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Aria Saralyn chapter 31 . 11/12/2007
Oh, I feel so bad for Jason! And Lois. But at the same time, I'm very very happy that Lois and Clark are getting along again! Great chapter!
mamaXunicorn chapter 31 . 11/12/2007
Aw...that is incredibly sad. Poor Jason.
NiteAngel chapter 30 . 11/7/2007
lol...that was so god!

wow. i'm so impressed with your writing and your writing and u'r writing and u'r story line and characterization and how emotive the whole thing is and

eek! i LOVED it! you're SO good at this. i have been totally hooked on this story! aagh!

i'm glad jason didn't leave you alone so you had to write this.

thanks heaps for a wonderful read and a really cool journey through the life of jason white and his now lovely wife kate


NiteAngel chapter 26 . 11/7/2007
ok. i've started reading u'r story since y'day and i am so in awe of this story!

i mean...i've enjoyed every minute of growin up with Jason and how he has gone from being a boy to a teenager to an adult and WOW!

like ... totally... wow!

and u captured jason so well! like he's such a GUY! and it was SO real! like his thought processes...not that i would know but from what i DO know of guys it seems pretty accurate and if you had help from u'r hubby then there's more credence to u'r character, hey?

ok. i laughed and laughed and LAUGHED about clark being supposedly "gay" i mean...i KNEW Kate didn't know that clark was supes but i wasn't expecting THAT...i thought she might think he's ...actually not sure exactly what i thought she'll think but yeah

ok. i'm going to keep going with this story...

i have been so hooked!


lere chapter 30 . 10/30/2007
I love, love, love the father and son moment between Clark and Jason. There is still a knot in my throat. Beautiful scene and great chapter.

Thank you and a hug from Brazil.
Moonlight234 chapter 30 . 10/30/2007
The ending was amazing! My favorite part was the name game :) This chapter brought a smile to my face.
Trekkie6 chapter 30 . 10/30/2007
Chapter updates 3 weeks in a row? Somebody’s on a roll…

Generations? Gee, I wonder what that means…

What’s with the 6582 at the top of the page? Word count?

{No matter how nicely the nursery is decorated or how many blankets you have or how well stocked your supply of diapers is, you will always want more time.} heh heh And more diapers.

{However, what forty weeks does do for you is make you appreciate how normal your wife was before she was pregnant.} *hard snort*

{I brought home her favorite chicken salad one night as a surprise only to have her dart to the bathroom and throw up.} I’m only laughing cuz it’s her most favorite thing in the world!

{Kate happily bought her fair share, stating that she needed to try one from a new vendor every day.} LOL! I love women.

{I knew there wasn’t anything she could say that would help me understand} Hey, you don’t control your hormones; they control you.

{it was starting to anger me, so much so that I actually broke down one day and tried to put it in terms that she would understand.} You broke down or broke “it” down?

Has he ever *tried* blowing things? To see if he has that power?

{“And I know that my fear of fire is no different from your abandonment issues.”} Dangit, I missed that too! Well no wonder she was pissed…

{I’ll stop talking about how much I don’t want to go if you get rid of one of the fire extinguishers.”} She oughta club him with one of them.

{However, there were still four extinguishers in the apartment when I left for England} ROFLMBO! Woman’s prerogative!

{I didn’t get much sleep, and I know she didn’t either, for several of my calls came in the middle of the night for her.} Sometimes, sleep doesn’t matter.

{I went with her to the airport and simply held her for a long time right there in the middle of the entrance to the concourse.} VISUAL! And it’s really nice…

{facing nearly another four weeks before I saw her again was torture} And she’ll be bigger by then too.

{Given the time difference as well as the fact that Clark was so much faster than an airplane, I arrived home two days early.} Awesome. Flying the friendly skies without something to sit on. Dunno where *that* came from…

{Kate screamed and bolted up and out of my reach.} ROFL! DUH! What’d you think she was gonna do?

{“Jason? What are you doing here?”

“I live here.”} Smack him with a pillow.

{“I’m glad. I missed you.”

“I missed you.”} Now look at her tummy…

{“I think… I think this is amazing,”} Isn’t it? And aren’t pregnant women beautiful?

