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bigherb81 chapter 25 . 11/20/2010
Wow a lot going on here, especially the end that's a little eerie. I'm also a little curious about the star gazing thing and what's eating Ron. But great job on this chapter really looking forward to the next chapter.
MrDrP chapter 25 . 11/7/2010
Another well written installment, though I say this with reservations.

One thing about this story that has troubled me is the, for me, insufficient attention paid to the feelings Kim and Ron had - and have - for each other. While it is healthy for Ron to no longer be pulling out Kim's picture, it was still depressing to read. To think that Kim is now just a memory, especially because Bonnie is in his life, makes for a bleak image. I'd think that Ron would always love Kim and that would shape who he was and what he did till the day he died, even if he did find himself with someone else.

I also find Kim's reactions to Ron and his being with Bonnie less than satisfying. She's always going to be stuck with her unresolved romance with him. She may no longer get to be Ron's girlfriend, but that doesn't mean she shouldn't still love him. Yes, she could adjust to her situation and want to see him do well, but I'd think there'd be more palpable resentment, towards Yori at least, for depriving her of her love.

My hope is that at some point Mariko will spill the beans to her dad so Kim and Ron can at least connect. I don't see romance, for obvious reasons, but I'd like to see some resolution and acknowledgment of feelings, even if the situation makes it impossible to restore what has been lost.

All that said, you did a great job of shifting from ruminations to a great cliff hanger ending.
MrDrP chapter 24 . 11/7/2010
As always, this was a very well written chapter.

You continue to bring Kim to life, so to speak. What stood out, though, were the original characters: Mariko and Justy. They're the ones with real heart and soul - and a sign it's time for you to be spreading your wings beyond fan fiction. After all, you, my friend, are a real, live writer!
Isamu chapter 25 . 11/6/2010
Another chapter so soon? Awesome! I won't pester you for more right off, but naturally I'm hoping for more soon as well!

Review wise, another solid if quite chapter. It had a good pace, and I was eager to read it through. More added to the Justy mystery. And the echo of the fear Kim still has for her family.

On little request: come on man, answers! Please, oh please, just a hint of one even, one of the many oddities of the situation having some light shead on. You know, when you're ready and all. As long as that's soon.

Please and thank you!

Water and Shade
flakeflippingsnowgypsy chapter 25 . 11/2/2010
I feel the need to defend myself, here. I did NOT rip the original draft to shreds! I might have frayed it a little at the edges, but you sewed it up nicely (as you always, always do). :)
Joe Stoppinghem chapter 25 . 11/1/2010
You're starting to make me tear up a bit, with the scene of Ron still not over Kim. Also, the place better be called 'Kimberly's' that is beyond great.

I wonder when Kim and Ron will have a 'conversation'. I'm sure Mariko will have to be the translator. Awk-weird.

Thanks for the quick update, keep up this pace and I'll have to start working on my projects.

Oh, and please let Kim be a part of Mariko's first dance somehow and not just jump in the timeline.
whitem chapter 25 . 11/1/2010
Sorry I didn't get the previous chapter reviewed, but I can say the same thing here and refer to both chapters.

Ever since I read the previous chap, I've been racking my brain as to what would justify (no pun intended) the different reaction between Justy and Kim. Blood relation has nothing to do with it, MMP has nothing to do with it... Possibly an emotional thing thing since he's in Love with Mariko?

And as for how you ended this chapter... So not good. Ninjas and Samurai Warriors do not get along...

As always, looking forward to the next installment...
Quathis chapter 25 . 11/1/2010
Liked the timeless way this chapter made Kim feel, like how she doesn't exactly remain secure in one time given her memories. The whole Ron/Bonnie sitch right now reminds me of So The Drama between her and Brick - "are they or aren't they?". The bit at the end really pushed the drama up and I'm looking forward to how it goes. Until next time.
Mr. Wizard chapter 25 . 11/1/2010
Wonderful range of images, emotions, and events. It began so domestically, covering a number of issues and themes, and ended on a chilling note that answered a random thought of mine before I started the second half.

