then, after these HUGE bombshells have been dropped, you then have ANOTHER spoiler. Is this story readable at all without all the spoilers? I would like to think so, but I don't know. I will have to find out.

Yes, let us get this show on the road! If this was a show, not a piece of writing, and if we were actually on the road, not a computer chair, we may.

After the story now...

I see there is turmoil within your brain. Torio does not seem to like this ending of yours. See what I told you about keeping things in your mind until everything becomes really stale so they are good? Yes, I think you know what I'm talking about now.

I cannot believe it. You are asking us for help. How dare you! You are the writer of this! By having people help you with this can cause great destruction! People will crowd the streets fighting over who owns this story, since they all claim to have helped it by giving you the names of the four elemental lords. Then, you're not only asking for that, but you are asking for the killer of Edge's Parents? GAH! A spoiler! NO!

Then after all this has happened, you ask us to review this story. I do not see how they can with all the spoilers about throughout this story. You even have spoilers in the opening and ending! How dare you! HOW DARE YOU!

I conclusion, I would like to say that this story shall be heard throughout the ages. It shall go down in history as a story that had elements of both Transformers and Final Fantasy, that I can tell. I haven’t exactly read the story, as I was so enraged by the opening that I could not bear myself to read the story in fear that it would ruin my grammar and spelling forever. I think this story should be posted on this site. I cannot say anything more than that it was posted in an appropriate section. I can say though that I think this story was misnamed. I would call it the superb name of “TransFantasy.” It is an appropriate title for a story of this nature in many ways. It would also attract more controversy and hits. Otherwise, I guess I could say jolly good show? I do not know. It’s always so confusing.

Till next time, I would like to say Goodbye…
MobiusXIII chapter 1 . 11/2/2006
Its me again, and yes the name is spelled Lugae. This story could use some spelcheck, but other than that, its really good.