{“You’re not fat. You’re pregnant.” I stated for what would be the first of many times.} lol

{“And you’re beautiful.”} He agrees.

{“We can… and we should!”} lol Amen!

{Everything else had been so normal and familiar that I had hoped this meant the majority of her unusual behavior had passed with her first trimester.} HA!

{She could remember each and every detail she had read or that had spoken by the doctor} *holds finger to lips then points to sentence*

{She even said, “I feel like I’m losing my mind!” I agreed with her one hundred percent, but I didn’t dare say it out loud.} You’d be sleeping on the couch otherwise.

{But it was the announcement that the baby was a boy that caused all the commotion.} Aw, they didn’t wait…

{“How about Joshua?”} I will forever hate that name thanks to my brother.

{“How about Albert?”} Once he’s an adult, yeah.

{“He’d be called Al and I don’t really like the sound of Al White.”} lol Sounds like “All White”.

{“No, Lex Luthor’s father was named Lionel.”} That magnificent bastard. On Smallville anyway. Lionel, not Lex.

{“Elliott’s good.”

“No, it makes me think of that kid in E.T.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

“Extra Terrestrial?”

“Oh.” } *falls over laughing* Yup. ET or Smelliot is what I call my sister’s friend.

{“How about Fred?”} Drop Dead Fred! Wow, I’ve gotten to use that twice in one week…

{“Olaf?”} EW!

{“Alastar?”} If he’s rich.


“No, it makes me think of someone’s rear end.”} ROFL WHY?

Sean is nice.

{And so for nearly an entire week the baby was going to be named Sean. That was until we got a birth announcement in the mail from one of Kate’s friends stating that she had named her baby Sean.} Don’t you hate when that happens?

{I had to deal with a wife with swollen feet who would send me out first thing in the morning for pizza.} Pizza’s awesome.

{Ultimately, we got a crib that was made of dark wood that Kate liked.} Cuz dark wood’s the best.

{She said it was because the baby craved sunlight, and at night, when the sun was down, the baby needed extra warmth.} lol That’s just logical enough to make sense to use as an excuse to stay warm.

{“Eric. Eric White.”} YAY! What about a middle name? Kent would be a nice gesture, but it doesn’t sound right. Darnit. Clark? Ick. I think he should look like Clark. *moves off into her own little world* This is what I normally do until you give me the answers, lol

{I waited a whole week for her to find fault with the name before taking my mother’s suggestion and getting a rattle engraved.} Aww!

{All the hesitation and worry she had placed on making sure the baby wouldn’t arrive early was channeled into her growing frustration over why the baby was so late!} Those darn Kryptonian half-breeds…

{“It’s going to take a while. I should stay here until the contractions get a little stronger.”} 9 minutes apart right?

{“They will want to give me drugs and I don’t want that.} No needles!

{“Just know that if you want some pain relief, we have options that won’t hurt the baby.”} Shouldn’t those be the *only* options?

{“I don’t want any drugs,” Kate repeated.} She’s a strong woman. But is she gonna get an epidural at all?

Did you notice that you didn’t give the doctor a gender?

{Clark had told me a while back that when the time came, he would be close, but that he wouldn’t be in the hospital with us.} Roof?

{she grabbed my hand and squeezed so hard that her fingernails actually left a mark.} Cool.

{“Just a few more pushes and this baby will be born!”} Baby Born, Baby Born! Sorry, I saw one of those blasted dolls today…

{I could feel it though the vice-like grip she had on my hand.} *points again*

{she used all her energy to bring our baby into the world} I love that he says that.

{I had thought that I would find the experience too graphic to watch, but in reality, I couldn’t pull my eyes away from him.} I love watching babies be born. Miracles indeed.

{His head was covered in dark, curly hair} Score one for me!

{And then everything changed. The mood in the room suddenly shifted as the nurse picked up the baby and whisked him over to the examination table that had been brought a short while ago. The other nurses in the room crowded around him so that he was blocked from our sight.} I thought that said sunlight…*suspenseful music plays* I watch too much ER.

{“And we need to start and IV,” another said.} *points again* Does it mean I’ve taken too much math in my lifetime that that looks like 4 to me?

{When they didn’t move, I pushed them aside and pulled the table the few inches necessary to place the baby directly into the path of the sunlight pouring into the room.} Daddy!Jason in action!