I look forward to the next chapter.
JLBShecky chapter 25 . 11/1/2010
And so the new arc's plot begins to take shape. And yet, despite all the progress that has happened we still have no real knowledge of the how's and why's of rufina's second life-scratch that-existence. But I guess it is better that way, the mystery of it add to the allure of the story, not to mention it makes the angst all the more enjoyable.

Oh and you should tell flakeflippingsnowgypsy to more careful when they are ripping your draft to shreads-I think I found a shread over on a Bulgarian website dedicated to samari armor.
CajunBear73 chapter 25 . 11/1/2010
Further along Kim's vigil paces and her emotions are now of a caretaker of the hearts she watches over.

Ron's journey seems to have the potholes and pitfalls of someone who may feel he's cheating on a love of his life, but Kim wants him to be happy. Hopefully Bonnie will realize her part as he is melded to her.

Mariko's world is one Kim does safeguard much in the way her mom did back in Middleton. Good teacher she had...

But now comes something from the past that may need to be dealt with, once and for all times, or neither Kim, nor Ron may have peace in this life.

Katsumara chapter 25 . 11/1/2010
Nice chapter here, Molloy. Still sad that Kim and Ron can't get their happy ending, together, and all that, but I guess them's the breaks and life goes on. [
Rye-bread chapter 25 . 11/1/2010
Like the song by Harry Belafonte says,

Where are you going

My little one, little one

Where are you going

My baby, my own

Turn around and you’re two

Turn around and you’re four

Turn around and you’re a young girl

Going out of the door

Turn around, turn around

Turn around and you’re a young girl

Going out of the door

It's cool to see Mari growing.

I’ve leapt through this fic like Kim has leapt through some of the years. But the return of the Yamanouchi demons is still a shocker. What is it? Hirotaka? Some artifact untouched by Ron’s purge of the Mandrill Memorabilia ?
Rye-bread chapter 21 . 11/1/2010
Oh, wow, oh, wow. Judgment on an Apocalyptic scale. I won’t even try to describe my impressions

Yes I will. It’s like the fall of Sauron. It’s like the destruction of Sodom.

And the cherry on top. That wicked old man gets whomped with a cane. Poetic justice. And an Eye of the Mandrill is chump change for a phone call.
Rye-bread chapter 20 . 11/1/2010
“No. I'm meant to do something here.” This is so reminiscent of that series, Quantum Leap. The hero jumps from place and time to place and time to redress the wrongs. It’s his firm conviction his journey is being guided by God.

As I noted in whatever chpt review, He is again implicit. As Gandalf says in the movie version of LOTR, it was intended that Bilbo find the Ring. And that gave great reason for encouragement.

If I had the time and space, I would launch on a treatise…but this is your story, not my pulpit. You tell it much better. And I can do my telling in my own fic’s

You’re embarking on a Dan Brown / Da Vinci Code sort of trope here.

It’s like the story of Hogworts. The battle for supremacy between two irreconcilable philosophies

Excellent detail. Compelling writing. I’ve no real familiarity with ninja instruction. I’ve read something of the indoctrination of the Assassins. Since they’re a Sufi offshoot cult, they likewise concentrate on initiations and mystical teachings.

What are the words of Palpatine to Anikin in Star Wars Revenge Of The Sith; (from Wookiepedia); “if one is to understand the great mystery, one must study all its aspects, not just the dogmatic, narrow view of the Jedi. If you wish to become a complete and wise leader, you must embrace a larger view of the Force."

Shades of the Masonic Orders and the Illuminati. (I’m not a conspiracy theorist, BTW)

“Rise, Old Friend.” Sensei even SOUNDS like the Galactic Emperor.

I’m breaking my own rule about mentioning other fan-stories. I have a short list of fan-stories that cross a line from being swashbuckling adventure to Homeric Epic. They incorporate ancient mythos and global danger. Undercover by Michael Howard microstates Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos. Bleeding Out and Bleeding Through by Mattk incorporates a horn of plenty of mythological references; Mayan, Babylonian, Greco-Roman, Hebrew, etc. With this chpt, your crosses that boundary. Am I gushing?

Maybe I should read Rushdie.

I’m off on one of my doctoral thesis reviews after all.
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