{the doctor shouted at me, but I ignored him.} It’s a boy! LOL

{“Come on, little guy,” I said softly to the infant. “Feel it.”} I hope nobody asks questions…

{“Blue,” she said tenderly.} SCORE!

{“He looks like you,” she observed.} Oh so close! But then, the boy does have some growing to do…

{“That’s all you, Jason. Those genes of yours are too strong.”} LOL What’s wrong with Jason’s nose?

{“Honey,” I groaned. } He called her honey! *swoon* I love them. And I love you for making them.

{Leave it to my ever-impatient mother to want to be the first one to see the baby.] Can you blame her?

{Every single one of them commented on how much the baby looked like me, which made me blush and feel a bit guilty for it.} lol Why?

{The comment drove home the fact that Clark wasn’t there, and out of instinct my eyes met Dad’s. I could tell he was thinking the same thing I was, only he seemed very angry about it.} Angry about Clark not being able to be there or because he also is angry at Clark?

{“I don’t know how you trust him, Jason.”} We do! So *sticks out tongue*!

{I refused to believe that he would miss this} He wouldn’t miss it for the world, no pun intended.

{He was standing off to the side of the hallway, looking as if he were hiding from something.} Why is he hiding?

{“So, why don’t you come in and see them?”

He hesitated. “It just feels…” He shook his head. “I don’t want to intrude.”} *bonks him over the head*

{Well, this is your grandson and today is the day he was born. Now, are you going to go in and see him or stay out here and miss holding your grandson on the day he was born?”} Geez, how many times is Jason gonna have to knock some sense into you?

{I led him into the room, but he stopped just inside the door.} Nervous much?

{“Clark Kent, meet Eric Jonathan White. Eric, this is your grandfather.”} Even better. And EJW makes an awesome monogram.

{“You want to hold him?”} HOLD HIM!

{“I’ve never held a newborn baby before,”} They’re teeny. Don’t let him get lost in your hands.

{“He’s so tiny!” he marveled. “It doesn’t feel like he weighs anything.”} Well I bet he doesn’t to you!

{“I’m going to be waking up every few hours anyway to feed him.”}If you thought you weren’t able to sleep before…

{We’ve noticed that sunlight and Kate’s voice seem to grab his attention.} Aww.

{Clark just stared down at Eric for a good long while, taking in all of his delicate features one by one.} He’s gonna start crying isn’t he?

{I couldn’t imagine not having the chance to hold my little son, and I knew that the tears forming in Clark’s eyes were not just for the joy he felt for Eric, but for the sadness he felt for me as well.} Score.

Father/son hug! Now I’m tearing up. *plucks you*

{He was a father who just needed to hold his son. For the first time, I clearly understood what that meant.} Aw.

{But no more of this ‘I don’t want to interfere’ garbage, okay?”

“You got it.”} Amen. Good times from here on out.

{“It’s your family, too, you know.”

He seemed taken aback by the comment, as if he’d never considered it that way. “Thank you, Jason.”} I’m gonna say “aw” again so deal with it.

{“We can’t call him Eric!”

“What do you mean we can’t call him Eric?” I whined.

“The Little Mermaid!”

“What about it?”

“Eric was her prince!”


“He’ll be teased!”} ROFLMBO As old as The Little Mermaid is by then, I doubt anyone would care. Besides, it’s nice and normal. If anything, a girl would be teased for being named Ariel.

{I like the name Eric. We picked Eric. We told everyone that his name was Eric. I even got the damn rattle thingy engraved with Eric! His name is going to stay Eric!"

“Okay. If you say so.”} He does. So it was spoken, so it was written.

YAY! Babies make me happy. And I’m so glad these two get to be parents. They’ve come so far as characters in their own right and they deserve to be happy.
ArellaoftheLuvara chapter 30 . 10/30/2007
“NO!” we said in unison, getting an odd look from not only the doctor, but also the two nurses in the room.

“I don’t want any drugs,” Kate insisted.

“Okay,” the doctor said with a shrug. “Just know that if you want some pain relief, we have options that won’t hurt the baby.”

“I don’t want any drugs,” Kate repeated.

I had an "Oh!" moment here... finally realized why Kate was so insistent... because they think all the human meds were what made Jason so sick as a child, right? . *feels smart* Heehee, the name-game was so funny to watch... and the scenes at the end with Clark were just perfect. *sniff*

I can't wait to see where you go with this next!
xyvortex chapter 30 . 10/30/2007
Great! I was wondering though... Since certain genes could lay dormant a generation or two and the possibility that Kryptonian DNA may be dominant, couldn't Eric have more of his grandfather's characteristics rather than less?
AgiVega chapter 30 . 10/30/2007
That was a cute chapter. I love the part when Jason and Kate were looking for a name and said "Harry", "As in Potter?" LOL.

Around the end, when Clark and Jason hugged and said "I love you's", I had tears in my eyes. Those tears already found their way down my cheeks when Kate shouted that funny line about Ariel's prince, and then I burst out laughing. I was crying and laughing at the same time. Which is great. :D How many chapters to go?
Pony R chapter 30 . 10/30/2007
Okay. I officially cried when Clark grabbed Jason and hugged him following Eric's birth.

Trekkie6 chapter 29 . 10/27/2007
{In all, I had pretty much spent two years of my life with Kate morning and night, so I figured that being married wouldn’t be that much different.} HA! Talk about a rude awakening.

{We had entered the real world with real schedules and real jobs, and our two jobs didn’t mesh well.} Scary. And ungood as my sister would say, lol.

{She worked mostly daytime hours from eight in the morning} 8? GAH! I’m just getting up by then…

{My performance at the contest earned me a position as an intern with the Metropolis Symphony Orchestra.} Good for you!

{Philip Bradford} Significant name?

{It was only a matter of time before he would stick his foot in his mouth and be replaced.} Gee, I wonder by whom…

{Yet, as it was, rehearsals were usually from noon until five on non-performance days.} And on performance days I guess he’d be there all night.

{Kate and I played tag for dinner, meeting up in cheap restaurants or packing a dinner to take to the park.}AWW!

{For newlyweds, we really hardly ever saw each other.} Definitely puts a crimp in the sex life.

{Kate and I celebrated that evening by having a nice dinner and making love until we were too exhausted to move.} ROFL Sounds like fun to me.

{I played over the pieces given me every chance I got.} Missing a word?

{Mozart’s Piano Concerto in E-flat…Beethoven’s Piano Concerto Number 5 in E-flat} You know, one of these days when I reread this ONCE AGAIN, I’ll have to write down all these songs and download them.

{I insisted that Kate come along with me knowing she would have a good time spotting the rich and famous.} Heck, who wouldn’t.

{Once or twice I noticed a few of the men sizing her up, but I would wrap my arms around her and hold her intimately so there was no question that she was my wife.} Yeah, so eyes off! She’s taken!

{I pulled her close and dipped her backwards. When she came up, she nearly collapsed onto the floor.} If I didn’t know why, I’d be panicking.

{She was still unsteady, so I easily scooped her up and held her.} AW! I wonder how many times I’m gonna do that this round…

{I called her three times the next day from work to check on her, which annoyed the living crap out of her.} lol I was just thinking the same thing.

{I knew this because she shouted it at me over the phone the last time I called.} rofl

{I found her sitting at the kitchen table drinking a cup of tea and looking oddly calm.} Well tea tends to do that to people you know. Especially when they think they know what’s wrong with them.

{The only thing worse than “I’ve been thinking” is the phrase “We need to talk.” Kate had just dished out both of them in one fell swoop.} DUN DUN DUNN!

{Whatever she needed to say, it could not be good.}lol Depends on how soon you wanted to be a daddy.

{My legs crumbled under me as I slid down onto a chair. } ROFLMBO! Well, she told you to sit!

{“Um… what?”} I’m hearing Jason’s high voice there, lol

{“And I’m late.”

The bottom fell out of my stomach.} Yep. That tends to do it.

{Positive was positive any way you sliced it.} Or peed on it.

{Our evening was spent looking at each other sideways and having random bits of awkward conversations that all seemed rather pointless when you’re sitting next to your wife who may be pregnant. Forget even trying to sleep, because having her body against mine was only a reminder that there might be a third party with us.} That’s just hilarious.

{“These tests aren’t 100 accurate.} Forget a lil something there…

Needles aren’t so bad. Unless you’re *giving* blood. Now those things are monsters.

{“I want to wait,”} She’s in denial. Afraid to face the truth. Can’t blame her though. She’s still young. I wouldn’t want to have had a baby at her age.

{I figured it was best to let her have it her way, since she was the one who was pregnant, and just do what she asked.} Woman’s prerogative.

{“No, listen to me,” she stood up. “I have known too many women who got their hopes up and then went to the doctor and found out that it wasn’t going to happen.} Oh. Well then there’s that too. The girl’s got a point.

{I felt an unknown pull to keep my hand resting protectively over her abdomen.} AW! That’s 3!

{She was pregnant, and I, as her husband, needed to be with her.} AW! 4!

{she laughed, and burst into a series of excited squeals and giggles that were so out of character for her.} lol Totally got a visual off of that.

{“I’ve been a little queasy, and my boobs hurt,} Hurt boobs suck!

{“You don’t want children?”} Don’t jump to conclusions. You’ve had this conversation before.

{“Like the fact that she blames herself for you asthma.”} typo

{“Because she smoked all the way through her first trimester. She didn’t do it on purpose, really, but she didn’t know she was pregnant.”} Wow, never even thought of that. *smacks self*

{I thought about it for a moment, stunned that I’d never considered that as an option for my asthma. I’d always blamed my poor mixture of Kryptonian and human DNA} Maybe it was both.

{I think the more medicine you took, the harder your body fought against it, which only made you sicker. Does that make any sense?”} Yes.

{To my surprise, it did make sense to me.} Don’t be so surprised. Kate is a smart woman.

{We’ll just have play it by ear… just like every other set of parents on this planet.”} Missing a word there.

{We made love just before the reception that I fainted at and I was pregnant then, we just didn’t know it.”} Girl’s got a point.

{“Not that you aren’t gentle. I mean, you’re usually very gentle—”} lol Kate, shuddup!

{“Kate,” I snapped.


“Shut up,”} Dude I rawk.

{“I want to see that the baby is all right. I want to see him with my own eyes before I start telling everyone.} Besides, it’ll give you time to enjoy just the two of you knowing.

{You don’t have anything Monday night, do you?} hehe, You put those words together and I think of football. But it’s July. And I don’t even watch football…

{“Knowing there’s a baby here, you mean.”} Is that a question?

Twenty weeks is *thinks* about 4 months. Yeah, I think I might want to side with Jason on this one. Six weeks is a long time to be away from anyone. Pregnant or not. Although, if he *did* go to Europe, he could get Clark to fly him home a couple of times a week.

{“This doesn’t have anything to do with you and me, does it?” she asked. “This is about your mom and Clark.”} *slaps self* I can’t believe I didn’t even pick up on that!

{“Kate, don’t ask me to leave you,” I pleaded.} AWW! 5!

{But it was the addition of the faint, almost imperceptible fluttering coming from deep within her that held my attention.} *smile*

{A sound that changed my life forever. A gentle sound that left me amazed by the complexity of its existence. All that from something as simple as a child’s heartbeat.} AW! 6!
realb chapter 29 . 10/24/2007
Very nice as always, but I just want to send a constructive comment to make your story even more realistic. Here in the U.S, Kate would not be able to get a job as a counselor who actually provides individual counseling and see clients with a psychotherapeutic role with a bachelor degree. She would need to have at least a Masters degree to be a counselor or clinical social worker and a Doctoral degree to be a Psychologist.

Keep up with the good work. This fic is great!
Laura chapter 29 . 10/22/2007
Oh my god! This is one of the best fanfics I have ever read! Are you like JK Rowling or something?
Wahoogal06 chapter 29 . 10/22/2007
Oh yay! Another part-Kryptonian child! AW!

I really liked how you brought the whole abandonment issue up again but without throwing it blatantly in our faces. The fact that Jason wants to be with his wife instead of going on tour seems perfectly natural until she raises the issue and then the reader is left going "That makes perfect sense! Wow!"

The last paragraph was really sweet too, when he's listening to the heartbeat and talking about how this links the two of them more than any marriage certificate. Very nice touch.

I can't wait to read the next chapter, thank you so much for updating as soon as you did!
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